Soldiers' dance in Hebron may mean trouble
Ehud Kenan
Published: 06.07.10, 10:33
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31. I just love them
Ilana   (07.06.10)
They are so sweet and yes sensitive, nor war and blood loving like their enemies. God Bless them!
32. Anyone can dance...
Carlo ,   Philippines   (07.06.10)
Play that funky music!!!
33. Let Children playing
sam ,   colorado   (07.06.10)
WE showed that it a weak army and lax Petty only depends on the advanced American weapons
34. #4...Please don't think of returning to the USA...
Edithann ,   USA   (07.06.10)
We don't need your kind....and you're doing great work for Israel... TATA
35. let them dance! great way to let off steam....
racheli ,   ashkelon   (07.06.10)
harmless fun; leave them alone and stay safe.
36. Soldiers dance in Hebron
Gloria ,   Sullivan, OH   (07.06.10)
I love this video! Everybody takes life SO serious instead of just enjoying it...these men know the true meaning of loving life.
37. gotta have a sense of humour to ease the tension :)
tess ,   bat yam israel   (07.06.10)
loved it
38. Kol hakavod!
Ashley ,   London UK   (07.06.10)
So good to see the human face behind the uniform and weapons. Perhaps if more soldiers danced, the enemy would join them too and we could then get rid of the useless politicians!!!
39. 34 - don't like inconvenient truths, eh?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.06.10)
40. Dancing Soldiers
NYC Girl   (07.06.10)
One of the best videos of this type shows an obviously very young soldier at a checkpoint dancing for a group of Palestinian kids. Cutest damned thing ever, and that soldier definitely had the moves.
41. Dancing Soldiers
Mike ,   USA   (07.06.10)
Absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a while. No matter where in the world, we Jews have some dance moves!
42. Oh,
Mike ,   usa   (07.06.10)
Hopefully it gave the Muslims a break from that cr@#, they were listening to before it.
43. Why do the Arab & leftist enemies of Israel hate this?
Jake ,   USA   (07.06.10)
Because it shows the true face of the IDF. Young men protecting their people, and their land. God bless 'em.
44. Gaza is not a "totalitarian barbaric entity"...
Allegra   (07.06.10)
... except in the eyes of some hard right-wingers who are blinded by propaganda.
Eliane ,   Brazil   (07.06.10)
I love these boys and girls, the IDF soldiers! Everybod thar use to play against Israel it is because have their own agenda or does not know Israel. ISRAEL, YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT !!! This video is the face of Israel. We are ready to defend our country, but all we want is peace, love and have some fun. The people of Israel are not only military, they are men and women that want to live, to dream, to make things happen. Take a look in all we have created during these 62 years, despite the wars, intifadas and daily terror. Dispat all of this terrible thinsgs we go foward. Kol Hakavod!!!
46. Like Mel Brooks said :
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.06.10)
It's good to be the King.
47. check out the danicin' American soldiers in Iraq here:
48. 44 . you say hamas isn't totalitarian or barbaric?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.06.10)
maybe you're one of those that assigns different meanings to words because the genocidal terrorists that took over gaza with a wave of murder and fascism fit the bill perfectly.
49. Too bad some Arabs didn't come out and join them.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.06.10)
The instant 'peace dance' would have done more for Arab Israeli relations than the last 10 years of wasted talks and 'goodwill gestures.' (But then the PA would have outlawed dancing with Israelis, boycotted music played on Israeli radios, and arrested the decent people who want peace and wanted to dance.) The PA is the problem. not the people. If the PA taught dance lessons as well as they teach hatred and demonization of Israel, there would have been peace 10 years ago. When the teacher is rabid, one can't expect the students to not be infected. More dancing, less hating.
50. dance moves
Lynne Rabinoff ,   New York, USA   (07.06.10)
People need to relax - they are kids having a minute of fun - let them be they aren't out there throwing rocks or committing crimes - they took a minute out of a difficult time and place and had a bit of fun - They had great moves -
51. Soldiers' dance in Hebron
RC ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Hahaha. In the soldiers defense I would say it is psychological warfare training. The Palestinians probably think all Israelis have gone nuts. You would think twice about attacking crazy people. King David must be smiling in his grave. May YHWh bless and keep Israel forever.
52. At 43 - As a 'leftie and a Muslim' I enjoyed it ...
Laila ,   London   (07.07.10)
Just soldiers blowing off steam. Surely it is better than them shooting someone? People need to get a sense of humour.
53. just a dance!!! why disciplinary action??
yose ,   sderot israel   (07.07.10)
why the hell sud they face a disciplinary action for such a thing?? these were soldiers just chilling out and having fun by themselves. what's so bad in having fun?? We love you all...we love Nachal.
54. dancing
mg ,   nj, usa   (07.07.10)
remember, please, that when the islamist fundamental regime (the tabliban) came to power in afganistan both dancing and music were forbidden. so, clearly, these are unislamic activities as the taliban represents islamic values.
55. Dancing Soldiers
David Lucas ,   Oakland FL, USA   (07.07.10)
These guys were having a little fun in a bad situation. We did the same thing in Viet Nam. You can't stop young men from doing something out of the ordinary, they were just having a little fun.
56. same regiment, funnier video:
moti ,   hebron   (07.07.10)
i thought this one was funnier:
57. Hebron is Palestine NOT Israel. show some respect.
Dave ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.10)
So many people posts refer to them being in Israel, when infact they are in Palestine, show some respect tot he people your supressing, if people want to argue its Israel, go back and look at maps, before 1946 it was all Palestine, the League of nations and the British mandate divided it into two states, a Palestinian and a Jewish, its just Israel and its people are too insular and intent on getting a land that is not rightfully there's to recognise this FACT!
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