IDF strikes 3 targets in Gaza
Published: 01.07.10, 07:32
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BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (07.01.10)
2. Hey Hamas: Your supremacy has ended.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.01.10)
Gaza needs a only a MINORITY group of patriots embracing our moderate, capitalistic, and constitutional bent. It matters not that we, your nemesis, is Arab or Muslim or Secular or... whatever. The USA has proven that individual liberty is of universal human appeal (we prefer death, otherwise). We love all women and children, and men and animals and plants (and work and toys and ideas and silliness). We're going to give our Gaza liberty-fighters our weapons and our troops: And then we're going to kick some Islamist a*s! WE WILL FREE GAZA NOW!!!
3. bombs
colin   (07.01.10)
The same lies.IDF jets strike the same ammunition factory and the same tunnel one kilometer from the border used for smuggling terrorists. The cowardly groveling defence minister (mostly called the minister of evictions of jews)tries to cover his cowardice with lies deciet untruths falsehood but did nothing. The leftest press plays the game hoping the Israel public will believe the bullshit
4. tit for tat
robert ,   italy   (07.01.10)
with this kind of reply Hamas will win all the time ..... I think that a minimal effective reply is to send a brief notice and after carpet bombing for two days with waves of jets
5. Lmao @ # 3
Adi ,   Rehovot Israel   (07.01.10)
you are the type "don't bother me with facts, i already have my opinion". the only way to make you believe is inviting you here in the hope that one of the rockets will pick you as a target. this is retaliation only. they launch rockets, we gave them a little taste of their own medicine. imagine if Israel would this every day..
dav zee ,   NYC USA   (07.01.10)
WHY is the IDF pussy footing around when the rockets still hit Israel? I am against ineffective tit for tat IDF reactions. Why not make it too costly for the enemy, instead of this nonsense of reprisal with pulled punches. AS YOU CAN SEE- NO AFFECT AFTER YEARS OF THIS SINCE CAST LEAD. It was only then that the enemy stopped most rocket attacks. Agroin kick is what they only react don't tit, groin! If my neighbor shot a rocket at my children he would be living in a burned out shell.
7. gaza rocket attack
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.01.10)
So Hamas will blame Islamic Jihad a proxy of their,s who in turn will blame another Islamofascist Hamas proxy in the region ,which just shows the sheer lunacy of the Islamofascist that rules Hamastan ,but where is the response from the two Irishmen Ging and Gunness who run UNRWA in Gaza ?
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