Lebanon seeks to approve oil law against Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.06.10, 10:31
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31. Ronald No. 26
Jackie ,   Florida   (06.25.10)
Actually, if you look at the oil industry in the Middle East, you will see that all of the oil fields were discovered and developed by western companies. After pipelines were built and oil production was in full force, the Arabs nationalized the oil industry, kicking the western companies out, but keeping some of their employees, because the Arabs were not able to run the industry they had taken over.
32. Hezbolla in government costs Lebanon dearly
Noa   (06.25.10)
If Lebanon wasn't supporting terror, we would long have been partners in peace and understanding. We would have discussed and finalized borders and Lebanon would probably have a huge share in the gas enterprise, just as Jordan gets our water although we have not enough for ourselves. Because THAT'S how we are....
33. lebanon
av ,   (06.25.10)
the usal lebanses nation of pimps they always excpect others to the work for them while they having good time in the restaurant in the see side
stude ham   (06.25.10)
too bad libby... you didn't notice these reserves off your 'claimed territories' which apparently now include all of israel and gaza. you are nothing more than cheap crooks.
a lebanese ,   beirut   (06.25.10)
show us the maps with the location of the oil fields and the maritime borders. Rather than threatening Lebanon with the use of force
36. Saraleh, as an israeli i am telling you something is clearly
Dave ,   IL   (06.25.10)
wrong with you, take some pills and get a good doctor, this hate will kill you, not the Palestininas.
37. idiot- you don't even know where it is what gibberish
Sam   (06.25.10)
38. Lebanon
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.25.10)
Lebanon declares a 12 nautical mile territorial waters zone (about 22 kilometers), and has asserted a claim to an additional 25 nautical mile contiguous zone (which the International Maritime Organization does not recognize). The natural gas field discovered by Israel is not located anywhere within Lebanon's 12 nautical mile territorial waters. For that matter, even tacking on Lebanon's asserted additional contiguous zone, the field remains comfortably outside of Lebanon's territorial and (unrecognized) contiguous zones. The only country that has a claim to a portion of the natural gas field is Cyprus; and it is a very small one at that. Israel and Cyprus have negotiated an agreed a sharing provision whereby Cyprus will benefit from the find. Beyond that, it all belongs to Israel. For the record, Indonesia TWICE tried the very same trick that Lebanon is now trying when oil was discovered off Brunei, and when oil was discovered off East Timor. Indonesia's claims had far greater substance than Lebanon's, and they were rejected, both times. That is pretty good precedent, and Lebanon's ridiculous contention will go nowhere, too.
39. #7 Sara B is born to hate,when she hates she feels alive.She
Sami ,   Lebanon   (06.25.10)
she nourish and breath hatred. She was born like that, cannot do much about it, something in genetic. Maybe one day will be able to find that gene responsible for hatred and be able to disable it or recode it. For the time being and till that possibility comes up, unfortunately the whole persona should be disabled and neutralized for the common public benefit.
40. #25 Ilike your comment ,it seems Sarah B need a
Sami ,   Lebanon   (06.25.10)
help from a pro like me to achieve that.You are absolutly right ,maybe that cool her down.
41. Haviva ,you are wrong ,she is not a school girl
Sami ,   Lebanon   (06.25.10)
I beleve Sarah has passed her fifty and 25 discover discovered her real age by experience.
42. #25
it is not OIL. it is GAS. very big difference, moron. they are not drilling for oil. they are drilling for natural gas within their israeli maritime territory and not lebanese territory. get your facts straight and your hate and spite reduced. hameed aboughaze, iranian
43. Only I have the right to steal Mexico's oil and gas fields
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.25.10)
I have this right because I stole Texas from them. As an infamous Middle East expert I deny Jewish ancient forefathers right to such fields and award them to Arab thieves similar to myself.
