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Coffee with Eichmann
Dor Glick
Published: 06.07.10, 21:14
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1. Yavneh
observer   (07.06.10)
According to a book by Dr. Meron Benvenisti: "What is unusual about the case of Mash'had Nabi Hussein is that the demolition is documented, and direct responsibility was taken by none other than the GOC Southern Command at the time, an officer named Moshe Dayan. The documentation shows that the holy site was blown up deliberately, as part of a broader operation that included at least two additional mosques, one in Yavneh and the other in Ashdod."
2. What a boring childish article written by a child
Norman   (07.06.10)
3. Thanks for explaining that, observer
sh   (07.06.10)
Now if newspapers told recent history systematically, instead of leaving it to talkbackers, we'd all understand much better what went wrong and what we need to do to repair it.
4. dor on the wrong track: stop searching...
eporue ,   europe   (07.06.10)
it was average joe, who worked in the concentration camp, and eichmann and the others were nothing than average joes either... its quite horrible to learn, that almost EVERYONE can be turned into a monster: and then, they dont even realize, that they have been. the holocaust proved it. its all about the "right" motivation: propaganda and "education". its possible, to make murder and mass-murder a "right" thing to do. and it doesnt take much. its often in the talkbacks, or papers, or your "leaders" use it, and also you, dor, seem to look for it: the german jew hater. did the germans really "hate" jews ? if so, why then this orchestrated long-run propaganda of defamation ? or was it all about this "gorgeous" nazi vision of an aryan world. to sort them ALL out: all those not complying with the nazis, all those not blonde and not blue eyed, those (even aryan) who had birth/genetical defects, gave birth to handicapped children etc etc... not much of germany and rest-world would have survived - independent on religion... you must know that, dor glick, especially when you saw this "identity cards" in bad arolsen... so, move on, dor, they aint there, and they have never been...
5. I appreciated this bit of personal and
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.06.10)
intimate history about a second generation offspring from a famous Nazi persecutor. Thank you.
6. have to agree with #2
ajax ,   Israel   (07.06.10)
The author meets with a son of Eichmann, and all he finds to say is that "quite a few Germans live in Tel Aviv" and "make sure you call next time you're in town, i'll give ya the tour". Next time, you might want to ask him what he would reply to the 2 letters that Gunther Anders sent to his brother Klaus and that were left unanswered. THAT would be more insightful than to know what sidedish he likes with his falafel.
7. erasing memories won't build him a self
avi   (07.06.10)
he doesn't have to apologize for his father neither to jews but not acknoledging where he comes from and is like building on the sand a castle of cards.
8. i would like to ask all the talkbackers
jj   (07.07.10)
which one of us chose the family we were born into? i dont remember being given the choice. dont focus on the person that comes from the same biological process that is to answer for all of us, enemies and friends alike. focus on the hateful atmosphere that gave rise to people like eichmann rather than the man described in this article.
9. Excellent Article
Simi ,   NY, USA   (07.07.10)
Dor, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. I myself am very skeptical about Germans today in general, whether or not they feel thr guilt of the generation before them and if they even cae at all about the actions of their fathers. These are some questions that I am certain will not and could not be answered. I disagree with those readers who criticized the article as there is no way to get a clear cut bottom line from such a touchy topic. I appreciated this article, and I do hope Eichmann gets to visit Israel sooner than later.
10. #7 I don't see him denying or refusing to acknowledge
Zvi   (07.07.10)
He simply refuses to be obsessed.
11. Dont forget, an apple does not fall far from the tree
Frank ,   USA   (07.07.10)
12. #11 - Yes and a penny saved is a penny earned
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.07.10)
13. Leave the poor man alone
Josh S ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Riccardo Eichmann wasn't even born yet when his father was committing his crimes. He barely even knew the man. He has done nothing wrong and does not owe us anything. He has a right to live his life in peace.
