Poll: 2/3 of Palestinians against rocket attacks
Published: 07.07.10, 11:39
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Singer ,   SINGAPORE   (07.07.10)
2. Palestinian poll
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.07.10)
Wow 68% of West bank and Gaza residents don,t want Hamas to resume it,s rocket attacks on Israel and 66% of of these same folks want Hamas to continue the unofficial cease fire after operation cast lead ,a damning legacy if ever there was of Arab/Palestinian inability to unite as one and stop ,once and for all this petty violence against it,s own brethren and Israel itself ,so where to now for the fractured Palestine society?
3. If That's True Throw Hamas Out!
emanon ,   USA   (07.07.10)
After getting rid of Hamas, totally renounce the arab anti-Israel stance, prove the renunciation by disarming and setting up an economy based on peace, not terror. Once you have a viable economy, you can begin making reparations to the people of Gush Katif, Sederot and Israel in general. During that time, establish a viable government and *MAYBE* you will be allowed to join humanity.
4. there is huge gap between wanting and doing
ghostq   (07.07.10)
palis want something but does the opposite, so this survey means nothing, reality speek for itself.
5. #4 - I was in Jerusalem recently ..
redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (07.07.10)
and I spoke to 2 guides from the W Bank and several taxi drivers. An old man told me that he traveled into Jerusalem every day hoping to guide some tourists and many times he didn't make the cost of the travel. They said that life was hard and that the PA was totally corrupt with the exception of Erekat who comes from a very rich family. They ALL told me that the intifadas were a big mistake and much preferred how life was before them. What exactly do you want people like the above to do? Mike
6. A rational solution.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.07.10)
If the billions the world is committed to pay the “Palestinians” went not only to the “Palestinian” families to help them with relocating, but also to any Arab nation willing to take them in, to help them absorb the “Palestinians”, then there is some chance for such proposal gaining traction and for the Arab world to start letting go off their dream of a Judenrein Middle East. A new solution might be conceived of with Israel taking over Gaza and the West Bank for itself and the “Palestinians” making an exodus from the land and being absorbed by other nations. Such solution would be one that would be bought and paid for from the annual billions of dollars in welfare the world now throws at “Palestinians”, in favor of “Palestinians” and those nations prepared to absorb them as citizens. More details at :
7. #6 (pay the Palestinians to relocate):
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (07.07.10)
Look, let's sort this out once and for all. Would YOU "relocate" to, say, America or Canada or Europe or wherever if someone paid YOU $100,000? $500,000? $1million? If you would, then you have no right to call yourself a Zionist and should buzz off immediately. And if you wouldn't, ask yourself why not, and then ask yourself why a Palestinian on the other hand would or should either. Cut the cord with this "pay them to move out" of West Bank already. Face it: The Palestinians are real, there are millions of them and they're going absolutely nowhere and neither are we. In the long term we will have to share this tiny piece of land and the only question is whether we do so as one or as two states. Everything else are puerile dreams that never will or could happen.
8. Most Palestinians want peace
DT ,   T Israel   (07.07.10)
Huh ? So whay did 80 vote for Hamas ?
9. 6 - Not very rational
lara ,   Australia   (07.07.10)
Or you could take the billions in military aid from the U.S. and live there rather than spending it on weapons... What you're asking for, is the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian race. It is immoral and it is not going to happen. Everyone just needs to accept peace or continue to live in war, because it is obvious that no one is going to accept the terms imposed by the other.
10. #9 You're killing me
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (07.07.10)
Palestinian race? Is that some sort of competition?
11. Wait, I thought Hamas said they are more powerful than ever
William ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
Not so in this poll and another that was made last year. Perhaps we see the real reason behind Turkey's ill-fated flotilla. It was all about trying to help Hamas save its own ass.
12. so, 2/3 of Israelis are with rocket
observer   (07.07.10)
13. This poll shows why Hamas will not allow elections
Jason - Atlanta, GA ,   Atlanta, GA   (07.07.10)
Hamas knows they will lose control in open elections, therefore they will not permit them to occur. All the while, they will complain about how Abbas and Co are illegitimate, and do not speak for the Palestinians. If you compare and contrast the West Bank with Gaza, it is clear why the opinions are almost opposite the other. The West Bank gave up on Armed Resistance and has been trying to secure their territory. No attacks on Israel from the West Bank means no attacks of the Israelis on West Bank territory. Gaza on the other hand, until very recently at least, still embraced Armed Resistance against Israel, bringing the Israeli Military down on them and their people. Israel is forced to defend itself, and innocent Palestinians will die. Hamas continues to attack, so Israel will continue to blockade the territory.
14. #13 - all true except one thing - armed attacks still
William ,   Israel   (07.07.10)
The reason you don't think there are still armed attacks against Israel from the WB is because the IDF thwarts them well before they ever reach Israel. Thus, these stories never reach the media. If the IDF were to pull out of WB the same as Gaza, leaving the PA in charge, no doubt the same situation will appear. There are many incidents that go unnoticed of Hamas trying to bring rockets into the WB and armed criminals and terrorist gangs affiliated with Fatah of working to attack Israelis.
15. #6: Nice Thought But You'er Missing The Point
emanon ,   USA   (07.07.10)
They hate us.
16. Another fake poll.
sk ,   USA   (07.08.10)
17. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.08.10)
You're forgetting one thing. We have kicked your sorry asses to the curb in six wars, and your sixty-plus years of terror have brought you NOTHING. You don't want to accept our terms? Fine. Leave. Voluntarily .... or otherwise. Just who in the hell do you think you are? Equal negotiating partners? Oh, hell no. You are a vanquished people. Deal with it. You will be treated the way the Allies treated Germany following World War II (which is to say, no one cares whether you "accept the terms imposed" or not). Make too much of a fuss, and we'll start deporting you to Jordan. Vanquished, Lara. Vanquished. Look it up, if you don't know the meaning of the word. Simply put -- you HAVE no right to impose terms or conditions. You get whatever crumbs the State of Israel generously decides to throw your way. Should have accepted the two-state solution in 1948. Or the two subsequent times it was offered. Guess what, honey bunny. There's not going to be a fourth offer. We're pretty tired of you and your violence. There is no room in the State of Israel for you bloodthirsty Palestinians. You'll just have to go. I care not where.
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