Women prepare for Gaza sail: We won't fight Israel
Published: 25.06.10, 17:04
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61. I would not worry. female soldiers will greet them
JO   (06.25.10)
and all will be over very quickly, with the boat sent back on the sea.
62. #56 Allan
Ian ,   UK   (06.26.10)
You idiots make me laugh! You claim to love England yet racist twits like you are what gives England a bad name. Hey guess what Allan - I'm not even English, I'm just living here doing a job you and your mates can't do coz you left school as you were to thick. You talk about the EDL well those pack of pansies couldn't stop a bus let along the hundreds of Muslims that arrive each year, you are just a pack of tossers with baby bum heads.
63. #58 Bearded women with hairy legs
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.25.10)
Decoys hoping to break blockade so Hezbollah and Iran can send more weapons to Hamas. Just drop the goods at Ashdod Port and paddle home. Then get to work improving conditions for Palestinians in Lebanon.
64. #23
Eddie Dublin Ireland   (06.26.10)
Noel: - you are as Irish (not) as they come aren't you? As for protest marches, am not sure where you've been hiding, but we had thousands out here in Dublin.. heard there were quite a few real Corkmen out as well.
65. Rhode Island David
Eddie Dublin   (06.26.10)
Before you go spreading propaganda, remember that many in Gaza have no money for items smuggled through tunnels. You would do better to send them a donation - am sure you could afford a few bob.
66. what a laugh- the shahid al Dura
Don ,   California, USA   (06.26.10)
He never died. Go to and you can learn the truth. The entire business was Pallywood, like the holes over al Dura's head, shot by Palestinians directly facing the wall, not by Israelis in their fortified building.
67. If the comments here reflect...
Montello ,   Tacoma, WA, USA   (06.26.10)
If the comments here reflect Israeli thinking, boy.... that's a lot of hate, makes the nazis look like amatuers.
68. yes!
Ammar Kilic ,   turkey   (06.26.10)
brave people, i hope you dont confront israeli bullets
69. #47 - "Palestinians" heroic like Mandela?
William ,   Israel   (06.26.10)
Mandela, like Ghandi, stood their ground and used non-violence. At the slightest feeling of frustration, you target civilians and blow places up. The South African Blacks didn't do this, yet the Pals did - and continue to do so necessitating harsh security measures. Case in point, in 1999 "Palestinians" had complete free movement in WB, Gaza, AND Israel. They had many work permits inside Israel. The "Pal" economy was the fastest growing in the world, and foreign investment was rolling in. A State was almost assured.... but you gave it up in the slight hopes of destroying Israel...and lost...everything! The South African blacks, and I dare say any other population, were never as stupid as "Palestinians" have showed themselves to be for decades. There's nothing heroic about shear stupidity and racism.
70. #46 - depends on how many of them have knives, guns
William ,   Israel   (06.26.10)
We're pretty fair here in Israel... whether female, male, or child - launch a violent attack and you will be dealt with equally. Or they could be like the other 5 ships in the last flotilla, be peaceful, and everything will end on a good note.
71. IsraHell
Paul Mills ,   Jhb South Africa   (06.26.10)
Shut israhell down now!
72. # 2
Salem ,   Gaza   (06.26.10)
Come to Gaza and you will see what the Jewish Nation has done to us. Israel is not God to punish us, read the Bible
73. Yes, #63, that is what will be keepin' it ugly on deck
Cameron ,   USA   (06.26.10)
74. fighting racism the dutch way
amazed ,   USA   (06.26.10)
by implanting a decoy jews .... this is what is left of Judaism in europe decoys . and this is not an NGO doing this ..this is the official government . killing palestinian civilians in masses in Gaza war and attacking boats of peace activists will spark an all time high anti semitism all over the world ,the type it is happening now in europe . european and american jews will distance themselves from your actions that mount to war crimes .
75. after 63 years
Palestinian ,   Gaza   (06.26.10)
this is what israel represents : 1- submitting the people of a whole nation(palestine ) . 2- bunch of men in Black showing up in downtown jerusalem ,refusing the supreme court ruling ,and refuses to their so called (nation ) . israel is disintegrating from within by its own people ...who needs a flotilla . those ships will shake the egyptian regime and put all the jews in europe on notice .
76. I had no idea Gaza is short on diapers.
leo ,   usa   (06.26.10)
Please, by all means. Bring those diapers to Ashdod port and Israelis will pass it along to all the needy freedom fighters. I say, it is always better choice to hide behind a diaper than behind a child or a woman.
77. BDS @ 32, those so called refugees are free to go home.
leo ,   usa   (06.26.10)
They are not free to squat and/or occupy other people's lands all over Middle East and North Africa. Israel is the first to free herself from occupation. Please, join me in hope that this freedom movement will catch on everywhere else.
