Oren: Iran may unleash wave of terrorist violence
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.06.10, 09:48
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1.  Ahmadinejad`s next scenario
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.30.10)
Come on Oren, although the possibility that Hizballah and Hamas attacking Israel by order of Ahmadinejad is high, the possibility that EU, UN and even US to assist Israel in such an event is low. Just asking: What`s the price Europe and UN will have to pay if Israel weakens ? Maybe, lip service...that`s all.
2. May? Sure as eggs are eggs WILL
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (06.30.10)
The plans are in place and are boasted about quite openly in RG circles ad infinitum. Ah MAD inejad is lusting for action 1. Create some sort of incident in the Arabian Gulf to try to disrupt shipping 2. Will slow down to a trickle the settlement of accounts with Russia China and the EU for purchases and services delivered. In particular will demand that Russia accelerate its arms deliveries as a quid pro quo 3. Will order Hezbollah to trigger another ‘incident’ on Israels Northern Borders 4. Will attempt to create an ‘incident’ vis the delivery of ‘aid’ to Gaza 5. Will order Shia Militants to increase activity is Southern Iraq 6. Will increase the rhetoric and level of threats to the US, Russia, China and the EU 7. May have negotiated some sort of simultaneous action by N Korea and Venezuela to create diversionary crises And that’s for starters….
3. Public Meeting
david cohen   (06.30.10)
sure the meeting Netanyahu-Obama will be public. Mr. Obama needs to kiss the back of the naive left wing American Jews. Elections are not far off and these radical jews will again fall for this false Democrat who is trying his hardest to socialize the USA.
4. Why make public suggestions like this?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.30.10)
Does the Ambassador want Hezbollah to attack Israel? Sounds like he's looking for war.
5. #4 - not unlikely...
eporue ,   europe   (06.30.10)
the more tight the "peace-talks" become, the more the israeli government will provoke - the palestinians, the israeli arabs, the neighbours, europe, the US, the arabs... the hope a war will start, ending all talks and agreements.... in the last resort, they might attack iran - which, of course, will hit back...
6. What better way?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.30.10)
Oren asks "what better way to divert attention from Iran"? Here are three: Send a flotilla of terrorist supporters from Europe and Turkey to Gaza. Watch how the UN and US spend time condemning Israel. Have the Vice-President of the United States pretend to be insulted by anything Israel does. Have the President of the United States condemn Israel as the source of problems in the Middle East.
7. why those agreed to sanctions?
sam ,   colorado   (06.30.10)
Iran may move of these organizations to attack Israel after the tough sanctions might starting another a new war in Middle East Q: The US and Israel know that the sanctions on Iran will create problems and new wars in the Middle East, so why those agreed to sanctions?
8. Oren !
David ,   Usa   (06.30.10)
You know exactly what Iran will do certainly not sit to talk. As far as your little party in Washington between Netanyahu and Barak A little too late.The damage has been done . This time he is not getting the votes. How do they say in the US, fool me once.......
9. Iran may......and it will be Israels fault !
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.30.10)
For heavens sake lets get on with it. Whacking Iran now is better than when it has nukes . So what if a "war is destabilising " it will be a lot more so if we sit on our backsides worrying about the US and the International community who wish we would disappear.
10. Unlikely while Iran refinds Uranium and builds reactors
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.30.10)
As long as Iran can continue to make some progress on nuclear issues then war off the table unless its attacked first. Its more likely that Israel or US will attack Iran maybe in afew weeks and this is just to make it look like its in self defense.
11. Dear Mr. Diplomat... when the Isareli PM called
seadog1946 ,   Shooters Island, NJ   (06.30.10)
for the international community to impose "biting" sanctions on Iran... did you not expect Iran to bite back?
12. ambassadors are not supposed to be political
zionist forever   (06.30.10)
As usual when it comes to Israeli ambassadors that doesn't seem to know how to keep their mouth shut and risk damaging Israel. "Iran might unleash a wave of terrorist violence in the Middle East in retaliation for tough new sanctions that Congress passed las week. Now we have an Israeli ambassador saying that Congress are doing the wrong thing passing sanctions. " Iran might respond to severe restrictions on its ability to buy gasoline and finance its state owned companies by returning returning to the negotiating table, or prehaps use its connections with HIzbollah and Hamas to fight back by having those groups attack Israel and prehaps others. " The Israeli government has been encouraging tougher sanctions, now the US is finally doing something he is unoficially speaking out against the policy of his government. If there is anything thats likely to encourage Obama to get soft on Iran is if this idiot Oran starts warning that Iran will launch a new round of terror against Israel and others ( the US ) This man should be recalled and thrown out the diplomatic service straight away he is a liability.
13. ..but on a second thought it is very likely since Mehdi
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (06.30.10)
protects them. When this is what they bank on no human logic or reality will deter them. My one full hour Al Jazeera training video course instantly made me the BEST MIDDLE EAST EXPERT anywhere and it gave me the privilege to switch my opinion back and forth as much as I like.
14. Yeah
Russo ,   USA   (06.30.10)
And Oren unleashes stupidity every time he opens his smarmy mouth. Just attack Iran already, tough guys. I want to see what you're really made of. Israel can't defeat an insurgency, neither can the US. Good luck against an actual military. Bye bye Israel.
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