Iranian exiles demand tougher sanctions
Published: 26.06.10, 22:40
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1. Demonstration
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.26.10)
Maryam Rajavi is a very brave woman & I hope she is watching her back.
2. We must be 'selective' in opposing Iran
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (06.26.10)
I've always upheld the notion that our enemy in Iran is mainly the current regime, rather than a wild stab at all the Persian people. Accordingly, our targets have to be carefully focused upon before engaging in any major offensive, which must happen. The Iraqi war was a mistake on one hand due to the failure of the Allies in not having a strong enough and prepared alternative to Sadam Hussein. We must all be better prepared 'before' the unavoidable confrontation, to have a strategy that will work for all, except the obvious villains. The Iranian dictators and their evil machine must be taken care of. Additionally, oppressed Persians who are willing to be our friends should be given every available support in teh process.
3. Rajavi and the gang and #1
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (06.27.10)
These are the same morons who started the revolution and then vanished and gave it to Khomeini. What is the point of following these empty leaders? Iran is a lost cause. It's just too confused and torn between religion, honor and logic.
4. eye opener for iranians residing in UK, USA, Canada & Austra
leon morris ,   NICE, france.   (06.27.10)
Iran fanatic dictatorial rule is getting on nerves to all people around the world as well people residing in Iran too. However poor citizens of Iran cannot express themselves & always are supressed and threaten of death penalties & imprisonments. Rally in France is a very good move to make them feel how wrong Iranian rule is and it also a eye opener for iranians residing in UK, USA, Canada & Australia. This uprising will surely make great difference in this changing world for people of iran since they are not given chance to express and with no justice. Due this lunatic ruler other muslim are facing the difficulties.
5. #3 Unfortunately they know nothing about politics in iran
Mehrdad ,   Tehran-Iran   (06.27.10)
And just express themselves,thinking that this is a good cause or something. The MKO are the most hated group among iranians and nobody takes them serious after what they did during the iran-iraq war/
6. Oh please
steve from raleigh   (06.27.10)
Obama is practically begging them to go nuclear and become the regional super power from the eastern Med to Pakistan.
Scott   (06.27.10)
It really GALLS much as they 'hate' reality those that KNOW the Iranian regime ...see it for what it is... a TRUE TOTALITARIAN REGIME. It is NOT a democracy. Israel for all its problems a SHINING LIGHT. Ha! Ha! this is VERY VERY FUNNY indeed...Lets hand out the sweets. (er...sorry ...only primitives do that)
8. The only reason the Rajavi gang do not like the mollahs is..
Persian CAT   (06.27.10)
the mollahs beat them to it. Iranians would be under the same or worse political repression on the the Rajavi gang as now. I am surprised how many unemployed and disgraced right wing nuts are available to attend such events! The economy must be real bad! But then again one can tell the importance and the relevance of a group by those characters who show up to praise their failures. Let's not forget that Rajavi was a Saddam orderly.
9. NCRI or MKO?
Milad ,   Canada   (06.27.10)
Good try. Fact of the matter is that these vandals have been demonstrating for a while now... nothing has happened. and nothing is going to happen.
10. to #8 or maybe the religious Mollas r
ghostq   (06.27.10)
against freedom of thinking and academic open minds, they like to controll people who r poor got nothing to eat and stupid. only a matter of time when the only people who will do that r the religious leaders.
11. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
This demonstration took place on Saturday. Who works on Saturday in France?
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