UK: Intruders acquitted for 'preventing war crimes in Gaza'
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.07.10, 07:38
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1. Anyways...
Yishai ,   Canada   (07.02.10)
With this judges mindset. I guess it be fine if someone ransacked and destroyed banks for ruining the economy.
2. Yes Yishai
Aliyah Levestam ,   Australia   (07.02.10)
but, one suspects, only if they were somehow linked to Israel or the Jews!
3. "Justice for Idiots"
whoever ,   wherever   (07.02.10)
4. England, the new iran. London, the new tehran.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.02.10)
5. british antisemitism
noam lipshitz ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.10)
more and more oficials in britain let them selves express antisemitic views, They try to show it as moralistic acts. and mabe they are right - damned the Jews,,,
6. So by this standard I could burn down the Judges house
The Dude   (07.02.10)
See the British are committing massive war crimes in Afghanistan and formerly in Iraq. This judge is part of the legal system that has allowed entirety of the war criminal army of the UK and the former criminal gov't of Blair-Brown to escape justice as he did not actively prosecute them. Hence if I attack him, it will 'encourage' other judges to act correctly and immediately persecute criminal British soldiers on their arrival back to Britain. Which includes every single man and woman dressed in uniform for the past 10 years. But on a more serious note, I have to say that the damage these guys did is probably equal to the amount of weapons the UK exported to Israel. The fact is that most weapons systems Israel still has from the UK is well old, and simply around because of bureaucracy...
7. 1944 berlin was hellish: Allies should've stopped bombing?
dante ,   uk   (07.02.10)
bathurst-norman shows that any fool can put on a black robe and a wig and he remains a fool. this disgusting toad would have opposed Allied strategic bombing of germany. or, perhaps, he applies a different rule when his pink posterior is on the line.
8. The Jury
Juan ,   SPAIN EURABIA   (07.02.10)
The jury in this case will have been hand picked by the defence to be as anti Israel as possible. This is possible in the UK where the defence can object any juror without giving a reason. They just allow the left wing and yetis on to the jury and the job's done. Disgusting.
9. This isn't anti-semitism or anti-Israel
vernonmarriott ,   Tel Aviv   (07.02.10)
The principle of stopping weapons being used for "war crimes" or illegal acts has come to be established in the last 15 years in the UK. This is the first time it has affected a company supplying Israel, but this sort of defence has been successfully used against attack jets that were bound for Indonesia and even Strategic Nuclear Submarines belonging to the Royal Navy. The judges comments are not anti-semitic - the extract of a second hand report from the Guardian indicates that he asked jurors to consider the situation in Gaza (the rest of the judges comments are not quoted), and this by no means is anti-semitic (there were no references to Jews). Finally, when it comes to jurors, the defence can object to three out of the 12 - of course unlike Israel where there are no jury trials at all.
10. Message: people can take the law into their own hands..
R ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.02.10)
Britain is already on it's way down the toilet bowl - economically, politcally, islamically and evnironmentally. They will get everything they desire. Jews better get out now while they can or line up to their sharia loving courts to convert or be beheaded.
11. What if British Army suppliers were vandalised?
Jonny ,   SA   (07.02.10)
I wonder what the British Judiciary would do if firms that supplied the British Army were vandalised in the same way for providing arms to be used in the |"Illegal|" war in Iraq. Maybe the MOD headquarters being treated the same. And we could see Sunni Mosques, Shiite following Mosques vandalised for the similar reasons.
12. prosecute ambassador intruder in UK's internal affairs
observer   (07.02.10)
have not you had enough from that spoiled Israel?
13. British justice
Unjust British   (07.02.10)
The British have no moral and their justice is in their...........
14. British are morally retarded
Edgar ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.02.10)
British are morally retarded
15. UK Justice. The surprise would be if
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.02.10)
the Judge had ruled in Israels favour. NOTHING will ever change British anti semitism . It is inherent within the English culture.
16. The word 'anti-semitism' has become meaningless
Nim   (07.02.10)
The word 'anti-semitism' has become meaningless, like the word 'terrorist'. Shame on those who have leeched the meaning from thse words by flinging them at everybody and anybody who does or says something they don't like.
17. The legal precedence was
the destruction of Hawk Jets bound for Indonesia and the argument was that those Jets would have been used against the people of East Timor. to commit war crimes. I believe what Proser is whinging about is the linkage of the Goldstone Report, war crimes and the concept of preventing war crimes by ensuring weapons, weapons platforms from reaching areas of conflict. The precedent of this ruling is that the British legal system recognise war crimes were committed in Gaza, which obviously makes it difficult for israelis involved in Cast Lead from visiting.
