Turkey reiterates demands for amends by Israel
Published: 01.07.10, 17:53
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1. Useless!!!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (07.01.10)
Useless lose of face! As anything coming from the pitiful duo Barak/Fuad! Is Bibi so stupid as not to understand that everything that comes to Barak is a lose/lose proposal?
2. Has Turkey apologized to my people for
David ,   Ottawa, Canada   (07.01.10)
murdering 1.5 million Armenians? Has Turkey apologized to the Kurds for slaughtering many thousands of them over the years? Has Turkey apologized to the Cypriot Greeks for invading their country, expelling its citizens and occupying half of it without any justification? Shouldn't we demand of Turkey to apologize to humanity before all else?
3. turkey - Israel
edy burak ,   miami , US   (07.01.10)
pls keep the relationship in this level Israel dont need more than this we dont want friends like this.... Turkey & Argentina are traitors , in one hand flirt with Iran/Venezuela and in other hand nice face with Israel Jews should leave Turkey
4. #2 said it well.
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.01.10)
Let me add, for "my people": the Struma.
5. Did 1 million Armenians+20,000 Kurds Commit Suicide?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.01.10)
6. And they call it 'Diplomacy ?
joe   (07.01.10)
" The UN, and a host of muslim countries condemn the action ". By sheer coincidence, together they represent " les bas fond " of our civilized society at it's worst. They think, act, and behave accordingly. If our Govt gives in to this outrageous blackmail, my faith in this Govt will plummet down to a ZERO. My next question would be " Did we get what we deserve ?".
7. My conspiracy theory of the day.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.01.10)
Mr Ben-Eliezer, who most of us realize is a buffoon, made a really stupid move in going to meet Mr Davutoglu. Even a fool like Ben-Eliezer should have known better. So, why did he go? Here's my conspiracy theory for which I have not a shred of proof or evidence. Someone has military contracts with Turkey. These contracts are at risk. Mr Ben-Eliezer went to try & save the contracts either for his own financial interests or someone else. Like I said, I most certainly have no proof. But I bet my explanation is as probable as not.
8. Let it be known that Ben-Eliezer speaks only for himself!
Ben-Eliezer = ,   minority   (07.01.10)
we the people of Israel want an apology form the Turkish government and compensation for sending Al-Queida terrorists to our shores! Leftists in the government kiss your a$$ but the citizens of Israel reject our "leaders"!
9. the opposite
Jacob ,   Munich   (07.01.10)
let´s wait for the results. We surely find out that the flottilla affair was orchestrated from Turkey. these IHH-people could never get on board the shipt without knowledge and consent of the Turkish government. Israel must show publicly the Turkish involvement. Israel show mental steength- do not be a coward!!!
10. At least get it right
Dina   (07.01.10)
I believe the correct order of things is:- 1. inquiry 2. depending on the findings - appologies 3. depending on findings - court and then compensation Am I missing something??
11. Screw Turkey.
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (07.01.10)
12. Go to hell Turkey
John   (07.01.10)
It's the other way round ! Turkey must apologise for the provocation and by deliberately sending Turkish Terrorists thugs on the Mavi Marmara posing as peace activists.The proof is that why there was no problem on the other 5 boats? Turkey must stop making a fool of herself !!
13. Spell it out in two letters, FU.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.01.10)
14. Somebody here is a little confused
Well ,   Israel   (07.01.10)
It is Turkey who should apologize to Israel for sending terrorists with the declared intention of 1. baiting Israeli soldiers and harming them. 2. breaking a blockade on Gaza and smuggling weapons After Turkey publicly apologizes, Israel should demand compensation. This seems more in accord with the reality.
15. Has Turkey apologize for
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (07.01.10)
1. The damage done to the Jewish community of Kirkllareli in 1936? Jews were attacked, their homes destroyed, women raped man wounded by knives. 2. the properties taken from Jews under the Varlik Vergisi (An unfair tax law) in 1941- 1942 including a huge building taken from my family in Bankalar caddesi in Istanbul? Will I be paid the value of that building in today's rate? I could immediately retire. 3. The damage done to Jews in 1955 september 6-7? 4. for the brutal murder of Israeli ambassador Efraim Elrom in 1972?
16. Turkey can burn in hell
steve from raleigh   (07.01.10)
17. Turkey reiterates demands
Golan   (07.01.10)
Turkey must end its occupation of Kurdistan and northern Cyprus, other wise we should't talk to them they are an Islmofacist country
18. well done Turkey!
tarik ,   london   (07.01.10)
Israel will give in to Turkish demands otherwise will be more isolated.Israel gvt has no choice but the accept these especially when B.Obama is in power.This time they went too far and although they don't admit it they are well aware of it.That is Why LIEBERMAN the plonker was kept in the dark about this meeting.
