Women prepare for Gaza sail: We won't fight Israel
Published: 25.06.10, 17:04
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1. Mohamad Al Dura
Freddy ,   Kokhav Yair Tsur Yigal   (06.25.10)
In this article it is written : "The Shahid Mohammad al-Dura," referring to the 12-year-old Palestinian boy who was killed during a furious exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza in 2000. It is worldwide known that this story is a scam from French TV as nobody was killed at that place, at that time.....interesting that Ynet still promotes the scam....
larry ,   PHILA, USA   (06.25.10)
3. If they fight we will not defend ourselves
Alex ,   Bonn, Germany   (06.25.10)
Hey it looks like the idf might be able to takeover this ship without getting asswhipped this time!
4. if the Israeli send the commandos previosly
Sami ,   Lebanon   (06.25.10)
sent to the Turkish Flottila ,te diapers will be in need no doubt
5. female 'flotilla' not 'political'
moron ,   galut   (06.25.10)
brings baby food and virgin mary..this can enter through asdod-they can also send checks andsave their ships fom damage and fuel too
6. More for the Eternal Mendicants
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (06.25.10)
professional beggars need a lifetime of support
7. Why so many Pals still sitting in Arab refugee camps?
Sam ,   Canada   (06.25.10)
Do Arabs give a damn about Palestinian refugees or are they just looking to make a spectacle in Gaza in front of TV's because Israel is involved?
8. Why does Ynet allow al-Dura libel to stand?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.25.10)
Were this article sourced to AP or Reuters, I would not be surprised to see a reference to "the 12-year-old Palestinian boy who was killed during a furious exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza in 2000." But Ynet? It's now clear the al-Dura incident was a staged hoax. Subsequent investigations and the raw tapes exposed in recent court cases in France have made that clear.
9. :: Blow them out of the water with Mandela, Qadafi's friend
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.25.10)
No mercy for the Arab Jihadi virgins and their fanatic Black supporters. Mandela the hypocrite has no mercy for the Black Africans of Darfur that the same Arab Jihadi virgins enthusiastically support their ongoing starvation and daily genocide.
10. Disable their boat.
Susuu ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.25.10)
Then, let them swim back home with their diapers.
11. Pagan Papism Crusading again
Brod ,   USA   (06.25.10)
Pagan Papist Crusaders slaughtered Jews in the Holy Land, during the Inquistions, and in the Holocaust in WWII. Today, these dark forces are still crusading their AntiSemitism. The fact is the church fathers of Papism invented AntiSemitism. And the virus continues to plague Israel to this day. Papism and Jihadism are in cahoots because they share a common ideology of AntiSemitism-hating GOD'S people. Why? Because they share the same god-Lucifer!
12. Islamists are now pretending to be nuns and priests?
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.25.10)
Virgin Mary? Next, we'll be hearing about exploding piƱatas.
13. Ok then
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (06.25.10)
If these women accept the totally disgraceful and inhuman conditions of women in islamic countries like Saudi Arabia,Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Somalia,Sudan etc... and they don't shout and hear their voice for their own rights then they are (excuse my lang.) Whores. P.S : Ynet please don't censure, Free speech remember. Thank you
14. It's good
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.25.10)
It's good that you have diapers, a lot of diapers. You might need them.
15. Ah I get it!
Leah ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
Did I hear the word virgin. Dont telll me they want to each be one of the 70 virgins in paradise!
16. Ha, ha: Mary herself was a Jew!!
Jew ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
17. Faith in Mary? She's personna non gratta in Gaza!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.25.10)
I hope these Christians are aware that Hamas and other radical groups are trying to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian Christians. Not just in Gaza, were there are many documented cases of attacks by Muslims on Christians, but also here in the hills of Judea where the Palestinian Christians are an endangered species. But don't believe the propaganda - it's not Israel or "the occupation" that is chasing out the Christians - it's the radical Muslims. The flotilla dupes simply aren't aware of the facts, nor do they want to take their heads out of the ground long enough to learn about it.
18. they could be suicide bombers or pirates
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (06.25.10)
as they are breaching a legal blockade i would warn them to turn back and if they do not turn back sink them as the ship could be a giant suicide bomb
19. Terrorist wives day out sailing ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (06.25.10)
no virgin Mary will save them from their evil anti-Semitic dead hearts. What has this got to do with nelson mandela, he was supposed to have brought peace to South Africa, the worlds media want us all so badly to believe that ... but he didn't bring peace to South Africa. Now he wants to back a war in the M.E. on the Jews for simply defending themselves? Nelson mandela is a fraud just like these 'humanitarian' flotillas are a fraud! I hope sharks get a good feed on these festering xenophobes.
20. if you're going to gaza, be sure to wear your burka there
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.25.10)
how ironic that "free gaza" means more repression by gazans.
21. and im Mother Theresa
abraham ,   toronto   (06.25.10)
stude ham   (06.25.10)
they are endangering themselves for the sake of supplies destined for the hamas controlled black markets.
23. Joke
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (06.25.10)
Mandela will most certainly not be with them, neither the virgin Mary! Their use of names to try boost their ego's is amazing. Love to know what mind altering drugs they are on - this before they have even set sail! Embarrassing to see they mention the Irish activists - these guys are a joke. They have little public support out here - their protest marches were a dismal flop.
24. What a scam!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.25.10)
Chemotherapy pharmaceutical products? Did someone forget to tell them that well over 50% of the chemotherapy protocols in use throughout the world were developed in Israel? Diapers? Readily available in Gaza. Not an embargoed product. Clothes? Readily available in Gaza. Not an embargoed product. In fact, there was a time when a lot of clothing which was sold in Israeli stores were MADE in Gaza. There's no shortage of clothes. Medical supplies? Really. Sweet. I hope they have not expired. That said, medical supplies are not embargoed. These interfering whatzits can stay home and pray to their Virgin Mary for Lebanon to be safely delivered from the clutches of Hizbollah and for the Palestinian people of Gaza to be freed from Hamas. That might actually be a useful endeavor. What's next, I wonder? A children's flotilla? Stop scamming the world.
25. #3 - tough to win against 60:1 odds, huh Alex?
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
Especially when those on the ship are well-armed with knives, guns, and metal pipes....and the army comes in with paint-balls guns and a small side-arm - both of which weren't drawn at the time. I agree. Next time - just disable the ship and let it bake in the summer sun.
26. #12 - wouldn't be the first time they donned women's clothes
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
27. #17 - Virgin Mary WELCOMED in Gaza
William ,   Israel   (06.25.10)
until the cameras turn off.
28. is a lot of diapers ecological disaster in Gaza?
observer   (06.25.10)
No!, they can be used for the foul mouth of the enemy; disposal would be the responsibility of the enemy.
29. Women rescuers of poor Pals
Joseph ,   The Netherlands   (06.25.10)
Drop a bucket filled with mice on the deck!
30. Starving Gazans
David ,   Rhode Island   (06.25.10)
Before they take this down, see the reality of Gaza:
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