Iran presents 'Islamic haircut catalogue'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 05.07.10, 18:56
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1. Sharia Haircut !
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.05.10)
This regime of the ayatollah gang has a serious mental issues !
2. This is Iranian sanctions against the west
zionist forever   (07.05.10)
If the west wants to place sanctions on Iran then Iran will use sanctions of its own and forbid western clothing or haircuts make sure everybody has a sharia haircut. I wonder if the jews who are mad enough to stay in Iran must have a sharia haircut?
3. What?!!
Arrow   (07.05.10)
No turbans?! I am disappointed :P
4. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad non compliant
Jeff ,   Brussels   (07.05.10)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's haircut certainly is 'non compliant'. Send him to an Islamic barber first before sending him to jail.
5. Moohmood of London
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.05.10)
how is your hair cut? I hope you are following the rules. Otherwise you know the consequences. You may go to hell. i had to shave my head in pre school in Iran. Thank God! I think that saved me a few days less in hell.
6. So i guess a Mohican is out of the question
Avi ,   Israel   (07.06.10)
7. haircut
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.06.10)
2 choices Sharia haircut, or Sharia throat cut.
8. Knowing the Iranians, they're going to...
Persian CAT   (07.06.10)
do the exact opposite. I'm wondering what kind of "hairdos" we're going to see in Tehran from now on?
9. Thanks but no thanks.
Ben ,   London, UK   (07.06.10)
10. Islam has brought the magnificent Persia to this
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (07.06.10)
islam is social decay. In Iran's case national decay.
11. Bad hair day? will be from now
kate b ,   uk   (07.07.10)
12. Hair cuts!!!
U.S.   (06.24.13)
Barber: " How would you like your hair cut today? I have a catalog if you would like. Patron: " No need, I have the Sharia Bowlcut thank you" What's next sharia mustache styles?!?
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