19. These are the same conditions Israel should place on Arabs
Listen up Israel and take some lessons from Turkey on how to have self respect.
20. deluided israelis-apologize, pay,inter. investigation
Emeth. Istanbul   (07.01.10)
whats here so hard for you thick heads to understand?
21. Israel is tough, until...
Mike   (07.01.10)
ALL the pipelines go through Turkey!
22. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.01.10)
"Breaking a blockade on Gaza & smuggling weapons" That did not happen. Turkey tried to break the blockade but failled.
23. :: Israel will apologize
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.01.10)
After Bibi meets Obama on the 6th I’d imagine Israel will formally apology about a week later. Compensation will be paid at a later stage, maybe even quietly to save Israel some face. A UN inquiry will be launched and Israel’s protests will be noted and duly ignored. The UN inquiry will go ahead because the US (Obama) will not object because it is in Obama’s interests to see Israel and Turkey best of buddies again.
24. Answer #2 and #15
Martin ,   Jhb SA   (07.01.10)
Its easy to talk passed each other. By doing so one need not take responsibility. Tarik the outcome of the plot knowing we would not allow the Gaza blockade to be broken is unfortunate. Tarik you and yours have so many lives and injustices to appologise for. Instead you want us to go with cap in habnd and appologise. Your Turkish Government emparked on a foolhardy mission which was plot incuding a media deption Plot. You had to do it at night so you could maximise viewership. Now you want to sneek out of the mess you created for yourselves. Show us how you take responsibility and express regret for all your multifold deeds. WE DO NOT OWE PEOPLE YOUR GOV and the IHH an aplogy. The finger in this case point back. If you want harmonise relations, be real and perhaps we would regain some trust in our relations. Do proper damage control on your side. Gaza is not up for grabs not with your cheap and painful tactics either.
25. Erdogan is desperate to boost his failing image at home.
leo ,   usa   (07.01.10)
He needs Israeli apology badly. Erdogan shell not have it. On the contrary, apology must be demanded from Turkey and especially personally from Erdogan.
26. Turkey's demands
shepen ,   Caesarea,Israel   (07.01.10)
It is time we stood up for what is right and is in our our own interests. The handwriting has been on the wall- Turkey has declared its animosity for Israel since our operation Cast Lead Gaza..It arranged for terrorists to be abord the flotilla. We should privately tellthem that we will consider their demands when the UN investigates their actions against the Kurds and their genocide of the Armenians,
27. If Barak tells Bibi to apologise, he will do it.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.02.10)
Bibi takes orders from Barak who in turn takes orders from Obama. More and more, it becomes obvious that Bibi relies heavily on Barak to make decisions for him. In Bibi's eyes, Barak can do no wrong. Everybody is telling Bibi that Barak is an appeaser and a loser and should be out of the government yet Bibi gives him free reign to do what he wants. If Bibi is taken in by Barak, then Bibi is a bigger fool than Barak. What a horrible reality to face. Barak leads a docile Bibi from one disaster to another. Who the hell is the prime minister? At this rate, soon Bibi will be taking orders from both Barak and Livni. That is just too horrible to contemplate.
28. #18 - Hahaha - Isolated by who??
William ,   Israel   (07.02.10)
"Israel will give into Turkish demands...or be more isolated" By who...Turkey?? By other Arabs? Not really a loss in the eyes of Israelis everywhere, considering Arabs have been demanding Israel commit mass suicide in order to gain "normalization" and avoid a future mass genocide at the hands of Arabs. Ain't going to happen. As for the US - most support Israel and see Turkey as more Islamist, moving towards Iran, so they already don't trust the country. The EU? They're having menopause. One day they're happy, the next day sad. One day they sign contracts with Israel, the next day say bad things about her. So what? As the EU economy implodes thanks to the PIGS, they are becoming more insignificant.
29. #23 - why would US force an apology for Turkey?
William ,   Israel   (07.02.10)
Other than US Leftists anti-Israel stance, what could the US gain from forcing an apology. Nothing. Certainly Turkey wouldn't risk the US bases in Turkey nor the support that allows them to illegally cross the border and slaughter Kurds at will.
30. #20 - it's probably the lack of investigation of Turkey
William ,   Israel   (07.02.10)
and the IHH which instigated an illegal flotilla to break a legal war-time blockade, by thugs who were armed and ready to fight the IDF (as opposed to the other 5 boats who surrendered peacefully). Once a full investigation of Turkey, and its Islamist ties and reasons for supporting illegal acts which could constitute an act of war....we'll consider the next steps. What's so hard to understand, Turk?
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