Congresswoman: Hezbollah joining Mexican drug cartels
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.06.10, 08:48
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1. An appeal to Janet Napolitano.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.26.10)
That's pretty funny. Why not just flush your letter down the toilet, you'll have more chance of getting a result.
2. Not sure if fully true yet but extremely dangerous for US
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.26.10)
Hard to get info on Cartels but this could be a lot more dangerous than many think. With 12M+ illegal aliens in US and 16% of US population Hispanic, it would be harder to track terrorist using Hispanic ids/names. Cartels now have Billions of legalized dollar in US companies that could be used to influence US elections, add this to Muslims dollar in US companies and it really becomes dangerous.
3. Where do I know this style from?
Good Fella ,   Ger   (06.26.10)
Many radical islamic groups act just like the 'Ndrangheta, with minor differences - but with striking simmilarities, too.
4. Lies
Palestinian   (06.26.10)
laughable lies, Hebullah didn't and won't participate in drug business. According to their ideology (you like it or not) they prohibit dealing with drugs even with the enemy. And "Hezbollah has been known for years to operate drug trafficking rings in South America" is simply inaccurate statements. Hezbullah HAS BEEN ACCUSED for years with these charges. When repeat a lie many times it won't get true...
5. #4-Its just a Hez loner with an unhappy fatherless childhood
Alan ,   SA   (06.26.10)
6. #4, I stopped reading after you spoke of "ideology".
Sheshbazzar   (06.26.10)
You aren't fooling anyone, part of yourself ...maybe.
7. A 2nd appeal to Janet Napolitano.
James ,   London   (06.26.10)
Take a few days off, and stop taking the drugs, they cause paranoia you know. If all fail, see a psychiatrist. What complete nonsense!!!
8. LOL - Lame Old Lie
ahmed ,   london   (06.26.10)
whenever israel does something dirty, it lies about it and accuses hezbollah of doing it. It is israel who the world's most prolific criminal in this regard, pumping drugs into lebanon and palestine to try and ruin the youth. Hezbollah never has and never will do such a thing, and the people who know them, arab or israeli, know that very well. this is just like the lie about "terrorist rings" everywhere from london to africa to south america. Lots of lebanese live in these places, and lebanese are good at business. and they all send money home, including, and PROUDLY, to hezbollah. some of it goes to their clinics, some of it goes to their weapons. nobody is ashamed of that, and nor should they be. it is these people who are accused of being terrorist rings and in fact one story a guy was jailed for 55 years for sending $3000 to them. justice, as always, will come back to haunt you.
9. Hezbollah may use Moon & Mars to drop bombs on US
Judi ,   Atlanta   (06.26.10)
US officials love to make enemies of Israel enemies for the US and enemies for Americans. Congrats. Congresswoman, Jewish lobby taking note of your efforts and you'll get their financial & media support.
10. Spanish lessons by Hugo?
josh   (06.26.10)
I am laughing how dumb Americans try to connect everything to Chavez. Hezbollah can learn Spanish home or everywhere private. Why Venezuela or even pay by Chavez? Silly Americans.
11. If this is true
Manuel ,   Mexico   (06.26.10)
Then this is all the more reason for the USA to want Israel to destroy Hezbollah completely.
12. #5 #6
Palestinian   (06.26.10)
Well, you can fool yourselves as you want and demonize it as you prefer. But this is the TRUTH, like it or not. Maybe they're committed to fight Israel. But they're absolutely NOT drug dealers.... Try to read other sources....oh, i forgot, the rest of the world is either stupid or anti-semitic, so it's not reliable....
13. Time to wake up, USA
Yakov ,   TA   (06.26.10)
These terrorist groups have been using the drug trade to raise capital for years. The Taliban and opium have been long married. The Mexican cartels are a natural attraction to Hezbollah, they are ultra-violent, brutal and cruel. The USA's involvement in breaking them will be a welcome addition.
14. #4 not impossible
Ben ,   USA   (06.26.10)
Is it not encouraged in Islam to deceive a person or a nation that is branded an Enemy of Islam? All a drug dealer has to do is distribute drugs, not necessarily ingest them himself. A person who believes (1) drugs are bad, (2) their enemy should die, and (3) drugs are a convenient way to kill their enemy could be a drug dealer, and not actually have to ingest the drugs themselves. The 9/11 terrorists did not try to contact flight control at JFK airport in New York City to warn that the people in the World Trade Centers were going to die unless they repented and tried to become better people, did they? The terrorists had already passed judgment on the people in the WTC towers (and, by extension, the rest of non-Muslim America) and executed their personal judgments themselves. And who says everyone affiliated with Hezbullah really identifies as one of the Party of God? Maybe Hezbullah looks the other way when some sycophant who has a grudge against the West asks to join them. Maybe Hezbullah has no problem using such "Useful Idiots". These days, in most parts of the world, if you wear a scowl on your face and proclaim Western morals are trash and Western women are harlots, then you are praised as a wise man and saint and people give you candy.
15. #12 do you actually know what they are drug dealing for?
doctor   (06.26.10)
do you understand what that means at all? does money ring a bell in your useless brain? it's probably the best paid illegal business. you talk about a terror group that has an ideology? what do you know about the truth anyway, it's not like you opperate from within, right? or are you best friends with nasrallah? you know, when you believe too long in what you want to be true, then this turns to be your new (fabricated) truth... well, enjoy your fantasy!
16. Funny congresswoman !
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.26.10)
liked the evidence!!! Is it not possible that they are people who want to implicate Hezbollah in this issue, Ms. Holmes, sorry, i mean Ms Sue Myrick :)
17. AIPAC to Janet Napolitano
Sad American ,   NY   (06.26.10)
Campaign funding confirmed, you will receive your next instruction in due course. Over.
