Lieberman no-show at US Embassy's 4th of July party
Itamar Eichner
Published: 04.07.10, 09:53
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1. the division of labour is unclear
Jhan   (07.04.10)
Barak keeps spouting off it's clear he is the person actually in charge (usurpedly)
2. Liberman is socially unaceptablein diplomatic circles
Avi ,   Israel   (07.04.10)
Liberman is socially unaceptable in political circles, he is a joke and has made Israel a laughing stock . Do they really need some former child beating thug at their celebrations, surely he should be helping the police with their current investigations in to his criminal activities.
3. Insolence on the part of US Admin's disrespect for democracy
Che   (07.04.10)
4. Diplomatic Protocol
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.04.10)
The american ambassador probably has his own bouncer on the premises and doesn't need Liebermann
5. f.m ?
dan ,   jerusalem,il   (07.04.10)
Pathetic !
6. It Doesn't Matter ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.04.10)
There are many clowns, in "Israel" :)
7. Netanyahu should take his example.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.04.10)
He just doesn't have the backbone. Anyway, he'd have to ask Ehud Barak for permission, Barak is Obama's inside man & wouldn't give Netanyahu permission.
8. Hating Lieberman is hobby
Israeli grandma   (07.04.10)
For many talkbackers and its getting very boring (especially from non-Israelis) The most talented individual would not find much sympathy for Israeli policies whichever party is in power both here and in USA/EU. The thing I find admirable about our present FM is that he is not kowtowing to our critics, and believe that he really does care about the fate of Israel.
9. Anyone with anysense would avoid both Obama AND Lieberman !
Karen ,   Rehovot area   (07.04.10)
10. Well Good for Him
Integrity ,   London   (07.04.10)
All this partying at Tax Payers expense complete waste of time. He shows integrity, US has Ambassadors in all the Nations who oppose Israel, in fact they cannot decide whose team they are in. He can spend his time praying for Netanyahu and Rahm Emanuel in pharoa's palace. Reminds me of a joke. Waiter waiter do you have frogs legs? No sir it is just the way the trousers are cut.( sorry)
11. good for him,bravo mr. lieberman
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (07.04.10)
the US under Hussein Obama has become Israel's enemy number one, Israel should completely ignore this jew hating abomination,because hopefully he wont be around for too much longer,because hopefully the american people will vomit him out by the next election
12. Lieberman shuns visit
Baruch Bargolioth ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.04.10)
What has Obama yet done that has not undermined Israel`s security? You want us noch to thank him and be courteous?
13. In defense of Lieberman
ezer   (07.04.10)
I predict the US will soon regret the way it is treating Lieberman. He may very well be the next PM of Israel, given that he is the only guy in town who is courageous enough to express what is on the mind of most Israelis in a clear way. Strange that no one in the media is discussing Israel Beiteinu's recent peace proposals, which make perfect sense and are the only way to lasting peace. My prediction is that in the next election, will get the most votes and the credit will go to Lieberman.
14. If it were the other way around....
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.10)
If the US were to boycott Israeli Independence Day, everyone would be screaming anti-Semitism.
15. Liberman
JL ,   israel   (07.04.10)
is one of the only men in our government ...the rest are mostly appeasers...bootlickers and shylocks...thats why i voted for Mr. Liberman and i stand by my vote
16. Send Obama a Cracker Jack Box
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (07.04.10)
Let's all help Obama find his next Nobel Prize by sending him thousands of Cracker Jack boxes. Statistically speaking one of them should have one if we send enough. Now distracted Obama will not have to sell out Israel to find his prize.
17. @13 Liberman as PM?
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (07.04.10)
Are you kidding buddy? This guy is a leper and has caused Israel some serious long-term damage. He has single handedly wrecked relations with some Western European governments and would want more than anything to make Turkey a military enemy of Israel. A FM usually tries to preserve foreign relations of a state and not sever them completely. I think, I pray, that if your prediction came true then tanks will roll through Jerusalem and the IDF would prevent such a disaster from occuring. I'd rather a military dictatorship than Liberman; at least the IDF is competent and not corrupt. In any case Israel Police will be arresting your hero sooner than you think so it'll never happen :) Yay!
