Israeli judge: Learn from Nazis
Modi Kreitman
Published: 05.07.10, 16:44
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1. What a great idea!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.10)
Oh we have learnt a great deal from the Germans, first and foremost we learnt how to survive in the face of state genocide. We learnt and we will NEVER forget. As for retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto’s suggestion that we should use the courts to win our war with the Arabs -- well I fully agree. Every tactic we can employ to make Israel stronger should be in our arsenal. As an international lawyer of some note I can see the merits in dragging our opponents through the courts even if we have no proof or evidence. The mere threat of a lawsuit will make most people back down and secondly we can sap their financial resources by long and protracted court trials. I suggest that we get the US set up a special fund which Israel can use to launch a whole myriad of cases against Iran, Turkey, Syria, etc. Hussein Obama is wasting taxpayers’ money on all kinds of daft projects so why not take some of this money and put it to good use? We should also learn how to use other Nazi tactics against our enemies, for example if our enemies are weaker than we are then we should ensure that they always stay that way. We should never under use our military superiority when faced with a threat, we should show no mercy as we were shown no mercy.
2. It takes one to learn from one?
David ,   Haifa   (07.05.10)
This will just make it (even) easier for some of our enemies to 'prove' that comparisons and parallels between Israel and Nazi-Germany are justified.
3. What Nazis got to do with "Protocols"?
leo ,   usa   (07.05.10)
And 'Protocols" has success because the World was willing, ready and able to accept it without question. Nazi tactic my ...
4. right on. aggressively in anti-israel, anti-semites faces i
ralph   (07.05.10)
in every way, every court, every venue!
5. #2 you know nothing. agressive offense is he best offense
ralph   (07.05.10)
6. To: David at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.10)
Thank you for your comment but you are dead wrong -- there is NO comparisons or parallels between Israel and Nazi-Germany. Unlike Nazi-Germany Israel does not tyrannize and vilify a different ethnic group of people. Israel does not condemn people to camps or ghettoes by forcing them from their homes. Israel does not pass laws that discriminate and disenfranchise lower minority groups and most importantly Israelis do not have a sense of false superiority that the Nazis wallowed in.
7. To: Leo at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.10)
To answer your question, the Protocols of the Elder of Zion was a book fabricated by the Germans with the help and backing of the Catholic Church in the early 1930s it was used to denigrate the Jews of Europe and incite mass anti-Semitism.
8. #7 - Not quite right....
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (07.05.10)
The Nazis did not make the book up. It came from some Russian fanatic pseudo-spiritual guy during the Czarist era. The Nazis merely republished it, and for that they were sued and lost. Ben Itt's book: "The Lie that Wouldn't Die" traces its history.
9. Let me guess ,...
split ,   USA   (07.05.10)
It was a forced retirement - Isn't she working for Ahmadinejad now ??? ,...
10. This advice is sick to the bones !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.05.10)
To advise Israel, to adopt Nazi propaganda tactics, is the biggest propaganda gift possible to all the enemies of Israel... I think, I have a bad dream...
11. how would Moses handle it.... ?
Galut ,   Selah   (07.05.10)
Me thinks he would check in with G-d first .... manipulating truth can be hazarduois !
12. to Sarah
David ,   Haifa   (07.05.10)
Please notice that I wrote 'prove', not prove. I will be the last one to make or to justify such comparisons. In fact, I think that such analogies and parallels contribute and belong to denial and trivialization of the Holocaust. No matter whether they are made by Israel-haters or by our own religious/nationalist extremists.
13. I'm sure it made sense in her head
tFighterPilot   (07.05.10)
But it would be better for everyone if it just stayed there.
14. The "correct" flag
petr vojta ,   czech epublic   (07.05.10)
Israel does not need to learn from the Nazi tactics, using the correct "flag" will do the job...and speed up the change for better world...peter czech
15. Retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto
fixamericanfuture ,   winterhaven ,usa   (07.06.10)
Israel has most certainly learned about all there is to know about fascism/sadism/ Psychopathology & narcissism.
16. #6 Sarcasm?
