Lieberman no-show at US Embassy's 4th of July party
Itamar Eichner
Published: 04.07.10, 09:53
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31. Tov!
Lenin ,   Moskau   (07.04.10)
Only Liberman has the guts to tell these imperialists what they deserve I'll vote for Liberman next time. Us go home
32. Leiberman man boycotting USA
Harold ,   USA   (07.04.10)
The United States Embassy does not need a bouncer for their 4th of July celebration party.
33. Simple Logic
Alan ,   Europe   (07.04.10)
yes, of course absolutely. We have a saying : "People deserve the government they elect". Go ahead, elect Lieberman for a PM. Soon you will be celebrating independence day -quote :"with Kenya and Kazakhstan" end of quote-. Be my guest. Feel free to elect Lieberman for PM.
34. Obama dises him/Israel ad mauseum- good for the FM
jae ,   lynn usa   (07.04.10)
35. July 4 US Party. Good for Lieberman !
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.04.10)
No chance of Our PM Obama's "poodle " doing the same unfortunately. I guarrantee if it is up to Netanyahu he will extend the Settlement building freeze also and give awy a lot more with it.
36. Too bad he can't make it to the annual...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.04.10)
hot dog eating contest held just down the street from my place every 4th of July. I'll bet he could give Joey Chestnut a run for his money.
37. He doesn't say or act the way they want
Lieberman should be next PM.
38. #21-Lieberman's boycott of the party is
Allan   (07.04.10)
not a signal of anti-Americanism it's a message of anti-Obamanism. When an ally's FM is dissed the way Lieberman was by Obama's admin his only recourse is to show backbone and not attend the party. At last count, Israel was a sovereign state with an independent government. Although it share identical democratic values with the US and considers the US it's only true friend in the world it can not be expected the swallow humiliation by anyone especially by it's best friend. I voted for Obama and wish I could take my vote back. I will not make that same mistake twice. I can only hope that the next presidential candidate exhibits the same backbone and commitment to country that Lieberman does in Israel.
39. This shows how diplomatic he is !!!
ace ,   san fran, ca, usa   (07.04.10)
If this is how your foreign minister behaves towards the country whose hand keeps feeding you, I wonder how friendly you realy are towards us... Having Liberman as a foreign minister is like havinging a thief as the head of police!!! Or even better yet having a fox to protect the hens!! That dushbag has no diplomatic sense what soever..He is worthy of a head of state for Pretoria(back in the day)..... To the Israeli people: Stop singing about democracy when you are one of the last racist regimes on earth...These couple of years showed how hatefull and racist you really are- especially when you turned on US; The USA... History have taught us all that racism does not prevail, hatered stems hatered, and war stem war.. You have waged a diplomatic war against one the LAST country at your side. Keep this up, and I will write to remind you that you WILL suffer... Yeah vote for Lieberman as a PM and you will be digging your own graves... SHAME ON YOU for biting the hand that feeds you..
40. The Fourth is not for...
Persian CAT ,   USA   (07.04.10)
bouncers, gangsters and racist pigs. Lieberman qualifies for all categories.
41. Independence day
Marilyn ,   USA   (07.05.10)
I don't know who this man is, however maybe he feels uncomfortable in going to parties in general. I don't think that he would be concentrating so much on Obama, that he would forget about our Independence day, otherwise.
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