Gaza gets chocolate but no cement as embargo eases
Published: 10.07.10, 13:56
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1. In most of the world construction is done with wood, why not
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.10.10)
expect the Arabs of Gaza to do the same: Israel offered to allow wood into the street, lumber that can be used to construct housing but not bunkers. Don't you wonder, why does Hamas, Iran's front troops on Israel's border, refuses? Is Hamas's interest the people of Gaza and their well being or rather the continued military conflict with the nation-state of the Jewish people, with the United Nations member state of Israel...??!!
2. Gaza gets chocolate but no cement
milky way ,   candyland   (07.10.10)
I am almost in tears the poor people of gaza please Israel let in straw so they can build mud huts
3. I can predicts the next pali whining
ghostq   (07.11.10)
"israel gives us cavities " they will complain on everything. now Israel gives them reason.
4. Headline misleads (no surprise)
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.11.10)
As the text confirms, cement and building material *are* available, but only for those projects under international supervision. Otherwise, Hamas will just take what it wants. Some people forget that Gaza is in a state of WAR with Israel. And never in history has a state or territory actively engaged in war on its neighbor been so generously sustained as is Gaza. Israel right now is allowing all items except those proscribed under the Wassenauer standard (subscribed to by at least 40 countries).
5. i love how
Nate ,   USA   (07.12.10)
the majority of Israelis think this blockade is OK. Some of the excuses I read are gold. Whatever makes you guys feel better! Everything will be OK! NOT. Crimes never go unpunished, it's only a matter of time before justice prevails.
6. #5. i love how
A ,   Belgium   (07.12.10)
Thats right, Nate from the USA. The blockade is ok as you say. BTW, do you have any objection to the wall="blockade" between your country and YOUR neighbor in order to prevent smuggling(drugs and illegals instead of weapons, in this case)?Thats ok too, isn't it, hypocrite?
7. #6 Are you able to read?
Nate ,   USA   (07.12.10)
First off, I never said the blockade was "ok." Secondly, you are comparing apples and oranges. The situation here is completley different and you obviously don't have a clear understanding on whats occuring. We haven't enforced a complete blockade, restricting the goods coming in and out. We are merley protecting our borders.
8. #7
Thor ,   Asgard   (07.13.10)
So if rockets were fired from Mexico, and USA restricted goods flowing into mexico that could be used towards making those arms, it would still be protecting its borders, no? Oh wait, that what Israel does. Stop trying to put Israel to a different set of standards. You bend the rules with regards to Israel and then cry like a baby when Israel bends the rules with regards to nukes and so forth. DUH, if you cheat we cheat.
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