Soldiers' dance in Hebron may mean trouble
Ehud Kenan
Published: 06.07.10, 10:33
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1. Flashmob in Hebron
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.06.10)
Its wonderful to see that the Israeli soldiers still have a sense of humor after what they have to deal with every day. With all what is being said against Israel since the flotilla and the "blockade" I think it would be disgusting if these boys get a disciplinary action on the contrary they should get a medal for all the brave acts they do.
2. hesder boys and high school kids
hesderikud   (07.06.10)
have been doing this type of dance at weddings, for years already. Please stay safe precious chayalim shelanu
3. Oh whatever
ZL ,   Jerusalem   (07.06.10)
This is absurd. There are so many other videos of other military units around the world from other countries doing either the same thing or so much worse. Of course, though, once Israel does it then the world must voice their opinion. There are examples of American soldiers at check points asking Iraqis in the voice of the late Harry Carry, "If the moon was made of spare ribs, would you eat it?" The confused and obviously scared Iraqi sits there as the soldier continues with the diatribe. All of these are still online. It's just utter nonsense that what is literally 20 seconds of absolutely nothing is turned into an international incident because it is Israel. There are videos of NATO and UN troops doing similar things to the same exact song. This is a clear cut example of the absurdity that exists in this world and the double standard that Israel is held to.
4. if the occupation is so "brutal", why do gazans long for it?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.06.10)
the occupation is the best thing that has happened for the palestinians: just look at how they digress without it in gaza, the oppressive totalitarian barbaric entity it has become.
5. Probebly some random 13 year old british kid.
omri ,   Israel   (07.06.10)
A pure creation of media such as BBC.
6. Dancing soldiers
Joseph ,   New Zealand   (07.06.10)
This video made the headline in the today's evening news in New Zealand . I think it is okay to have fun, they harmed nobody. It made me laugh.
7. I just love them
Christian ,   Sweden   (07.06.10)
8. Are these real soldiers or just dolls?!! ask seriously!
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.06.10)
any way, this will be a very entertaining video for Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, Thanks and kadima :))
9. Y is it that when children play parents get their panties...
in a bunch! In other words people on all sides are over reacting! The soldiers did something silly probably a bit stupid and definitely quite a bit insensitive but the reaction of the army is over done! and the reaction of the left is over done! The kids were just playing so there is no reason for so many bunched panties!
10. Any comments from the settlers they are protecting?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.10)
11. I love the way they danced
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (07.06.10)
After all, there's nothing wrong when the soldiers are having fun in their own country.
12. #10
settler ,   Kiryat Arba   (07.06.10)
we love it
13. Great vidoe,lets have more of these videos
Jason Beale ,   UK   (07.06.10)
They should be allowed to unwind,I applaud them
14. hahahaha these guys rule.
ghostq   (07.06.10)
it's better than the USA troopers Marienes who made live Mario(nintendo) immitation. hahahaha
15. to #8 y? you want to date one?
ghostq   (07.06.10)
you see salma unlike paliwood political paries in Israel(and around the world) don't have their own army, only in the paliwood every political "stream" got it's own swordsmen.
16. Proud of our soldiers.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.06.10)
Great video, I loved it, our soldiers are the best. Only those that hate us, all those grim Leftist madmen & their even more depressing Islamic friends, no sense of humour, only hate.
17. Put the original back
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (07.06.10)
Why let a negative propaganda version represent a harmless break in routine. I am familiar with much more damaging and dangerous activities to relieve the boredom of army life. Also don't worry about their backs the camera man and his helper(s) were watching.
18. brilliant :-)
Sam ,   ME   (07.06.10)
dancing is better than killing.
19. Al-Khalil...1929 Massacre...
Ali ,   villanova -PA- USA   (07.06.10)
This shows Israel will never go for or is interested in PEACE.. An educational Video may be the 1929 massacre in Al-khalil, so as NOT to be REPEATED... This kind of stuff ONLY adds to the anger of the anger of the Palestinians, and these Soldiers look like they are ROOTING for a Bloodbath...
20. Soldiers' dance- Disciplinary action ?
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.06.10)
Get a life It was GREAT ! We need more !
21. dancing in hebron
give those kids a chance to live and dance without fear..withdraw from the occupied territories and let them be bringers of happiness rather than death
22. #15 ghostq, this dance is only for graceful guys!
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.06.10)
so please don't try this dance at home,i'm afraid you'll fall to the ground :))
23. Brilliant :D
Sam ,   Netanya, Israel   (07.06.10)
24. This is what the Israeli Aggressive Forces are best at!
Ali ,   South Lebanon   (07.06.10)
Dance and run like a rat when the battle starts
25. to #22 :P I don't dance at home
ghontq   (07.06.10)
I only dance in publice. I do other stuff in public. I think ynet will ban my TB if I will go into details.
26. You've Devoured Islam's Lies: There Is No Occupation!
Robert Blum ,   New York, USA   (07.06.10)
The Muslims reinvented themselves in 1964 as "Palestinians', but the fact is they were Jordanians! The Romans invented the word "Palestinians" to try to destroy the name and memory of Israel and its Jewish roots in the holy land. Even Gaza is Jewish. Sharon wrongly uprooted 10,000 Jewish people from Jewish land, Gaza, and gave it to Islam, the terrorists Hamas, in a vain "Land For Peace" initiative, despite Islam's desire and charter to annhilate Israel and to murder all Jewish people everywhere. In return, Israel had its civilians bombed almost daily, by rockets and suicide bombers. It is a thorn in the world's antisemitic hearts that G-d gave Israel eternally to the Jewish people; His Chosen People, the Jewish People who were chosen to receive His laws and Eternally His especially loved children. The hate-filled and jealous hearts of those who resent this truth will be cursed for cursing the Jews! You should read and visit ! Learn the truth!
27.  19. Al-Khalil...1929 Massacre...
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (07.06.10)
In the 1929 El Khalil (Hebron) massacre, Arab rioters killed 67 Jews and wounded 60, ... Let's not forget the past, but let's find solutions for the future
28. we love our boys
joe ,   great neck   (07.06.10)
hashem bless Zahal
29. Must have made Hashem laugh quite a bit !!!
avi   (07.06.10)
30. nice one! too funny
jason ,   israel   (07.06.10)
but behind it is a sad story - the successful occupation up until now by arabs of hebron - one of the holy jewish cities of israel.
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