FM: Ben-Eliezer meeting with Turkey's Davutoglu 'violation of norms'
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.06.10, 22:07
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1. Shame on Bibi
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (06.30.10)
He is a puppet in Barak's hands!!! Next elections Likud will come together with Labor behind Meretz!
2. Ben Eliezer has always been the one
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.30.10)
that can lick the enemy`s ego better than anyone else. No morals at all. The perfect go between politician.
3. Who is running the government Netanyahu or Barak
Leah ,   Israel   (06.30.10)
Me thinks it is Barak!
4. He expects loyalty from Israeli gov't politicians? HAHAHAHA!
Schreiber   (06.30.10)
Mr Lieberman, if you want loyalty and friendship get yourself a dog. Betrayal is the name of the game in Israeli politics. Betrayal of each other, betrayal of promises made to citizens, betrayal of Likud principles, betrayal of the national Jewish spirit.... The stench of Israeli politics is such that nobody should act surprised at typical acts like this one. Or hurt. Or maybe it's all part of a sordid plan to get your feelings hurt so you will resign, perhaps? To make room for someone the White House will approve? Stay tuned....
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.30.10)
Ehud Barak works for the Americans not for Israel he should be sacked Fired. This investigation is being used by Barak and Obama to force Lieberman Out. If Bibi allows this he will be just as much a traitor and corrupted as Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert.
6. Stop sucking up to the turks!
Ruben ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.30.10)
Lieberman is the only man who has enough corage to stand up to what soon will be another Islamo-fascist enemy of Israel. He knows it. But Bibi and Barak are too busy trying to repair their own image, as if they are doing something to our advantage. Spineless idiots. Resign!
7. Weak USA & Israel Foreign Policy disasterous
RayS ,   USA   (06.30.10)
Obama's Policies encourage America's enemies and undercut allies. Israel's kowtowing to enemies destroys her credibility with enemies and friends.Israel should DEMAND her soldier's release immediately in good health or fuel and electricity will be reduced on a steady scale. IT HAS THE RIGHT> ACT LIKE MEN.
8. Please stop blaming Ben-Eliezer!
Eyal ,   Istanbul   (07.01.10)
what makes you so hesitant to recover the relationship? do the israelis majorly want to create another enemy in the middle east? we the turks and the israelis are brothers and there can be problems as in any strong families. israeli forces killed (un)intendedly 9 turkish people last month and it totally changed the status of our relationship. the situation should be solved urgently and thus please stop blaming your politicians who at least be smart and courage enough to talk with old friends.
9. To 8 Stop blaming the flotilla incident!
The Dude   (07.01.10)
The change in the relationship started at Davos, it just peaked a few weeks ago. Don't shorten history...
10. Ricardo #1: Didn't Jews know who "Bibi" was / is?
Steve   (07.01.10)
Mr. Netanyahu has a history of weakness and capitulation. Regardless of what you think of Moshe Feiglin, Netanyahu had him moved from the #20 Likud slot he earned in the Likud party elections to the #36 or #37 "no-mans-land" slot, thus depriving him a seat in the Knesset. After Netanayhu was tapped to form a government (February 2009), who did he court? His natural allies on the right; NU and other land of Israel Zionists? Nope. He courted Kadima traitors; he courted Labor and Ehud Barak. He courted advocates of surrender and retreat! Then there was the disastrous announcement at Bar Ilan Univ. that Likud supports a Muslim enemy state in Israel and along came the buiding freeze in order to appease this anti-Semitic US president. Then to add insult to injury there was the recent internal Likud party vote to put off the elections to its central committee, thus confiriming everything Mr. Netanyahu has done to appease the Israel-hating Obama. A vote for Likud is a vote for a Muslim state dedicated to Israel's destruction in Israel's historic heartland. How could anyone on the right who considers himself or herself a land of Israel Zionist vote Likud?
11. eyal - from your mouth to the great muffin in the sky
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.01.10)
however, u do understand why we are a bit... how should i put this tactfully ... wary at this point. so wary that our boobs send someone who is even more doubtful a character than lieberman? at least lieberman is honest about his questuionable opinions. benE is slime!!
12. Ben Eliezer must be fired
Frank ,   Canada   (07.01.10)
13. Probably the worst FM in Israel's history
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (07.01.10)
lacking diplomatic skills and even basic manners should not be complaining about being kept out of the loop to avoid him causing any more damage.