18. Dear "observer" - maybe we've had enough of the Palestinians
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (07.02.10)
Observer # 12 seems to think that Israel is "spoiled" and that we Israeli's are intruding on the world. In which case, of course, the world is sick and tired of the Palestinians and we've definitely had more than enough from the spoiled Palestinians and their bratty supporters like "observer". The whining Palestinians have taken in tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid in the past few decades, yet have almost nothing to show for it. They especially don't have ledger books to show where the money went (including British taxpayers' money). The whining Palestinians have convinced the world that they are exempt from international laws, and can commit terrorism with impunity. The Palestinian leaders and their whining spoiled supporters seem to think that the Palestinians have the right to commit war crimes with impunity - not a single pro-Palestinian activist has called for war crimes trials for any Palestinian leaders. This is despite the factual proof and overwhelming evidence that the Palestinians have had an official policy for decades to specifically attack and kill civilians - totally against international law. And, of course, the world is now becoming a haven for the Islamofascist movement, which will eventually take over the UK anyway and probably end up enslaving non-Muslims (or cut the spoiled heads off their infidel bodies). Have we had enough of the Palestinians? By Observer's standards we're long into extra time.
19. how do you like thoes potatoes-here's reality
jack ,   is   (07.02.10)
the salit march israelis no longer willing to accept every lie from a government constructed from them
20. DRESDEN was hell on earth
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (07.02.10)
The fire bombing of Dresden during WWII was a war crime committed by the UK on the people of Germany - it was sheer hell on earth - in which hundreds of thousands of civilians were burnt alive!!! The Queen is a war criminal - lock her up!!!!
21. no 17
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.02.10)
Dumb Palestinian logic once again as Argentina can use the same logic to the disputed Falklands/Malvinas islands ,British warplanes/troops on Argentine territory ?
22. no 1
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.02.10)
So these five yobs believed that this firm was going to supply arms etc. to Israel that,s why they caused the damage ,yet British Sharia law justice went with their bull- it,s happening at frightening pace in old Blighty ,the Islamisation thereof ?
23. no 18
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.02.10)
Brilliant editorial Brian but don,t fret over stupid Palestine as Israel is now a bonafide member of the OECD a respected western civilised organisation and more and more non-Muslim Christian countries are lining up to strengthen ties with the Jewish state of Israel ,Bulgaria the most recent with Greek Cyprus ,Australia,Georgia some of the other countries already trading with her ,whilst Islamist Turkey follows the path of Islamofascism and Shiite madness and no entry to the EU ?
24. no 19
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.02.10)
What are you actually saying Jack as it sounds like gibberish ?
25. #19 Cohen of Judean Peoples Front
observer   (07.02.10)
no comment!, but that's the funniest comedy ever heard of. does your rival, People's Front of Judea, have the same attitude?
26. Shameful...
Jacob ,   UK   (07.02.10)
I wonder how the judge would have reacted if that military equipment was destined for British troops in Afghanistan. This man calls himself a judge? But then again this is the British justice system so I'm not too surprised...
27. #21 Hebrew prophet
It is not dumb Palestinian logic, it is universal jurisdiction, which states that if you know that a crime may be commited you have the right to try to prevent that crime being commited, evidently a concept as a hebrew prophet you find difficult to comprehend. These individuals were put up before the court on charges of vandalism and trespass, and in their defence they used allegations of war crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead principally sourced from the Goldstone Report. This was accepted as a legitimated defence for their actions. Nothing to do with Islamification of Britain, but upholding international law. This has more to do with those involved in Operation Cast Lead been unable to visit the UK to do their shopping, as it is no recognised within the Judicial system that war crimes were commited in Gaza during Cast Lead. You can blame Olmert for not co-operating with Goldstone.
solemnman ,   israel   (07.02.10)
What ever Israel does or doesn't do- Britain will continue to denigrate ,and distance itself from ,Israel.. A forty year old campaign of defamation waged by the radicalized left media ,unions and universities has brought about the restoration of England's traditional antipathy to the Jews and made it much easier for the government to promote its own interest at the expense of Israel.
29. Brits
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.02.10)
Did you know that the Russian spies caught in the USA, used forged British passports. Where was the demonic British media, spilling out their poisonous insides over this 'arrogant' Russian crime. Simple, it wasn't in Israel, it wasn't Jews and there was no addictive euphoria to unleash. British crimes against the Jewish people will never be forgotten.
30. selection
marc ,   Kfar Mazraa   (07.02.10)
Ok, so the question is : who wants to make us believe that everybody hates us? Who has this supreme interest in making us for ever paranoid freaks?
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