Erdogan: Turkey still friend to Israel
Published: 29.06.10, 16:50
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1. Doesn't this guy ever shut up?
Jacob ,   UK   (06.29.10)
2. With friends like the Islamic terrorist Erdogan
Aryeh ,   Bat Ayin   (06.29.10)
who needs enemies? Enough said
3. PKK
Turkey??? ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.29.10)
Erdogan, how about letting the PKK govern the Kurds?
4. Who is this moron trying to kid????
Scott   (06.29.10)
5. but I'm not your friend anymore
Gerry   (06.29.10)
stude ham   (06.29.10)
7. Friends like you who needs enemies.
Eric..... ,   Israel.....   (06.29.10)
Erdogan needs to see a shrink.A man that spews out such hate and violence and then he says his still our friend must be nuts.We must stop trade with Turkey,Israelies must stop going on holidays to Turkey.
8. US Citizen was a religious Fanatic. Wanted to die a Martyr
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (06.29.10)
The US Citizen was a religious fanatic who wanted to die a Shahid: Martyr. No sympathy for people like that.
9. :: Forget Israel Erdo! Be Kurds friend and give independence
Matty Groves ,   Fairport::   (06.29.10)
Stop lying through your teeth Erdo! You are friend only of the Jihadi evil forces and the Ottoman revival!
10. The man is mad!!! And if he is Turkey's representative to
Khaled ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.29.10)
the world, the world should take a note of the madmen with whom it deals.
11. He talks from both sides of his mouth
USA   (06.29.10)
12. G-d help them!!
Ashley ,   UK   (06.29.10)
Take pity on these people that need to manipulate and distort in this way. Israel should just ignore Turkey and let them get on with it, until such time as they apologise for the growing incitement towards Israel. The only truth from Erdogan is his correct assessment of the current Israeli government, which certainly is an obstacle to peace.
13. Erdogan..
Canadian ,   Israel   (06.29.10)
Hamas's official doctrine is to destroy Israel. What is there to discuss? And you want America to take ownership of the terror flotilla? I'm sure the other 8 dead Turks are turning in there grave. You have turned to the dark side, shame on you.
14. ...
Nathan Prendergast ,   London   (06.29.10)
Honestly, it is so shocking how deluded and arrogent you people can be. Israel are the real terrorists here. If you look at your history you would clearly see that Israel have taken arab land and hamas are defending the land that rightfully belongs to them. PKK on the other hand have never had land that is currently Turkey and are a terrorist group. So i suggest that you lot should; i quote, "Shut Up", with your uneducated views.
15. Elections were held, Hamas won, Hamas started shooting Fatah
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (06.29.10)
He seems to forget that they held a violent take over shooting their opponents in the knee or ankle to cripple them or just plain toss them off of buildings - this is what caused the blockade.
16. Turkish Electorate will vote down you underearth and never
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.29.10)
see again an AKP government, Many times I here wrote AKP IS AN ISRAELI SUPPORTER and Erdogan is israil friendly person, his all talks is nothing other than to lure Muslim Votes His all showy support to Gaza is not real but only to gain position in Muslim front. Israel played its role and AKP and Israel starged a theather together. AKP still did not cancel even ONE military agreement with Israel despite 9 Turkish people was fierecly killed by ISRAEL We Turkish People, WILL ENTOMB AKP in HISTORY OF POLITICALLY DEATH PARTIES, you will not find any life in Turkish politics again
17. With friends like these
Ben   (06.29.10)
Who needs to eat fasulyas
18. I saw most of that interview
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.29.10)
Rose never challenged Erdogan on Turkey's involvement with IHH, or the country's Islamic shift, nor about Turkey's blocking Israeli military overflight and cancellations of deals with Israel. What Rose did was ask softer questions about Turkey's economy, its growing alliance with northern tier states (Syria, Iraq, Iran), the EU, etc. Erdogan pretty much had the floor. Rose never asked Erdogan about his claim that Israelis "know how to kill". Turkey's actions against the Armenians and Kurds never came up.
19. The color of Erdogan`s flag is
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.29.10)
Ataturk`s flag was (Sorry to say ...was) red. Today`s Turkey is very different than it was before Erdogan came to power. Is it reversible ? One should ask the Turks.
20. Erdogan -What about all Jewish US Citizens killed by Hamas
Alan ,   SA   (06.29.10)
in Israel-what has US done over them?????? Please tell us,Khaliff! Also on another NAUTICAL THEME-what about that US Citizen killed on Achille Lauro (thrown in his wheelchair)
21. ...Nathan
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (06.29.10)
This so-called Arab land became such as a result of a deadly, no holds barred takeover by Muhammed and his followers. Jews bought the land they first worked (which Arabs thought was good for nothing). Most Arabs first came after economy improved because of Jews. Arabs attacked, Jews defended and won (sorry). More than once. Arabs have lost all right to the land.
22. conman
Jon ,   LA, USA   (06.29.10)
Going on a liberal talk show (like Charlie Rose) does not negate the fact that Erdogan associates with religious tyrants and then allows the IHH to board ships (with violent intent).
23. One of the three terrors
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.29.10)
Everyone knows he's just a jerk
24. Erdogan is a carbon copy of Yaser...
Secular Beast   (06.29.10)
Arafat! a man of peace for the western audiences then Jihad Jihad Jihad for Arab&Muslim customers,its a unique arab disorder
25. You pay your dues....
Michael ,   Tennessee, USA   (06.29.10)
Live like a terrorist, die like a terrorist. Dogan had it coming! The Turks have a funny way of showing Israel is their friend! I say; "IDF, kick butt and take names". Michael
26. # 14
Frank P ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.10)
"you people" whom do you mean by that Prendergast? those annoying Jews perhaps? Why don't you get out of Northern Ireland, The Faulklands etc then we'll discuss who are the occupiers.
27. STOP!
Dina   (06.29.10)
Please stop giving this man a stage! It is sickening and useless
28. #14 History - really take a look
Dina   (06.29.10)
You didn't really go very far in History did you? Well really you should. Israel was given independence legally. Jews and Arabs have lived in Israel - Palestine - Judea for generations. Land was captured from Jordan (Palestine by the way) and Egypt (Gaza) after Israel was attacked and laugh was on them because neither Jordan or Egypt wanted it back - wonder why... Hamma started shooting - AFTER Gaza was handed to them on a silver platter
29. Give the man a break
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.29.10)
He is prepping for his next career, a Seinfeld-style stand up in Turkish.
30. Yesterday I went Shopping....
E ,   Al Khobar   (06.29.10)
...and, after picking up an item, I replaced it on the shelf. It said: "Made in Turkey". My gesture probably doesn’t mean much in the big picture, but I can choose not to promote that mad country.
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