Iran: Children appeal for help in saving mother from execution
Dudi Cohen
Published: 27.06.10, 15:23
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1. Stoning of Iranian woman
Jewish heart ,   EU   (06.27.10)
Where is the UNITED NATIONS,EU, USA,HUMAN RIGHT,AND THE WHOLE WORLD.Her children are begging the whol,e world to intervene AND TO PUT LOT OF PRESSURE ON IRANIAN GOVERNMENT.Demontration should be organised all over the world and hundreds of thousands of people must come out and demonstrate against this visious death sentence.My heart goes for her chidren and I will pray for her and her family. May the ALIMIGHTY BE WITH THIS FAMILY and hope demontrstaion to be started from tomorrow or even today.
2. this is what we can look forward to,here in Israel
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (06.27.10)
if g-d forbid the chareidim ever take over the government,this is what we can expect right here in Israel too. as a chareidi jew myself,i have no doubt in my mind that if the chareidim will have a majority in the Knesset,the first thing they will do ,is to change the current democracy based laws to Torah based law,and if that g-d forbid happens,any married woman convicted of extra marital affair will be stoned to death as commanded by the Torah,citizens of Israel =,please please make sure this never happens, even if you are religious yourself make sure the chareidim don't get a majority
3. What a brutal regime
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.10)
It really has outlived its usefulness. Remember all those demonstrators that used to shout "Down with the Shah!" We need a few demonstrators out there shouting "Down with the Ayatollahs!" The Iranian people have suffered enough.
4. To the Iranian Government THINK TWICE
Joyce ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
Perhaps such arguments could reach the Iranian Court? You believe in G-d. He does not accept cruelty. He and only He may take back life that he gave. He alone can judge. We, in His world can only condemn such actions as adultery. Did you consider that she might have been forced? Please spare of woman who might after all not be guilty!
5. how can we help this poor woman?
Ilana   (06.27.10)
This is so sick and primitive it is hard to believe it actually happens. Small stones until death? A thousand flotillas should be sent.
6. #1..demonstrations etc..
d ,   j   (06.27.10)
#1 what r u doing?
7. Sharia Law
Dan Guralnek ,   Brisbane, Australia   (06.27.10)
Is this Sharia Law? What ever it is , it has to go because its desgusting. The regime and that whole country should be ashamed of themselves for allowing that to go ahead. It is truly savage.
8. Sharir Law is coming your way so wath out......
Vicky Savitz ,   Ashkelon Israel   (06.27.10)
England,Germany,France,USA,Canada Australia, and any other country that allows them to live as they do in YOUR country.
9. Stoning of Iranian woman
Jewish heart   (06.27.10)
Where is the BBC,CNN,SKY NEWS,ALJAZEERA,They should broadcast this story without stopping and the free world must do something now not tomorrow,Tomorrow can be too late
10. Religious law and why it should never be allowed
Avi ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
This is an example of musllim religious law, heaven forbid that Israel will run according to religious law. Religion is a belief a faith and should never be imposed upon non belivers. It is our basic human right to reject such a law. As was proved in Iran, the Iranian goverment use religion as a tool to controll the masses, we will never allow this to happen in Israel with every breath in my body i wll fight this.
11. To: Ilana at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.10)
Sadly, Ilana, I don't think we can. Any mercy that the Iranians might show (doubtful at best) will simply fly out the window with world pressure. Some time ago, the Iranians executed a hapless journalist -- a U.K. national -- on charges of espionage. Every country in the West voiced its protest both in diplomatic channels and otherwise. It didn't help. These mullahs are murderous. There is nothing that can satisfy their blood lust. Disgusting doesn't BEGIN to describe the Islamofascist Republic of Iran.
12. The pathetic bankruptcy of western values
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.27.10)
It is pathetic that this woman's life is of almost no interest to the "human rights" activists who so fervently jump at every opportunity to protest against Israel. The sad truth is that a Jew building a house in an existing town in Judea (referred to as the "occupied west bank" by the same "human rights activists) would create protests and riots around the world. However, the very same "human rights activists" who will invest mountains of energy protesting against an Israeli building a house will simply click to a different web page or turn to a different tv channel. This poor woman is doomed because she is a Muslim, and most westerners simply don't give a damn about the state abuse of Muslim women. Will the Palestinians themselves go protest outside the Iranian embassy in Gaza? Don't count on it. There are no zionists involved and even the Muslims don't give a damn about this poor woman's life. Remember who it is we're dealing with here: don't forget the Saudis recently sentenced a rape victim to be whipped for her crime of being a rape victim. Any of you Swedes out there reading this? Sweden is only a couple of decades away from Sharia law...hope you're ready for it!
