Obama’s 10 Commandments
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 30.06.10, 11:09
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1. Netanyahu must not fall for the BS of Hussein O
Alan ,   SA   (06.30.10)
2. Also an incompetent
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.30.10)
Ettinger forgets to mention that Obama is also incompetent opportunist and a whiner. Obama made political capital from Bush's alleged crimes at Guantanamo Bay, but now he is an avid supporter. He gained political points by saying he would retreat from Iraq (an American Interest) but stay on in Afghanistan (to be a tough guy). After Obama's two years, Obama can't admit that a retreat from Iraq will damage America, but his Afghan war achieves nothing but the deaths of countless innocent Afghan civilians. Instead of blaming the American companies responsible for the oil spill, Obama blames BP, destroying the pensions of the US' only ally.
3. Obama is no friend of the Jews nor of Israel
Al   (06.30.10)
He has an agenda of disengaging America from Israel and allowing Israel to fend for itself, all the while encouraging Israels enemies. What part of that do you all not understand?
4. To do list for Netanyahu
Ram ,   London   (06.30.10)
Obama private meeting: 1. Compliment Obama on his Health Care success. 2. Sympathise with the oil spill. 3. On further concessions by Israel say: "As you can see Israel has made quite a few concessions over the years. Israel WILL NOT make any further concessions UNTIL it sees a) the release of Schalit b) recognition by the PA and Hamas and their charters accordingly amended. c) Israel would like to see a conciliatory approach from all the arab states instead of the continuous campaign of deligitimisation. ISRAEL HAS SEEN NO CONCESSIONS WHATSOEVER SO FAR. To the american public via the media: 1) Extoll Israel's achievements and contributions to the world. 2) Mention the thousands of palestinian prisoners freed over the years. 3) Give details on the benefits the 1.2m arab citizens of Israel enjoy. 4) Clearly state the contributions Israel makes to the WB and Gaza. 5) Point out that most of the conflicts in the world are NOT caused by Jews. 6) Invite all US citizens to come see for themselves! Be strong Netanyahu and MAXIMISE the PR opportunity!!!
Sara Gregson ,   UK london   (06.30.10)
"I Barack Hussein Obama and THE LIKE every time I sit on a lavatory seat"
6. Israel gives USA 3 $ Billions $ a year & Jonathan pollard
Jack. A   (06.30.10)
7. please do not create more enemy
Monastras ,   istanbul   (06.30.10)
do not use disproportionate force.try not to kill. I think Obama is right as i have been feeling singled out as coming from turkish muslim culture although i have ultra secular belief. However, israeli people musn't feel excluded from the rest of the world as they suffered the horrible crimes againts humanity
8. Don't make concessions
Kevin ,   USA   (06.30.10)
Obama is on his way out over here. There are more friends of Israel in the US than the media would have you believe. Hang tough.
9. ridiculous
Richard W ,   New York, USA   (06.30.10)
If Israelis believe these 10 points, then they really are living in a parallel, delusional universe.
10. :: Obama’s Ten Commandments
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (06.30.10)
I am Obama, your special friend, ally and paymaster... ONE: Thou shall have no other allies before me. TWO: Thou shall not make for yourself any carved image which depicts me wearing a kaffiyeh – such images are childish and immature. THREE: Thou shall not call me silly names like ‘Obuma’ nor shall thou call me a Muslim. FOUR: Thou shall make peace with the Palestinians. FIVE: Honor my words and commandments and follow my foreign policy in the ME to the letter. SIX: Thou shall not murder innocent civilians as you did in Gaza, Lebanon and on the Mavi Marmara. SEVEN: Thou shall not build any more illegal settlements in East Jerusalem or the West Bank. EIGHT: Thou shall not steal land and resources which do not belong to you; thou shall remember these words “the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”. NINE: Thou shall not lie by claiming you have a god-given right to exist as a Jewish State; NO country has a ‘special right’ to exist in any form not even the US. TEN: Thou shall not covet your neighbor's land and resources in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and southern Lebanon; thou shall not covet your neighbor's water wells, nor his olive groves, nor his rich culture and pretty women.