14. What happand he woke up all of sudden?
dave   (07.01.10)
He hasn't been FM in over a year. Nobody would meet with him except Dany Ayalon. Go back Eivet, sit quitely cause the police are coming for you anyways shortly.
15. Behind your back or not what difference does it make Eivet?
Dave   (07.01.10)
It doesn't pentrate your thick sculp and its been long over due, time to go.
16. Regardless of how outsiders view the FM..
Jew   (07.01.10)
it was inappropriate at best and impeachable at worst. That's now how a stable govt is run. It really doesn't matter how a muslim in DC views the FM. A muslim should view muslim countries' foreign ministers and their human rights issues, gay rights issues, women's rights, religion rights issues and so on before trying to castigate the only nation of Jews.
17. bibi beholden to commander barak
alexi   (07.01.10)
Bibi was under barak's command and so defers to him even though barak has turned out to be an appeaser and a total failure as PM and a bit better than peretz as defence minister. That bibi didn't advise lieberman is a big mistake and show's bibi's lack of independence. Ben eliezer has a history of kissing up to turkey and arabs in general. meetings are Ok but liberman should be advised. If this continues, bibi should simply turn the reins over to lieberman and become barak's assistant. After olmert, we figured we would be a step up with anyone. Bibi is proving me wrong.
SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (07.01.10)
19. #13 Ali - What does diploamtic skills mean?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.01.10)
Ever heard a diplomat is someone who can tell a person to go to hell and make him look forward to the trip? The fact that you keep such high snobbish regards for diplomats makes you a pretentious ignoramus.
20. It seems like it was just a simple oversight.
Ernest ,   USA   (07.01.10)
Israel has this governing body and these elected representatives. All that can be expected of them is that they do their best, work as a team, keeping in mind our Creator, the prophets and the revelations of the prophecy, should they have been had that they have at least commenced.
21. #13
Steve   (07.01.10)
Today we need more plain-spoken statesmen and less mealy-mouthed diplomats; the sort of which fill your city, Washington, DC. Neville Chamberlain - Adolf Hitler's appeaser - had great diplomatic skills and basic manners.
22. who needs approval from an imbecile like this guy
Seri ,   America   (07.01.10)
23. #4 is so right and if this article is correct
Israeli 2   (07.01.10)
we need Lieberman as PM. Perhaps Lieberman and Feiglin should form a separate political party.
craig ,   aRLINGTON VA   (07.01.10)
Israeli relations with Turkey are a trillion times more important tha n whether Avi Liberman has his soiled panties in a wad.
25. Actually, Dude, it started even earlier
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.01.10)
The change in relationship didn't start at Davos. There were hints even earlier, as Turkey was the first country in 2006 to welcome the newly elected Hamas. It was obvious in Turkey's siding with Syria rather than acting as an honest broker in those indirect talks. It was apparent in Turkey's reaction to Israel's attack on Syria's nuclear facility in 2007. To Eyal in Istanbul: I expect Israel would be more responsive were it not subjected to almost daily diatribes from Turkish officials, if Turkish media weren't promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli films, and if Turkey weren't becoming bosom buddies with Israel's enemies.
26. Who is real PM netanyahu or barak?
I think Barak is a jack of all trades. He is defense minister, foreign minister, and sometimes prime minister. He runs the Bibi show.
27. Are there real leaders in Israel?
leo ,   usa   (07.01.10)
I am disgusted. If it was Turkish demand to exclude Lieberman than real leader would've told told to get rid of Erdogan first.
28. Time to get rid of Liberman the hater
Mark(Turkish-Jew) ,   USA   (07.01.10)
This man did more damage to Israel than any other , I am a Turkish_Jew do you guys read all the news around the World lately, 8 out of 10 is negative for Israel and that is due to Israel Picking a fight with their 500 year old friend Israels as a state was started from Turkey and lets not forget that l am the living proof of Turkish hospitality, 500 years ago when Turks demanded the Jews from Spain, not asked demanded, go read some history my Jewish brothers you find out that Israel never had a better friend in the World NEVER, change Israel or World will change you or force the change on you, I hope with peace
29. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.01.10)
To get Israel on track again who do we vote for ?? Do we have a real leader? I know who I will vote for, not Bibi who is weak as you say.
30. it would be a blessing
i ,   jerusalem   (07.01.10)
if the FM could pull his party out and take down the slime we call government, only to "vote" in the next slime.
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