14. IS Dor Glick Ricard Eichmann's PR man?
Talula ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Of course we cannot be held responsible for the sins of our fathers - but I still have trouble in Dor's attempt to elevate this man into some kind of modern day Indianna Jew Loving Jones. It makes me feel nauseous.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (07.07.10)
Talula ,are you feeling alright ?? Your talkbacks are usually full of hate and you talk nonsense nine out of ten times .But ,here you are right on the money and I totally agree with you ,this Eichmann chap is no Jew-loving Indiana Jones .
16. Ignorance's still the root of all evils
Ariel Silverman ,   Karmi'el   (07.07.10)
It is pathetic to hear that "a German friend who told her that more than six million soviets had died in World War II, so though it was clear that what had happened was horrible, it was not clear why exactly such a big deal was being made of the Jewish Holocaust." When people ignore the difference between Allied soldiers killed in that war and selected massacres of civilians, Jews in this case, it is a serious matter con reflect on. Many people still believe (and make believe) that we Jews were an enemy in that war... First,, we were not (and we are not) an enemy of anyone, and the Germans (Nazis or else) new that we were a defendless "enemy". Only ignorants and their fanatic proxies believe and make believe such a thing, including also what has become the greatest insult to common sense and basic intelligence: that "the Germans themselves were victims of the Nazis". If the world in general, and Germans in particular, still believe that we are the enemy and that, ultimately, they are the the "victims" of such baseless belief, then THIS TIME again we have to prove them wrong BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. We will not be defenseless victims anymore. NOT EVER AGAIN!
17. #15 - at least I can string together a serious sentence
Talula ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Unlike you, for instance. I thought you were my talkback friend : ( - this means war!
18. He is certainly better looking than his father.
Rivkah   (07.07.10)
One cannot choose one's parents, but one can choose to be like them or to be something else. Studies on the brain patterns of criminals like Adolf Eichmann are repeated in the children, so there is a greater likelihood of criminality. But that does not have to be the pattern of life the son chooses to have. Look at German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to East German Stassi police records, she is the biological daughter of preserved frozen sperm of Adolf Hitler insemenated into Gretl Braun, the youngest sister of Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's wife who married him in the bunker as the Russians were attacking Berlin. A physician who pioneered preserving semen for artificial insemination inseminated Gretl Braun according to research reported by Pastor David J. Meyer of Wisconsin who has since been murdered by being infected with a fungal infection that was not treated adequately at a hospital. His daughter Victoria told me her father died of fungal brain inflammation in seven days from onset. If he had been given Minocin 100mg twice daily for two months and if his tissue oxygen level had been elevated to 14 parts per million also (something rarely done in hospitals but is available in Cellfood over the counter), he would have recovered. There are aerial sprayings of Mycoplasm fungus in many places to reduce the population, but I believe Pastor David J. Meyer was murdered by medical malfeasance after being deliberately infected. Perhaps it was put into his food to poison him by someone who was paid by Angela Merkel's entourage. Or perhaps Angela Merkel, like Ricardo Eichmann, isn't like her father at all because she chooses not to be. But it is unlikely she would have gotten the support of the political machinery to become Chancellor of Germany without her genetic code, considering the more typical mindset of keeping women in their place of kitchen, kinder and kirk. The potential is there for Ricardo Eichmann to be evil. I am glad he overcame the genetic odds of the sins of the father being visited on the children.
19. Rivkah...
arcenciel ,   jerusalem   (07.07.10)
"But it is unlikely she would have gotten the support of the political machinery to become Chancellor of Germany without her genetic code, considering the more typical mindset of keeping women in their place of kitchen, kinder and kirk. The potential is there for Ricardo Eichmann to be evil. I am glad he overcame the genetic odds of the sins of the father being visited on the children." Rivkah, you have lost the plot. Aren't you ashamed to spread such utter bullshit on the web? Angela Merkel is not Hitler's daughter, she was not supported because of her genetic code and Germany is far from keeping women in their place of kitchen, kinder and kirk. Take a look at mea Shearim instead, if you will. This is a universe of free will, choice and consequence. And through choice, not genetic codes, every person has the potential to be either Hitler or Ghandi. It's choice. The potential for Ricardo Eichmann to be "evil" is no greater than for anyone else. There is no separation between people except for the ones our minds make and apparently the differentiation the Jews make today. The immigration laws of your country (Israel) are based on the Nuremberg laws. Rassicism hafuch. The world will never see peace if we keep believing that there is any difference between one human being to another. There isn't. And Ynet please - this is a moderately interesting article, poorly written, poorly translated by a Hebrew native speaker. Invest more efforts into your journalism, this site is becoming a disgrace to the journalistic trade.