44. Van Harris (#16), have you defended your Scheldt River
from the Dutch? It ,   was Belgian before !   (06.25.10)
Are you so BRAVE protecting your own Belgian land and Belgian river from the Dutch occupation ? An important part of northern Belgium including the two banks of the Scheldt river were annexed by Holland who is thus controlling the marine navigation to and from Antwerp. (have a look at the map) Rotterdam and Antwerp are the two biggest ports in the region and therefore each other's direct competitors. Also today Holland is doing everything not to allow big cargo ships to reach Antwerp ( by allowing only minimum dredging of the Scheldt estuary for ecological reasons !!) hoping so to divert them to Rotterdam. Do you understand that, you Stomme Kop ? - with the compliments of your northern neighbour, the Kaaskop.
45. Gas field is in Lebanese Waters - check Noble Energy Map
Anonymous ,   TX, USA   (06.25.10)
Go to Noble Energy web site, and check out the map of the Gas fields. It clearly shows how a Gas field goes from Israel's Norther Border up to Cypriot Souther Border - and it just happen that Lebanon is in the middle (although on one of the map they just highlighted the gas field that is within what they consider Israeli & Cypriot borders - but we all know that gas fields don't stop at a drawn straight line). Based on that, under international law, Lebanon has the legitimate right for a portion of that gas field. All what the Lebanese government's is trying to do is to stake its rights for its portion of that gas field, and prevent Israel from intruding into its territorial waters. in brief what Lebanon is saying to Israel, drill on your side of the border, and Lebanon will be drilling on its side. But it seems that Israel does not want to share the content of that gas field with Lebanon, hence Minister Landau's threat to use its overwhelmingly devastating military force against Lebanon, if Lebanon chose to stake its claim and legitimate right for his portion of that gas field. Another example of how Israel chooses to behave on the international arena...plain simple stealing of other country's legitimate resources, by threatening to use rute force. Where as Lebanon is putting in place the mechanism to file its claims to the International Legal community, and is confident that his rights cannot be denied because no matter what Israel says...the gas field clearly enters Lebanese territorial waters. while Israel's claim that Lebanon has no rights to that gas, has no legal standing, they opted to use intimidation and use of their Military force to get Lebanon to concede its rights or face devastating aggression.
46. #20 You are making assumptions without ground.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.25.10)
Again, the *only* potential flashpoint is if, in the future, either Israel or Lebanon choose to drill within that small naval area that the two countries don't agree on. The gas field extends far beyond that area, thus neither Israel nor Lebanon need to start any kind of conflict over the matter. That eventuality is not impossible, but neither does it mean that Israel threatens to "steal Lebanese gas". As things stand, so long as Lebanon refuses to recognize Israel and its existence as a state (and thus agree on a mutual naval border), all both parties need to do to avoid possible hostilities is to avoid drilling in the area they don't agree on. But as things stand, I fully expect Lebanon's political and paramilitary rulers to demand just that. After all, they're already saying that Israel is stealing, or threatening to steal, or is about to steal... so "securing Lebanese interests from Zionist aggression" is right around the corner, even if Lebanon *still* has access to that very field, regardless. This sort of doublethink is what wars start over around here, sadly.
47. forgot to mention lebanon is bankrupt by world bank
hal tripp ,   la paz, bolivia   (06.25.10)
lebanon had a chance to drill for oil the problem is that they are bankrupt,the whole south of the country (hesbullah) doesn't pay any tax to the central government,the only taxable income is from tourism and realestate which are in a disaster in the working north of the its time to find a scape goat, big surprise it's israel,this time beirut and it's government buildings won't be so lucky
48. Hey sarah
Judah ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.10)
As you say territorial waters only extend about 22 kilometers off shore but you left out the bit where Israel ALSO has an undeclared and unrecognized contiguous zone. So basically what you are saying is that Israel’s claim to this find which is 90 kilometers off shore is just as much in doubt as Lebanon’s claim.
49. To: No. 40
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.25.10)
Oh, is that your line of work? A panderer? A gigolo? You really are low-class, I must say, and it is good of you to put that fact right out there for all to read.
50. #8 - that's an important point
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
"If i were you, i'd think of better shelter." Israelis HAVE opposed to the "Palestinians" and Lebanese that will surely be affected by an outbreak of war. I recall it was Nasrallah that publicly apologized for his unilateral act of war in 2006.