78. To Ian, Uk
Allan ,   London, England   (06.26.10)
So yet another useless person, showing their support for a bunch of muslims for no apparent reason. And do you know what job i do? apprently not, which again shows how much of an idiot you are, since beleive me i out qualify you in every way when it comes to work. And I am sure you muslim buddies will welcome you with open arms as long as you agree with Sharia law. And i love it, you never even answered my points did you, shows what a waste of space you are doesnt it. All you can do is cry like a little baby about the muslims and how they turned up in someone elses area and not expect to be searched, boarded and just let on their way. Would you expect the UK to do that same, let anyone (including dumb ppl like you) turn up at their borders without customs searches? And its not hundreds of muslims that arrive in England, its thousands... not that you care, because you are enjoying living off benefits and attending UAF meetings with your other left wing idiots, i wonder if you protested when the muslims in London called for the beheading of our soldiers and for Sharia law to be introduced in England. Did you protest the facist muslims? Or were you to busy smoking joints with your UAF potheads? EDL all the way.
79. Virgin Mary can hardly help activists when she is dead
Kjell Andersen ,   Kristiansand. Norway   (06.26.10)
These activists make fools of themselves and have obviously been manipulated by forces that want to destroy Israel. If they want to provide help to people in need, they should set sail to Sudan or other areas that are truly suffering from hunger and deprivation. And put their trust in the Virgin Mary is pure folly as this woman has been dead for 2000 years. All these activists are doing is bringing shame to Christianity and to the enemy's errand.
80. # 56
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (06.26.10)
BRAVO to you Allan.
81. #2,8 killed because of conflict is Martyr
observer   (06.26.10)
regardless of the brand of bullets.
82. Christians in Gaza.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.26.10)
There are only some 3,500 Christians, in Gaza. Over the past three years, al-Qaeda-affiliated groups have claimed responsibility for attacks against Christian figures and institutions with the stated goal of driving Christians out of Gaza.The problem is not their behaviour but, in the eyes of the Islamist jihadists, their very presence. They live in hope that some faraway event does not inflame the anti-Christian wrath of their neighbours. Is it any wonder that Christians in such situations desire to emigrate? Could anyone judge the few thousand Christians in Gaza if they were to leave entirely? More at :
83. #82 - Palestinian Christians live in fear of Israelis
Palestinian ,   Refugee   (06.26.10)
Palestinian Christians say the Israeli occupation is a sin against God. They called for churches around the world to protest against Israels attacks on the Gaza bound flotilla. They leave because they are afraid of you, not of the Muslims. My family left because of Jews not because of the Muslims.
84. To Number 83
Allan ,   London, England   (06.26.10)
Is that why in Bethlethem, the muslims wanted to build a mosque in Manger square, just to insult and intimidate the christians? Your a liar and an idiot for trying to blame everything on the jews, when Christians live in fear and tell me, can there be a church in Saudi Arabia? Can non muslims go to mecca and Medina and worship their moon god? The answer is NO... so stop trying it on and pretending, Muslims hate you and call you infidel and think your scum who will submit to Sharia one day.
85. free free palestine!
sinem ,   turkey   (06.26.10)
the freedom flotillas will take the road till the palestine will be free. israel is a crimet state, violating international law, killing civilians even babies. i hope whole world will see the truth soon. free free palestine!
86. deaf and blind ladies
jayampathi de silva ,   sri lanka   (06.26.10)
best thing is first to visit 01. Iran where ladies are under the york of male .visit poor dependents of the ladies who were put to death by stoning by the clerical regime there!! !try to stage a demonstration against these stone age laws!!!! 03. visit Saudi Arabia s Jeddah. be sure to cover your body with that black attire!!!!unless muthawwas will put you into the religious prison. there you can meet christian breatheren who were put behind bars because of their faith!!!! 04. there is an inter national law governing countries regarding enemy ships!!!!! if you people are educated ones you must know the end results!!!!! don t try to wash the dirty linen of others!!!!!!
87. Raed Salah
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (06.26.10)
I did not know he was a woman.
88. #67 I totally agree with you
laura l. ,   london   (06.26.10)
definitely some psychos commenting here especially allan from uk,I'm sickened that some brits have this racist mentality. ynet,you say you won't post comments with racial slurs please censor BNP allan's hitleresque speeches it makes me feel embarrassed to be british
89. #67 - Alas, yes it is true.
Albert Bakker ,   Veendam, NL   (06.26.10)
It must be said that in these pages often the most hate-filled and delusional religiously inspired comments are from the US, the UK, Canada and oddly enough Switzerland, they do in large part represent the grass roots pro-Israel voice abroad - and even more sad the majority of Israeli - and yes they are very unashamedly vulgarly anti-human and quite mad.
90. :: Interesting #85 you refuse to free peoples you control
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.26.10)
Free Kurdistan, Free Cyprus, Anatolia back to Armenia, Free Hatay/Iskandur/Alexandretta and return it back to Syria, Free Constantinople, Thrace and Smyrna return them to Greece. Free all Turks and return them back to Uighuristan.
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