20. no man is held guilty for his father's sins
Eddie ,   london UK   (07.07.10)
That is actually written in the Torah. From a psychological point of view, this man must be carrying megatonnes of guilt. I hope one day he will merit to visit Israel and and get involved in some archaeology.
21. The article raises interesting points
thinker   (07.07.10)
Professor Eichman is clearly an extremely balanced individual, and demonstrates that even with such a background, one can move one. Conversely, the Israeli obsession with Eichman and his capture and trial are the direct result of Israeli govt propaganda to justify their existence. What have they achieved on that front since then? Jewish communities elsewhere exhibit no such interest in this subject. I cannot agree more with those talkbackers who say 'leave him alone'. He is not responsible for what happened and has his own demons to deal with. Pity the Israelis can't take a leaf from his book.
22. correction
arcenciel ,   jerusalem   (07.07.10)
I should correct the typo 'rassicism' - it was meant to be racism of course.
23. @ #16
eporue ,   europe   (07.07.10)
#16 regarding " "a German friend who told her that more than six million soviets had died in World War II..." dor glick should have noted, that this argument comes (came up first) from east germans. so far, i heard it only from them, never before - though its being repeated in the meantime by some german racists in public too. and for the "germans were victims"... im not sure, how it is meant, but i would agree. eichmann was a victim. he loaded horrible guilt onto his soul. maybe, had he been born in another "context" (country, time, family...) he could have avoided this, and lived a "normal" life. i feel sorry for the murdered people. but also for eichmann. he (his soul) met the worst "fate", a human can leave planet earth with. he did terrible things to others. but what he did to himself with this, is much much worse. whatever one does do to someone else, they also do to themselves. whether good or bad. every deed sticks on our soul forever. dont get fooled by "repentance" and such things. nothing "goes away". never it does...
24. Boring Article written by a problem maker
Harold ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Stupid and childish article just to make money and waste readers time.
25. What an inheritance.
noa ,   israel   (07.07.10)
I feel pity. His father died and is spared the aftermath. His offspring are left to carry on with the guilt and the burden.
26. Coffee with Eichmann
suzana michel ,   Boston USA   (07.11.10)
Seems to me that so many of these comments attack the author for his choice of subject. And yet, he's a writer stationed in Germany, writing articles about Germany in this post Holocaust era, with intelligence and honesty. To accuse him of being "a PR person for Riccardo Eichmann", or "being immature and act like a little boy," shows the imaturity of these comments. After all, the man (not a boy) is a professional reporter.
27. not banality
zichron   (04.03.11)
The real truth to me is sadism not banality . if sadism is sick its also evil and people enjoy evil .im sure dresden delighted some tho i find the killing of women and children repulsive . War Lords and Eichmans deserve the inglorious Bastards treatment as does Pol Potism and the pogromists but its nature and in nature who does win. Luckily in this age the usa the lesser of all the evils is ahead.
28. Eichman's passport
Helena ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.03.11)
take a closer look at the passport - this document was provided to the Nazi monster by the International Red Cross. Not that it is any news: it is common knowledge that the Red Cross saved many Nazis, but why was the Red Cross never forced to answer uncomfortable questions about the organization's unglorious past? Not that the present is particularly glorious...
29. Eichmann's Son
Daniel Shears ,   Hallandale Beach USA   (04.03.11)
And what exactly did Dor Glick write? I mean was that an interview or a man using telepathy? I am very disappointed in this.
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