Ladies' summit: Sara meets Michelle
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 06.07.10, 23:32
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1. Which side the bread is buttered on...
Mea   (07.07.10)
It is a laugh that Obama has been forced to shut his mouth and seal his lips from uttering another anti-Israel spew. His treatment of Israel cost his chances for re-election. Never trust such a person. OBAMA OUT IN 2012!
2. Sabra and Gorilla
3. #1 Speak for yourself
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (07.07.10)
#1 Speak for yourself. I will be voting Obama in 2012.
4. 1 Mea: People can change. It is my hope that President
Rivkah   (07.07.10)
Obama can learn while in office, something psychologists say is too difficult for a person as damaged by life psychologically as Barak Obama. But, is anything too hard for the Lord Yahweh? No. With God all things are possible. He can become the righteous leader the country needs and that Yahweh wants him to be. That is my hope and prayer. If he backs off on insisting Jerusalem be divided and recognizes instead that the Palestinians already have Jordan, Lebanon, and Gaza and don't need a fourth State, then even Armageddon can be delayed or avoided. Remember that President Abraham Lincoln knew all about the Bible when he was elected US President, but he was not a real believer in Yeshua/Yahweh until he fell to his knees, having nowhere else to go and the Lord Yahweh honored his decision to have a National Day of Prayer (Thanksgiving Day) and turned the tide of the US Civil War in favor of Mr. Lincoln's Union. Let us hope a similar conversion occurs for Mr. Obama for the sake of the nation because II Kings chapters 23 and 24 indicate God will not forgive the shedding of innocent blood. The Hebrew word for fetus, infant and child is the same word. So the 50 million + abortions will bring the US and other countries that do the same into judgment. But a righteous ruler like King Josiah can delay the judgment if not prevent it from coming. Pray for peace in Jerusalem and pray for the leaders because they need all the strength and wisdom they can get from prayer support. Take General David Petraeus. He looks so frail that I pray for him daily for God to strengthn him because the burden may be too heavy without the strength of people praying for him that comes from the Lord answering prayers.
5. Why are these prominent women wearing dresses that show
their tweenies or their arses when they cross their legs? Why don't they dress to please the Lord?
6. You don't fool us Hussein
7. #3
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (07.07.10)
lots of people that voted for the obummer man will not be voted for him in 2012. you should open yours eyes and don't vote blind!
8. Did Michelle also know that Sara abused her maid?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.07.10)
Or is it a family secret :)
9. #3 why?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.10)
Why will you vote for Obama? The rising American deficit and increasing unemployment? His handling the oil spill? His support for Ahmadinjad's election? His abandoning freedom-loving countries for Putin? The fact that Guantanomo Bay is still open? And while you answer, can you explain what you are doing in Afghanistan and why it is important to murder so many civilians there?
10. #8 Maid for attention
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Doubt Michelle Obama would be impressed with the frivolous lawsuit or Jerry Springer approach the maid pursued over a labor dispute. Salma is likely more concerned about the red carpet being rolled out for the Netanyahus and the warm reception by Michelle toward Sara. I don't recall ever seeing the wives of Palestinian leaders during their visits to the US. But who could forget the lovely Suha Arafat.
11. #10 wives
They don't have wives, they have little boys they abuse
12. The maid abuser should have been barred from WH
13. I'd hit it.
Bill Clinton ,   Chattauqua, NY USA   (07.07.10)
14. no 10
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.07.10)
Yea the intrepid Suha Arafat who lives with her daughter on stolen American/E uropean taxpayers whilst the Palestinian riffraff are still festering in refugee camps 62 years after the mandated Palestinian state of Jordan ?
15. General comment to everyone, specially #1 and #5!!!
Hanna ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.10)
I cannot believe that you would even think of making such a comment, and I am highly offended that ynetnews would allow it to be posted! As a Jew you should be ashamed of yourself- after being persecuted for thousands of years by racists you should be the last one to speak like that! Shame on you! To number 5- I think that Michelle Obama actually has a lot of style and class, I don't know if i would say the same thing about Sarah, however, a woman can wear whatever she wants- separation of Church and State darling! Actually, the fact that a woman is such a public figure should not stop her from being feminine, elegant, and sexy- fashion is a big part of that! I actually doubt that "the Lord" is happy with Charedi women torturing themselves in the middle of the summer by dressing up as if it was a Russian winter. I don't know if any of you understand how politics and PR work- but I am certain that Michelle Obama would dare mention the law suit against Sarah Netanyahu... how so very ridiculous of all of you!