11. Yarrom ettinger and cheap publicity
Die-hard fan of Isra ,   Here   (06.30.10)
Another piece of crap by this idle hand called Yarom Ettinger. Can somebody give him a janitor job to occupy his mind; instead of wasting his few remaining years seeking cheap publicity and relevance. By the way; are all you israelis public commentators? No wonder your PR is in shambles.
12. Confusing the object of this analysis with its messenger
Richard W   (06.30.10)
The author's claim is that it is Obama who believes these 10 points, and thus Obama who lives in a parallel delusional universe (and BTW, many of the European politicial leaders, also seem to believe that, Sarkozy called Obama repeatedly naive). Can you refute the claims made rationally, or are you only able to make generalizing ad hominem arguments?
13. Hang in there. Obama is definitely a
zooog ,   US   (06.30.10)
one term president.
14. #10 Yawn...
Adi ,   Rehovot Israel   (06.30.10)
15. #10-Wrong about the God-given right.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (06.30.10)
The rest falls into place.
16. A response to morons who agree with this article
Brian ,   Cincinnati, USA   (06.30.10)
1. This article is terrible. I hope that the author was not paid. If any idiot can get paid to write nonsense for this website, then maybe i should just make things up and write an article as well... where is the payroll department? 2. I sincerely hope that the Israeli public, and for that matter, any other person in the world does not fall for this author's views which are nothing more than unfounded, baseless opinions. 3. Unfortunately for all of you Obama haters out there, you are mistaken if you believe that he is a one term president. Sorry... 4. Most Israelis (i won't say all, but it seems to be a majority of people on this website's talkbacks) really have no concept of American politics, just as I would assume, that most American's have a limited understanding of Israeli politics. With that said, maybe the Israeli public should calm down its anti-Obama vomiting, and focus on its own weak/failing government. 5. If people are going to criticize Obama (Israeli, American, or otherwise) perhaps it could be done in a more thought out way. Calling Obama a muslim/arab, and believing that he is friends with terrorists is just a sign of ignorance and racism. In response to #2- i think you should just shut up cause you don't know what you are talking about (see my 4th point). In response to #3- another unfounded, baseless opinion that is blatantly false. However, I will concede that at some point in the future, Israel needs to be self-sufficient, in the sense that it cannot rely on its American ally forever. Following this thought pattern, it would be wise for Israel to make peace with its neighbors sooner rather than later.
17. obama's 10 commandments
moron ,   galut   (06.30.10)
not just about israel and foreign policy which is bad enough--it starts with the'liberal' premise that big government is preferable to liberty,in short more coercion and plunder which makes the jews inconvenient
18. #10 Matty Groves
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.30.10)
If you are Obama, then go looking for your birth certificate. If you have found it, we can talk again.
19. Good article by Yoram Ettinger
Imperator ,   USA   (06.30.10)
That is the way Obama functions. Yesher Koach, Yoram.
20. thanks Yoram,
Al ,   S'ville USA   (06.30.10)
May Israel always have a voice of reason, paying attention to deeds, knowing any display of direction is from a heart that chooses.. Thank you Yoram, for being a student of the heart, beleiving in motives ahead of words. As a man thinks in his heart, so IS he..the great dillemma is pressure from life, affecting the extent a man will hold to his heart. Out of the ABUNDANCE of the heart, the mouth speaks..May Israel always have Yorams and never doubt their inner trust that says WHAT a man IS will ALWAYS determine his actions, no matter the promise or commitment or likability. Placed at one more level of understanding..No one will ever hold to anything they ever say, unless their heart has agreed to die for it first..A man (The L-RD's idea of one) speaks to his own hurt and changes it not..Thank you Yoram, for sound speech..
21. Pure Nonsense!
David   (06.30.10)
Yoram Etinger is a neo conservative who doesn’t quite grasp reality and the world he lives in. Yes, the US is a super power in decline, you must be blind not to acknolwdge and recognize it. It has nothing to do with Obama, democrats or republicans. It has to do with national debt, unemployment figures and economy trying to recover from the abyse. When China is your banker, and brazil, india, and china’s economies are surging you have to reasses. That is eacatly what obama top strategists did in the pentagon and state dept upon taking office year and half ago. Their message to obama was clear, the US needs to mend its ties with the Muslim world which consititues 25 % of humanity. And in order to do that they followed the Israeli Palestinian conflict needs to come to an end or at least the US can not be identified or percivied as Israel sole supporter. This is the cold reality of US foreign policy today. It has nothing to do with Obama, it would have been the same under a republican president. Populits and delusionary characters like Etinger live in a bubble and are just disconnected from rreality. The sad part is they getting platform to incite, misguide and delude simple and inconnet people peole like most readers here.