18. To 12,
Jonathan   (06.26.10)
Other reliable sources like Al-Gazira, you mean ? And it's not true that Hez won't deal with drugs. They have been controlling a lot in Lebanon over the years.
19. You...
jb ,   canada   (06.26.10)
should know all about lies, you little scum. US beware!!
20. Hey Achmed...
jb ,   canada   (06.26.10)
What's the diff between Palis and Nazis? NOTHING!! Lies are part of your mentality to get what you want and kill Jews and now Americans.
21. Fool!!
jb ,   canada   (06.26.10)
Hezbollah is your enemy you moron. Just wait til they blow up a bus in Atlanta! You'll of course blame da Jooooos! Try taking your head out of your ass!
22. What a load of nonsense!
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (06.26.10)
"The congresswoman, who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said members of drug caretls imprisoned in South America have been spotted lately tattooing Persina writing on their bodies, evidence of Iranian involvement." Is that all?! LOL, what an absolute load of nonsense. If there is one thing both the Hezbollah and Hamas movement oppose, it is drug and alcohol pushers. This lady or the House Intelligence Committee have not done their homework. Yes, there is good quality hashish grown in parts of the Beqaa Valley and some shiite clans are involved in it. But Hezbollah, which is very influential in Baalbek, frowns very much on this. I have experienced this time after time, visiting the place, visiting the Southern suburbs of Beirut and South Lebanon. Has the congresswoman forgotten, what they do with drugtraffickers in Iran? I know that in Afghanistan the Taliban needs the income from the heroine trade to pay for the weapons and munitions it needs. But this is not the case in Iran. Iran has oil and ideologically the regime is very much opposed to drug taking and alcohol consumption. The same goes for Hamas and Hezbollah. No 4 is quite right. I suspect the pro Israel lobby AIPAC is doing all it can to demonize both Hamas and Hezbollah and make them into something these movements are not. I am really flabbergasted. After what happened to the marines in Beirut in 1983 one would expect that the House Intelligence Committee would want to gather reliable information in order not to meet any more surprises. By relying on biased groups like AIPAC for information it is making a big mistake!
23. #4 to the palestinian moron
as we speak, the usa homeland security has released all the illegal immigrants that crossed the mexican border into the usa since april of this year. amongst them were 4 muslim pakistanis 2 iranian nationals 5 lebanese muslims from lebanon 8 palestinians from iraq 7 somali muslims 9 afghani muslims 3 morrocan muslims 1 turkish national, muslim and the list goes on and on. get the picture, palestinian idiot???? also, hizbullah not involved in drugs??? who are you kidding. hizbulla's drug trade into europe, south america and especially israel are the cash flow of this terrorist organization. thank god that palestinians are not intro national intelligence. otherwise, the entire world will be exposed. keep your intelligence and ability and expertise in terrorism. intelligence work and security is too complicated for the palestinian mind. hameed aboughaze, iranian
24. #8
you make us laugh. who do you think you are fooling here, but yourself? arabs and muslims are notoriously into drugs. do not blame anyone else for your addiction!!!! look at iranian youth. almost 30% of society is heavily addicted to herroin. where do you think it comes from???? israel? europe? FOOL!!! it comes from latin america via hizbullah and other terrorists groups who need cash flow to help with their plans and movements. who do you think has poppy flower fields in the middle east that hizbulla and terrorist groups use to make money from and to trade in??? afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, lebanon in bekaa valley, etc... NOT IN ISRAEL, YOU IDIOT! AND NOT IN EUROPE EITHER!!! the local afghani population that works these fields are all users that are addicted. watch the doccumentaries. they supply all these poppy to hizbulla anf hamas and to all those "pure religious pious" terror groups you claim are so godly and do not partake in drug trade. you are exposed and you still blame others??? shame on you for your stupidity first and for lying second. hameed aboughaze, iranian
25. #12
i really think that you belong to the group you claim is stupid. this is because your post was the dummest and most unintelligent thig i have read in a very long time. inshallah may god give you some intelligence. you need it badly. hameed aboughaze, iranian
26. Hezbollah dealing unlikely but supporting Cartels is likely
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.26.10)
The Cartels are dealing the drugs but need help in other areas like training, weapons, transport and money laundering, which Hezbollah are likely helping them with.
27. Napolitano
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (06.26.10)
Napolitano's task is not to fight Muslim terrorists,her real task is to investigate American soldiers,returning from Iraq,whether they have aquired right wing ideas.
28. Interesting...
theprophet ,   USA   (06.26.10)
As you do to Israel, it shall be returned upon your own head. Just as Israel has previously given up Gaza, notice how the USA recently given up 3500 Acres on the border with Arizona. Lets see how much more land the US will give up in the coming weeks/months. Maybe Hamas want to set up the new PLO state here.... You need to make a choice to stand with GOD or against him. Time is getting short!
29. Border
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.26.10)
I live in Texas and rest assured it is true, Remember we here in Texas was attacked at Fort Hood by a Al Queda operative several months ago with 13 dead. The border area of Texas and Arizona is like a war zone now with shootings, ambushes, and attacks. It is beginning to look like Iraq and Afghanistan down there down to the beheading that is also occurring. Obama is abandoning Texas and Arizona by refusing to send combat troops to patrol the border.
30. just look how upset the palies and hezbos
meg ,   israel   (06.26.10)
get when found out. now they will get stupid do-gooders to join more provocation ships for their dirty propoganda. Hezbos will do anything and the palies, anything but stop their hate against anyone who likes freedom of speech and democracy. they are hate junkies even without the drugs
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