Rise in IDF suicides
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 07.07.10, 09:17
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1. late teens early twenties' distress is very high in Israel
observer   (07.07.10)
2. No link to service? Mandatory conscription, the likely cause
lara ,   Australia   (07.07.10)
The Israeli government should be held accountable for the suicide rate. Either insufficient psychological testing is conducted prior to conscription, or enlisting those who do not want to serve would be most likely to commit suicide. Some people may be cut out for killing, while others are not. The shame and guilt experienced by those who are not programmed to kill, would plague them and is likely to be a major contributing factor. To say that there is no link is ignorant. Suicide kills more IDF soldiers than Hamas.
3. Not surprising
Nick ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (07.07.10)
The psychlogical preparation for the Hitnatkut and the aftermath of that operation has had a soul-killing effect. The IDF has drastically changed, and this increase in suicide is a warning sign of things to come. Along with the psycholgical, emotional, and spiritual damage done by the Hitnatkut is another important element: the constant agitation from groups like Shalom Achshav, B'tselem, and their allies in the government (such as Peres, Beinish, Livni, & Barak). Across all sectors of our society, an atmosphere of failure, shame, and hopelesness has been created. This is no accident. It's the consequence of the Oslo syndrome. If government leaders are committing National suicide, how can anyone expect individuals not to follow their example?
4. They are free to their lives !
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.07.10)
but having the right to do it does not mean it is the right thing to do !
5. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Around 2,000 Australians die by suicide every year. Suicide accounted for nearly one-fifth of all deaths amongst men aged 20-34.
6. The only good news is
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (07.07.10)
There are now 19 less terrorists to shoot phosphorous shells at civilians, drop cluster bombs on civilians, shoot women carrying white flags, shoot up a boat full of activists trying to break an illegal blockade, enforce illegal property confiscations and occupation.
7. #6
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (07.07.10)
Doug, considering your comments, and seeing your lack of understanding from morality and right from wrong, your very own demise must be near. Your logic would be similar to that of a situation of a police officer in an anti gang unit against the Bloods, who may tragically commit suicide. You have no understanding of the situation nor international law, now self defense of a legal nation fighting for survival against terrorsts. But I imagine that you justified the 911 terror attack against the USA as well.
8. #6 right!
Edithann ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Seems they might have developed a conscience and a moral base, which is anathema to all of Israel! TATA
9. #5 - To Birdi, Yes I know.
lara ,   Australia   (07.07.10)
I work with high risk youth with substance abuse issues, many of them present with related mental health issues and some with suicidal tendancies. That is why I disagree with how IDF soldiers are treated for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how your government allows these cannabis trials to be conducted on soldiers without sufficient evidence related to psychological and long term effects. They should be held accountable and also acknowledge the link to their service. The families should be componsated the same as if a soldier died in battle would. It is unethical to avoid responsibility for their soldiers lives, just so they can save face.
10. The reactions to this have been disgusting, extremely evil
Faruq ,   Ireland   (07.07.10)
The lives of 19 men, probably barely out of their teens, have been lost - and they are labelled terrorists of the worst kind without a single shred of evidence by two Americans who have known no hardship - they are the ones who deserve to die. And of course there is Salma who pretends to be 'palestinian' whose comments are always despicable and ridiculous.
11. Earl teen’s distress is very high in Gaza...
OsKar ,   BA, AR   (07.07.10)
... indeed, in the whole Muslim population around the world too.
12. To Nick
Thousands of us agree with you. The press not.
13. # 10
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Bravo Faruq. You are 100 % correct. The 2 Americans here, do not have the faintest idea of what they are talking about. Their ignorance is bliss !! As for Salma, she never makes much sense.
14. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Lara about the cannabis trials, I cannot comment as I dont know enough about them. What I do know for sure is if a soldier commits suicide his family IS compensated. When the soldier commits suicide because of the army, the army is held responsible.
15. Doug and Edithann
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.07.10)
Perhaps God will judge you and show you as much compassion as you do for others.
16. Can I try a serious comment?
David Olesker ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.07.10)
Angst is a proverbial problem of teens. The ready availability of a "reliable" method of self killing is a proven enhancer of suicide (when the UK moved from coal gas to natural gas the number of suicides plummeted since the traditional method of self immolation, "sticking your head in the gas oven" was no longer available). Teenage soldiers with guns in their hands are a tinderbox waiting for a spark as far as self-harm is concerned. The two strategies suggested by the army -- increased supervision and limiting the availability of weapons -- makes perfect sense.
17. A way to reduce the stress that leads to suicides
Rivkah   (07.07.10)
is to give the young soldiers a copy of the Ten Commandments and ask them to follow them as best they can. Then give the soldiers ToxGuard, one capsule daily to pull out toxins from the body and two capsules daily of Omega-3-fatty acids since that is a non-toxic mood elevator.
18. Faruk # 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.07.10)
Yours is perhaps the best post I have read all day. Thank you.
19. #18 Three of mine agreeing and adding
us again   (07.07.10)
to Faruqs comment, have been black listed by ynet. Don't ever make the mistake of being swayed by the evil ones they delight in printing. They toss many comments from we good good people into the rubbish bin. deliberately and precisely with the aim of emphasizing (empathising?) with the evil ones
20. us again
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.07.10)
A lot of good posts never see the light of day.
21. #14, Birdi
lara ,   Australia   (07.08.10)
They're saying... "most cases of suicide in the army were not connected to military service" So they ae not taking responsibility.
22. To 18,19,20- I agree
dino2 ,   Zurich, Switzerland   (07.08.10)
Jews value people who go against the majority, and doing so with severe self-criticism. The staff here are trying to show their great moral impartiality. Therefore on BBC you would be censored for being Israeli and on Ynet you would also be cenzored, but for a different reason.
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