IDF investigator: Preparations for flotilla's arrival insufficient
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.06.10, 23:57
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1. "nine Turkish citizens"- NO! 9 Mercinary Terrorists Killers
Scott ,   Chiago   (06.29.10)
Who lynched the IDF commandos. What is with you??
2. This major-general should lose his job!
Tony   (06.29.10)
Equipping troops with tasers and stun grenades doesn't take months.
3. Info from 42 countries
Keith uk   (06.29.10)
Considering that you did'nt prepare adequately - is it not amazing that you had full descriptions and photos of all the flotilla passengers.?
4. Barak still trying to defend his mistakes!
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (06.29.10)
Good God. How does that pig stay in power?? Barak does nothing right! He can't even get a hostage out of Gaza. Someone should fire that little buffoon and save Israel more problems. He is wrong about everything strategically, and especially about Lebanon! No wonder Ashkenazi despises him!
5. They were sent into an ambush armed with PAINTBALLS
BH ,   Iowa   (06.29.10)
But rest easy, the investigators have determined the preparations were insufficient. Well Done!
6. proud of leaving lebanon
alexi   (06.29.10)
barak reminds me of how great he was for offering more concessions than anyone else.Pulling out of lebanon was correct but not in the way it was done and hebollah is stronger today than before. They took barak's withdrawal as a sign of weakness. No more unilateral concessions should be made and barak and labour willbe royally booted out of office in the next election.
7. Barak: Why is this evil man in the government?
Steve   (06.29.10)
Jewdas the Priest ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.29.10)
Give it a rest! It was an inside job by herod-ergan and was a set-up by this fair weather friend....this artful dodger. Ad-mad-in-a-jad could learn more deviousness from this guy. herod-ergan and cronies see the writing on the wall.... arab target vs. Jewish target, shiite's target vs. sunni target....where does he stand with so many bulls eye targets plastered all over him, while trying to prove he IS really NOT PRO ISRAEL.?
9. Oh well, better luck next time.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.29.10)
10. Several months?
Give me a break. How long will it take to prepare for Iran, several decades?
11. No Jewish soldiers died = success
A lot of Jews died in summer of 2006 and it's a failure resulted from withdrawal from Lebanon. Arabs never pay price from their hatred and aggression against Jews.
12. Preparations for Flotilla
Nili   (06.29.10)
Investigate and blather all you want, but one of the major problems for this country is that toady Barak! He is a failure and should have been given the boot long ago. Someone should ask Bibi if he is being blackmailed, and if he isn't than why on earth does he allow Barak to continue?
13. Nuts! Prepare "several months" in advance for a flotilla?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.29.10)
This man (Eiland) has lost credibility. The simple fact of the matter is that there was no plan to deal with blockade-busting and it never crossed Barak's mind that one of his duties and responsibilities was to ensure that one was in place. His approach is haphazard and myopic. Barak just drifts along waiting for the last minute to come up with something - the more dramatic, the better. He put those young soldiers at unnecessary risk and should resign for his casualness and incompetence. Failing that, he should be fired as a slacker and for negligence. Why not call a spade a spade, instead of trying to not make him look so incompetent.
14. "Insufficient"? It was disastrous.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.29.10)
Barak blundered that horribly. A terrible, embarassing bungle. Bungle, bungle, bungle. Why wasn't he fired that day?
15. not prepared- I'll say
Lisa   (06.29.10)
it was a trap- and they fell for it- IF they expected terrorists- why let the soldiers go in with paintball guns? Where was all the info they talked about? Israel is supposed to have this sophisticated secret service- have - what are they doing? Keeping it a secret? Why didn't they USE it? A psychology 101 student could have told them what to expect from the Hamas-Arab-Turkish etc. side..... you have to KNOW your enemy and SEE what they are up to- This flotilla was the perfect trap- why didn't anybody SEE this? No wonder the world was stunned - I pity the soldiers who have leaders who don't know what they are doing.
16. #3 Keith UK
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (06.29.10)
you brit, shame on you, you sent europeans fleeing Europe to Cypriot concentration camps.... shut up!
17. Barak, Peres, Rabin....
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (06.29.10)
all useless crap, the only real hero has been Ariel Sharon. Barak is a pidgeon who had to go home long ago...
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