18. US Afraid to Talk to Lieberman?
Dallas ,   Canada   (07.04.10)
That's because Lieberman tells the truth and to the US administration, nothing is scarier.
19. nothing to gain from meeting with Obama chronies
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (07.04.10)
they'll mostly be out in Nov. and the rest will follow, Obama will be impeached or asked to resign
20. The position requires TACT!!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.04.10)
While I can personally sympathize with Lieberman's action in this case (which I can't usually), sill it is not the proper behaviour for a FM. It is further proof that he is not the proper person to fulfil this position.
21. Anti-Americanism
Alan ,   Europe   (07.04.10)
Anti-Americanism When Obama was elected and all the Obama haters in the israeli media wrote ugly hateful talkbacks and things about Americas new president (back then) I assumed its only a few racists and as time goes by, these guys will disapear/stagnate, so to speak. But 1 and a half years later, I get the sense that these guys are persistent and growing in numbers, not just in ynet but jpost and other israeli english_speaking media organs too. Maybe I am just wrong but is it possible that in fact what we all witness in the past months is some sort of growing anti-americanism sentiments something that just wants to finally come out? I'm serious, maybe its just me but I always thought that very few israelis take Europeans seriously, but I get the sense this is also the case in regard to United States citizens. TO Lieberman : If this guy thinks he is allowed to boycot the 4th July celebrations, well than I discover a certain similarity to Ahmadinejad. They both dont have much interest in joining us/me/you celebrating one of the most important clelebrations in the free world. If Lieberman cant and wont join the 4th of july well then Mr. Lieberman you better not participate/win the next Israeli elections and please dont become the next PM of Israel because I get the sense, that would be a bad thing for Israel, not celebrating the 4th of July with me/you/us. Lieberman next PM of Israel? Israel electing a PM that does not celebrate the 4th of July. This is remarcable!
22. no 15
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.04.10)
As long as one tells it like it is (Avigdor Liebermann) and stick s to his principles then i see no problems whatsoever unlike the leftist/looney liars in the Labour circus ?
23. no 17
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.04.10)
What are you talking about Smith as Israel is now a bonafide member of the OECD ,a prestigious world organisation and who needs Islamist Turkey when so many Christian( non-M uslim) countries are lining up to strengthen ties with Israel ,Greek Cyprus ,Bulgaria ,Georgia etc. ,the lefist/looneys are hypocrites ?
24. no 18
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.04.10)
It,s the truth that matters Dallas ,nothing else ,when Libermann tells the truth then the leftist/looney faction goes into a frenzy of denials and hyporcisy ,Obama style,so yes i agree with your comment?
25. no 20
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.04.10)
Sometimes more than just naive tact is called for ,chaver ,Liebermann,s truths counteract the lies and hypocrisy of the self hating letftist/looneys wherever they might be coming from ?
26. no 21
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.04.10)
In a democracy the people (majority)put into power the person they reckon will do the best possible job as head of state ,if Liebermann is the next Israeli head of state it,s because the majority have spoken through the ballot box ,simple logic Alan ?
27. So what?
Steve ,   Horsham, PA   (07.04.10)
Stay at home you rich mo-fo! Palestine should have their own Independence Day
28. How much longer?....
Ashley ,   London, UK   (07.04.10)
How much longer is the Prime Minister going to tolerate a foreign minister that is incapable of meeting or communicating with foreign governments? Having Avigdor Lieberman and his racist party as part of the coalition is bad enough, but to have him in the role of FM is complete madness. How long can Bibi (be allowed to) go on with this???
29. Leiberman man boycotting USA
Harold ,   USA   (07.04.10)
The United States Embassy does not need a bouncer for their 4th of July celebration party.
30. He is meaningless and even if they meet with him
Dave ,   il   (07.04.10)
like the Russian foregin minister, whatever Liberman says goes in one ear out the other a basically and shoin. He is basically sitting there because his party composed mainly of russian immigrants had issues he promised to deliver for them. He delivered on none and thus in the next elections he'll probably be as relevent as meretz.
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