Gaza goods list: Cement in, gliders out
Roni Sofer
Published: 05.07.10, 18:03
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1. they dont need cement but knives are no big deal
zionist forever   (07.05.10)
Why do they think cement is so urgent building homes from that is a 20th century concept in those villages they want to return to most homes were not built from concrete it was stone. They have also been building homes since Cast Lead out of clay bricks. A house made from clay bricks will last years. There is of course also the traditional method of building them from stone. The good bit is you cant use clay bricks or stone to line tunnels. Some of the most stable structures in Israel were built by the Romans & they had no concrete or steel. I do think that banning knives is a little over the top because there are plenty of objects they can make stabbing weapons from and there are no Israelis in Gaza anymore to be stabbed and if they want to kill their own who cares.
2. hahaha: they are importing more than Israel itself...
What a joke! And leftists are saying we are "nazis", we are "a race to eliminatre", we are "inhumane", we are doing "an Auschwitz bis"... My g.d, what a crazy world we live in today!! I would love some would be like fresh air!
3. Super!
hb ,   new orleans, us   (07.05.10)
They'll be able to build better bunkers this time! Why not give them also reinforced bunker buster resisting material for "housing purposes"? Brick houses are enough
4. Shortage in Gaza.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.05.10)
Israel has permitted importation, in the past few months alone, of nearly 3,000 tons of clothing and shoes; more than 1,000 tons of medicine and medical equipment; 155 tons of food, and 17 million liters of diesel fuel. In recent years Gaza and the West Bank have become the world's largest per capita destination for international aid. What is required now is a means to get humanitarian supplies to Gaza that does not conflict with Israel's legitimate security needs. What is the real shortage in Gaza ? Just consult :
5. Concrete? IDIOTS!
Kobi ,   Los Angeles/Jerusale   (07.05.10)
Well, I would love to go home but if my government is being stupid to give concrete (a dual use item) to the enemy to fortify bunkers and tunnels...why bother they are digging their own grave.
6. to #1
Kobi ,   Los Angeles/Jerusale   (07.05.10)
The Romans did have either concrete/cement..the recipe for which was lost during the dark ages. but you are right on al other points...way to go.
7.  Answer to Rationality (@2):
8. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.06.10)
There is only 1 Israeli in Gaza.... Gilad Shalit.
9. #4 - WOW! 10 grams of food per day?
lara ,   Australia   (07.06.10)
155 Ton divided by 1.5million people is 10 grams of food for 1 day... 1 bite of a banana weighs more than that. Maybe the shortage is not in aid, maybe there is a shortage of people who understand their own arguments.
10. #8
Zak ,   USA   (07.06.10)
Actually, Palestinian Arabs receive more humanitarian aid per capita than anyone other population in the world. In fact, according to UNRWA figures, as published in THE ECONOMIST, there is a 40% obesity rate in Gaza. - That's a lot of bananas.
11. #10- they probably get the most air strikes per capita too
lara ,   Australia   (07.07.10)
While most other places in the world are permitted to import goods, Gaza is forced to rely on aid.
12. #10
Dicle ,   Rahmat   (07.07.10)
Also.. If you are locked in a room, and can even take all of your needs; would it be fair? Gaza is the biggest open-prison in the world, and despite of your claims Gaza can not be receive fundemental needs (goods, building materials and medicine). And moreover, around every single year people there are bombed by Israeli war planes!
13. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.08.10)
Ask yourself why there are air strikes in Gaza. For 9 years the Palestinians have been striking southern Israel with their home made quasams (rockets) You expect Israel not to retaliate? I'd like to see another country stand for this. You really need to return to your homeland to help your brothers & sisters.The comfortable good life in Australia is making your brain fuzzy.
14. @ TB # 1
Who I am ,   Moonville   (07.08.10)
They don't need cement for homes. They need cement to build hospitals, schools, a functional peer, etc....
15. @ 11 and 12 - the israeli government has no choice.
Harry ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.09.10)
here in australia, it's easy to be a leftist and say "hey, stop blockading those poor palestinians". you really are forgetting the reasons for the blockade (or perhaps you are unaware of them?)! Israeli civilians have received ridiculously large amounts of rocket attacks from Gaza especially since the end of the occupation in 2005. If your house was being bombed by indonensia or the like then what would you expect parliament to do?
16. Food
Josh Ralin ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.09.10)
Gaza is not a desolate island. They have other sources of food. They farm land just like any other 'country.' Proof of this is that according to your calculations, they would all be dead by now! Additional proof can be found in the Would Statistics of Food and Production.
17. Israeli decision makers are utterly useless/brainless
Faruq   (07.09.10)
18. let me get this right...
Golan ,   modiin   (07.09.10)
the Arabs voted for Hamas but they should not suffer because of their political support for a terror organization who actively (alone with the PLO and Islamic Jihad) fire rockets into Israel. Doesn't an army march on its stomach? Doesn't a government stay in power because of a plurality of public support? Just because the Arabs never take responsibility for their actions does not mean we should help them. What are we Noam Schalits?
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