51. #9 - Sharing by two countries at war is not possible
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
though, it would be something nice to bridge the gap...after the violent terrorist Shias are out of power in Lebanon, of course. The gas fields *may* be shared in the future, just as the oil reserves in Caspian are shared between countries there. However, Israel sunk the upfront capital to discover the reserve and should re-coup part of this in any future agreement. Additionally, before any agreement can be made, the side of the field should be figured out geographically before deciding what percentage goes to whom. But that does not stop Israel from pumping out the gas as its well already exists inside its territorial waters.
52. #18 - Israel steals Lebanese water?
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
Exactly how does Israel do that? With a long straw from deep inside Israel?
53. #35, he didn't threaten Lebanon
Tony   (06.25.10)
The minister said that Israel will protect what's rightfully belongs to her, using force against any attacks. Try to read what was actually being said before spouting nonsense.
54. #45=liar. Here's the map
Tony   (06.25.10)
55. To Noa - 32: Hezbullah supporters are closer to you
Anonymous ,   TX, USA   (06.25.10)
Noa... If you are looking for Hezbullah supporters, look no further than to your Israeli government. FYI, Lebanon's Parliamentary election in 2009, and Mayoral elections in June 2010, shows a sharp decline in Hizbullah's popularity and its allies. With that respect the Government & the Parliament are formed by a majority of Anti-Hizbullah clan...beside of the fact that Hizbullah's Shia base is 30-35% of Lebanese the population, therefore the majority of Lebanese other sects are pretty much against it. When Hizbullah felt itself cornered back in 2008, it used its military strengh to intimidate his opposition. And because the national Lebanese Army is too weak to stand up to Hizbullah, it wasn't able to prevent Hizbullah from taking over Beirut. With that said, the Anti Hizbullah group set themself a goal to strenghen the Lebanese Army to acheive 2 goals: 1 - Make the army strong enough to stand up to Hizbullah if Hizbullah chose to intimidate the oppostion again. 2 - To get the army strong enough to launch a campaign close all Palestinian renegate basis that are saddling The Lebanese/Syrian border, and are considered as the main arm struggling corridors for Hizbullah. The Lebanese government presented its plan to the USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, and other friendly nations and asked for military equipment support...most of these countries were thrilled, and promised hefty contributions to build the Lebanese army. But for the suprise of All, Israel promptly went on a diplomatic tour (Televised footage of Israeli prime minister as well as Israeli foreign minister visits to above mentioned countries are available) got a commitment from above mentioned government to stop the shipment of the bulk of military equipment that was promised, and what the Lebanse army received is just few inisignificant equipments. So in brief, Israel's government single handedly sabotaged the Lebanese efforts to curb Hizbullah strengh. Why has Israel done that..that's a question to ask the Israeli government. But in Lebanon, sceptiscism over Israel's intentions rose.
56. #24 - it was implied Haviva
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
" need to examine why YOU hate so much." Perhaps it was rhetorical but it was point made that deserves an answer. Clearly, you are trying to use semantics in order to avoid a very real that I dare say goes back centuries among your people and deep in your psyche.
57. #35 - Go Google it, moron
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
The 1949 armistace lines between Israel and Lebanon are plain to see. And you can clearly see that Haifa is no where near the Lebanese border.... the border Berri is referring to is 1923, which still has Haifa inside Israel. Your govt's attempt to use now-defunct colonial borders is pathetic as they became void the minute Lebanon declared independence from French colonialism. Israel is only responding to Lebanese threats of force...something which has increased in frequency with Hizbullah's inclusion in the govt. Too bad YOU'LL pay the price for it.
58. 8 Palestinians
JUDAH THE LION   (06.25.10)
Mr or Miss Palistinian.I was looking for you and Nour about the Israel is Jewish Land and its capital Jerusalem.I did not get any comments from you and Nour.You both admitting what I have wrote.
59. #18 You forgot to mention power
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.25.10)
60. gas fields
khalad ,   Melbouren   (06.25.10)
Check this link and judge for yourself.
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