Frank ,   Dublin   (07.05.10)
17. Yes Sarah, the whole world is your enemy.
stk33 ,   USA   (07.06.10)
Bravo Sarah, you couldn't put it better. If there's anybody who after reading the original article would still have a doubt that Israel and Zionists are positioning themselves as enemies of the whole civilization, and so fully deserve the universal hate and retaliation towards them, your comment safely puts such doubts to the rest. Go ahead with your merciless aattacks on your "enemies", who are the whole world - the more you attack, the more you expose yourself.
18. Sarah @ 7, actually "protocols" were created whe decades
leo ,   usa   (07.06.10)
earlier. Here is Wiki excerpt: "The Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion (Russian: "Протоколы сионских мудрецов" or "Сионские протоколы") is one of many titles given to an antisemitic text purporting to describe a plan to achieve global domination by the Jewish people. Following its first public publication in 1903 in the Russian Empire, a series of articles printed in The Times in 1921 revealed that much of the material was directly plagiarized from earlier works of political satire unrelated to Jews." Nazis did not create this. Russian Tsarist Okhranka did.
19. To: sarah #6
Surfer Dave ,   Perth Australia   (07.06.10)
Ha Ha Ha! LOL, LMAO, that is so funny, very clever parody. Yeah, Israel would never force a million families from their homes and into ghettos and then apply violence to the concentrate refugees! Ha, the would never happen!! Also, Israel is a humane and compasionate society which would never prevent the flow of humanitarian goods. It would never board ships in international waters with hit lists in hand and bump off dissenters with kill shots to the head, no never. LOL Sarah internation lawyer!!!
20. The Big Lie
PaulB ,   Cairns Australia   (07.06.10)
The Nazis called it "The Big Lie". I was under the impression that Israel was already doing this, and had been since 1948. She's not either very observant, or she's better at it than most.
21. Anti-Semantic
zee ,   U.S.   (07.06.10)
Peace is anti-semantic
22. Surfer Dave: don't stick your head too
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.06.10)
long under water... Surfing is easy, keep on surfing... (Politics is for grown-ups, you know...)
23. #6 - Sarcasm?
Joseph ,   Houston, USA   (07.06.10)
Almost every single thing you have listed Israel not doing is in fact exactly what Israel does do. Just today it has been reported that over 1/5th of Israeli settlements have been built on privately owned Palestinian land. Thousands of Palestinians have been displaced from their homes, homes that were in their families for generations. Palestinians are denied building permits for homes, and when those permits don't come they are forced to build anyways, and then Israel demolishes the homes for being "illegal" even though it is Israel's fault the Palestinians were forced to build "illegally." And Israelis don't have a false sense of superiority? I am pretty certain that thinking you are God's chosen people and that because of this you can take the land that God supposedly promised you from others is a false sense of superiority. This doesn't even cover the fact that Israel treats the Palestinians like second-class citizens.
24. Wonderful idea!
Justin ,   Toronto   (07.06.10)
May I also encourage you to consider gas chambers and ovens for your enemies?
25. Sarah - let's skip to the takehome
henry balfour ,   sydney australia   (07.06.10)
You really call yourself a "international lawyer of some note" and then totally discredit both yourself, and the cause you support. This is laughable if it were not so tragically typical of Americans. Sarah, you have a huge knowledge and credibility gap showing, and I strongly doubt you are a qualified lawyer of any stripe - post your web credentials and prove me wrong, I dare you. And this retired Judge whom you support so avidly also demonstatres just how morally bankrupt the Zionist movement is. I have grown to understand that Zionism is, in reality, the diametric opposite of Judaism and is Judaism's very worst enemy in the world. Sarah is just another weak-minded camp follower. God, I'm tired of these mindless apologists for psycho-patriotic Israelis.
26. To: Sarah at No.6
BobbyD   (07.06.10)
Yes, Sarah. Israel does ALL those things.
27. To BobbyD
david bowie ,   london england   (07.06.10)
You are right, Israel does all those things, she makes points against herself. The biggest funder to the nazis was the west. The west creates almost if not all wars.
28. Dear 6, you have perfected the art of sarcasm.
David ,   United Kingdom   (07.06.10)
29. Sarah is an agent provocateur
Jake ,   Sydney   (07.07.10)
" Sarah " on this talkback is an antisemite who is trying to give us all a bad name.
30. learning from the nazis
delia ,   canada   (07.07.10)
Why stop now?
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