16. Hanna at 15...Dressing like sluts is not feminine in my
opinion. Since there is no power or authority except of God and the powers that be are ordained of Yahweh, the wives of those in authority should not dress like teeny-bopper sluts. Women revealing what only their husbands should see at swimming pools and beaches is also revolting to any one with an ounce of modesty in their psyche. Wives of men in authority should not be trying to attract the sexual attentions of other men. Their flaunting of their assets should be in private at home. Harah! for Haredi women who are more modest than is required of them. May they be rewarded by Yahweh for their sacrifices and may their husbands be blessed for not insisting the wives dress like sluts.
17. No. 13 Bill...Hit what? The fannies on parade?
18. # 16-prude.
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Both women in this article are dressed modestly & NOT like sluts. If it hurts your eyes to look at them, then dont look.If it turns you on, then bravo, you really need to look?? You are pathetic.
19. # 15
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Hanna, I agree with you 100% great post.
20. # 8
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Salma, have you ever made a mistake in your life ? or are you miss good ie two shoes ? No one is perfect you know.
21. 18 Birdi...Both women are NOT dressed modestly in the hem
hem length of their garments. Remember when Princess Diana wore dresses below her knees and was so beautiful and holy. Then her style changed to the sluttish stuff these women are wearing, calling them dresses when sex appeal is what they are projecting. Godly women should dress modestly to please the Lord. If that does not appeal to you, then that is your problem. I am not accountable to the Lord Yahweh for your behavior or apparel or anyone else's but my own. You want me to call wrong right and right wrong. Sorry. Slutty clothing does not become a Princess or a President's wife or a Prime Minister's wife. That means I am decent while you want women to upset the Lord in their apparel. I never saw either of my grandmothers in a swimming suit or sluttish apparel because they wanted to set a good example for their children and grandchildren to follow that was modest and godly. You must not be a godly person to think sluttish looking women turn me on. Maybe for you, but I am not a lesbian. Sluttish apparel is what it is and saying so does not mean it turns me on. What turns me on is the peace of the Lord and His joy and His words...something slutty women know nothing about because they are too carnal to perceive such goodness.
22. to #16 #19 and #21
Hanna ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.10)
#19... thank you! To #16 and #21- Are you part of the Sanhedrin? Then why are you judging others? Have you ever looked at everything that's wrong with the Charedi community? Have you bothered looking down at all those Rabbis and their wives that have abused their children as well as members of their families and communities? How about all the pedophiles found in there? Is it acceptable for a man to abuse his wife, children, fellow Jews, or human beings and hide behind a Shtraimel and a Kappota? Did not think so! I don't believe in a "Lord" that will judge people based on what they wear or what they eat, or if they keep Shabat or not- the basis of Judaism is "love your fellow as you love yourself"- I don't think you'd like for other people to judge you, I think everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, and even more than that, when we judge others, we judge ourselves. Acceptance is the key to life, and if there is one thing I have seen in the ultra-orthodox Jews, is the fact that everyone talks about everyone and judges everyone- that is also a BIG sin. I also think that using religion as a justification for racism against Sephardic Jews is revolting. When Charedim come and beat up cops and non-observant Jews, or cause riots, they put the name of God to shame- Chilul Hashem, which according to Judaism is when a Jew puts the name of God to shame in front of another Jew. You should go back to reading the Old Testament and compare it to all the crap that the "Authorities" say you should keep- you will see NO RELATION WHATSOEVER to the basis of Judaism!!! Go EDUCATE yourself instead of making statements based on what you THINK!
23. 22 Hanna, Tel Aviv...If you loved the Lord you would want to
or try to obey His commandments. The Torah and Tanakh are what are important, not the manmade rules. But you seem to object to and reject the written Torah and Tanakh which are for the protection of God's creation. Females dressing modestly is a protection from rape and seduction as well as a protection of males who might be tempted by immodest attire. Job in the Bible would not even look upon a maid so that he could avoid temptation. Consider this: if immodest attire causes even one of God's little ones to stumble it would be better for that person (who caused one of God's little ones to stumble) to have a millstone tied around his/her neck and be cast into the sea. Does that sound like people who cause others to stumble morally by their words or actions or attire will be with the Lord eternally? No. Such people go to hell. It is better to dress modestly and be unpopular than to cause another person to sin. Life is a serious business if you want to be with the Lord Yahweh after this life is over.
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