22. obama
steven ,   southampton, ny   (06.30.10)
only 2 years to go and he will go down as the worst president ever.
23. SaraB, are you there, I have a question for you
yehoshua ,   usa   (06.30.10)
24. i hope Bibi gives obama the loser no
Barney ,   USA   (06.30.10)
photo ops to use as propoganda to fool even more "uninformed" liberal Jews into supporting him again. I think all Americans should see the idiot beaming with the saudi terrorist king-who funded all the wahhabi extremism everywhere. Americans are sick of obama. he blew the chance as the first african american president to accomplish something and instead will probably insure that there won't be another black president for years to come no matter how good their policy might be. he blew it. period.
25. Barack Hussein Obama
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.30.10)
Q: What is the difference between BHO and God? A: God does not walk through the streets of Washington, D.C. and think he is BHO.
26. Monastras - Israelis never try to kill
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (06.30.10)
Fighting terrorist organizations is a difficult task. You as a Turk should know that very well and understand Israel better. Let me start explaining a few things to you. 1. Two days ago The Turkish military forces killed two elderly man picking up herbs (KEKIK) in the village of Hassa of Hatay. Soldiers were told that PKK terrorists would be there by an anonymous caller. Obviously PKK plotted this willingly. This is the same plot that IHH planted in Mavi Marmara. They deliberately created 9 martyrs to use as propaganda and they are openly stating it in Turkish TV. 2. Ali Pasa village of Mardin was evacuated by the Jandarma forces in 1992 because the population was Kurd. Later they were told they could return back to their homes but the village was destroyed, homes burned, bombed no electric no water. 3. Tasgedik village of Mardin also same story, all homes destroyed the almond and hazelnut trees grapeviones the livelihood and only income source of the village all destroyed, the electric power lines and posts removed. The old Kurdish inhabitants of the village have no place to return. Monastras; I am not writing these to say that these and many more villages that were destroyed by the Turkish forces in the east of Turkey is an excuse. Turkey has been hiding these realities for years. Turkey used its strategic location as a leverage to hide it. What I am trying to tell you is that when you are fighting an enemy that does not use a conventional army instead uses terror techniques to achieve their goals (like PKK and Hamas) it is not possible to avoid some unfortunate consequences, As a Turk you should be the first to understand and support Israel. If Hamas wins PKK also will win.
27. Obama is despicable but Bibi is Israel's real problem.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Obama is a typical bully who cowers before those he fears and pushes around those who submit to him. As Sarah Palin recently noted, nations like Russia and China regularly push Obama around. Yet Obama is always playing "tough" against American allies, especially Israel. Obama is despicable. However, Bibi is Israel's real problem. Bibi simply lacks the guts to tell Obama "No". Bibi is the ONLY world leader who fears Obama. To most world leaders, Obama is a laughingstock. Obama would not pose any problem to Israel if Israel had a leader with the guts to stand up to Obama and other enemies and false friends and tell them "NO" in clear terms.
28. #18, #25
Brian ,   Cincinnati, USA   (06.30.10)
Shut up from Germany. No one cares what you think about America's president... elect Merkel again or do something else that is trivial to the discussion here.
29. Barakeh Hussein Abu-Amama is doomed to fail
W. ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (06.30.10)
You need a proof? General Stanley Mccrystal was the first to abandon the sinking ship
30. #16 Obama is more likely to be impeached than reelected.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
#16 Brian. So many liberals think they have the ability to tell the future. For instance, Al Gore told us we have only 10 years to save the world from man made climate change. He said that about five years ago. The clock is running on Rush Limbaugh's website. What will happen when Gore's clock runs out? Almost certainly nothing. So Brian you're telling us you know Obama will be reelected. What makes you think you can predict the future? Anything is possible, of course. However, Obama is increasingly recognized as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. The chances of him being reelected is slimmer than the chances of him being impeached before the end of his single term.
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