13. Aren't those the same Iranians who send human aid ships...?
The Asker   (06.27.10)
14. How many mother and children .....
Chaim ,   Asmera   (06.27.10)
How many mother and children you made orphan or widow. Is killing with out court is your justice. You care about the world, what about the people in your back yard? What shame!
15. this is what is awaiting all of Europe and the U.S
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (06.27.10)
in a few years from now,when the muslims in Europe will reach majority,they will implement sharia law,and of course here in the U.S ,with the traitorous U.S hating muslim,Hussein Obama sitting in the white house,shariah law is just around the corner
16. The world only cares to hate Israel. All the other issues
Israeli   (06.27.10)
are negligible.
17. Oh my God this is terrible - it's subhuman!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
I feel so desperately sad for these children. How can any normal government (which I know they are not) think that burying ANYBODY up to their neck then stoning them to death is civilized? And horrifically furthermore, the law forbids the use of stones which may cause instant death? It makes me want to vomit. Even though this article isn't clear as to why she slept with these men, she doesn't deserve to die!! Maybe her husband was an abusive bastard and that's all she could afford to get rid of him? I feel so sad : (
18. There's a plea but no instructions!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
It'll really piss off those savages in Iran to see Israeli names on a petition!
19. @ #5 - She could have helped herself...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.27.10) not comitting the crime. But instead she helped herself to two servings of adultery.She's Iranian, she knew the law. What was she thinking?
DANA ,   CHERRY HILL NJ   (06.27.10)
The west as a free society better wake up. If our president and European leaders don't react this will be our kids future. The leaders oF the free world walk on egg shells around these muslim leaders that given the chance would be head every one of us "infedels". Wake up now!!!!!!!!!
21. Stone age was enlightened in comparison to such cruelty !!
avi   (06.27.10)
This is an offering to the evil at best, and they say it is their god's law ??? And there will be people to thraw the stones ??? who will be those mad men, (or women ??) ?
22. Half a story
D. FAult ,   NYC USA   (06.27.10)
This story as published is ver y misleading. It leaves out the fact that woman was also accused of being an accomplice to the murder of her husband!
23. Middle ages
sunshine ,   Germany   (06.27.10)
Iran has returned to times before middle ages. It's unbelievable, brutal and primitive.
24. Europe is crap
Canadian ,   Israel   (06.27.10)
for not sending flotillas to save her.
25. Adultery??
Malone ,   Hfx   (06.27.10)
If her husband was dead,then she is a widow,no longer married,so how i it adultery?
26. #19: even if she is guilty, does she deserve THAT ???
avi   (06.27.10)
Would you throw the first stone ??? This is to speak thuth a SACRIFICE TO THE EVIL, nothing else.
27. Pity there is no iranian embassy in israel !!!
avi   (06.27.10)
28. #17 Talula,You can't hold people to standards U don't abide!
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.27.10)
How many Palestinians don't deserve to die, killed by "Israel"?! My heart bleeds for these children,I can't judge the mother because we did not hear her opinion, but in all cases, she should have to think about her children before anything else....She knows she is living in Tehran, and not in Oslo !!
29. Is Ahmadinejad afraid ?
Ron B. ,   Lod   (06.27.10)
The economic situation of the Iranian population is dreadful, Ahmadinejad cannot afford the risk of an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear installations and/or other vital targets – he might face a popular revolution supported by a part of the Iranian army. That could be the beginning of the end of the fanatical Islamic regime. Would Ahmadinejad take such a risk ? More about Iran today at :
30. That is also the law of the Torah.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (06.27.10)
The last time I studied it the punishment the Torah advocates for adultrous women is death. This is also the punishment for murder. I am not aware of any text messageng from G-D that changed these laws. The woman in this article was convicted of both crimes, and there is no mention in the article that the veracity of the charges is even challenged. The Iranians, unlike us the Jews, take their religion seriously. The only thing we Jews take seriously in the Torah is our false interpretations that serve as justifications for tormenting the Palestinians.
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