Polish court orders Mossad spy suspect extradited
News agencies
Published: 07.07.10, 17:03
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1. History repeating itself
JK ,   the Rova   (07.07.10)
Maybe I am crazy, but when I read this article, chills shiver down my back hearing that a polish court orders a Jew to be tried in Germany, for eliminating someone who was a threat and produced threats to the entire world.
2. they have no evidence what so ever
judge   (07.07.10)
this man, whoever he is, will be set free in germany in short time. you'll see.
3. Brodsky
Harold ,   USA   (07.07.10)
Picture shows Dubai desert dust on his blue jacket. I can say that the mossad reputation is damaged for ever. Thanks to Netanyahu.
4. Now Germany has to show it's true
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.07.10)
colours... We will watch every move of the German courts, the same courts who spare SS-killers...
5. Poles handing over Jews to Germans. Did this happen before?
avraham ,   nyc   (07.07.10)
6. Send him to Dubai for Trial or to Iran for just trial
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (07.07.10)
7. Germany wants to try man who defrauded its passport system
Sarcasm ,   good for the soul   (07.07.10)
My, how terribly anti-semitic. Next there'll be rallies in Nuremberg and smashed Jewish-owned shop windows...
8. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
Max Maier ,   Germany   (07.07.10)
He is accused of passport fraud and that is a crime everywhere. It may surprise readers here but being an Israeli does not give you the right to break the law in Germany. Israel may just admit that he is an agent and stop that silly charade of claiming that nothing has been proven. At least the Russians simply admit that someone is their agent and they don't whine about arrests being unfair.
9. #7+#8...passport fraud...........................
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.07.10)
Come on guys, don't shield your Antisemitism behind a passport fraud...this is quite ridiculous... You have already shown your true colours... By the way, sometimes a web site seems to be smelling...
10. #8 They think being G-D's chosen means being imune to trials
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.07.10)
Its in them!! all you need to do is read the talk backs and see for your self what I'm talking about. Apple of G-D's eye,G-D's chosen, and etc. are only some of the stuff they claim about themselves. Oh and yes,they also claim a lot in the field of science and innovations!. Apparently,everything from day one was created by the jews. Only a matter of time before they find some hidden script which claims the Universe was a jewish invention.
11. what about the russians
jhon ,   usa   (07.07.10)
why aren't we condemning russia for forging passports oh i guess russia can do what they want.
12. #8 and 9 and everybody
Dina   (07.07.10)
This man was turned over to Germany because that is where the "crime" was done. If this man is found guilty in court (and not in the media) then for sure he will have to do time. True they all do it , every country has its spies and use other countries passports but they don't get caught. Nothing to do with being Jewish or Israeli (I HOPE).
13. #12,Dina, you can join #7+#8
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.08.10)
14. peter, please ;-)
judge   (07.08.10)
you're just a hater, nothing more. the fact that you hang around a jewish website to bash specifically on whatever "bad news" that might put israel in a "bad position", show's you're a true anti-semite. and don't tell me we always say that, because there are quiet alot out there, and you're one of them ;-) so that's your tag from now on, you're an anti-semite and a really bad racist. seriously you should get a job... armchair critics are the worst kind of human beings. cheers!
15. #14, Peter might be an anti-semite, but you're the racist
lara ,   Australia   (07.08.10)
Not disputing but rather claiming to be "Gods chosen people" means that you believe that you are superior to the rest of us "gentiles" - That my friend, fits the definition of a racist. Also the lable of anti-semite which is thrown around to every human being who does not agree with your opinions is also racial intolerance, it is intolerance based on the belief system of someone from a differing race to your own. A Christian and a Muslim will state their country of origin as their nationality, but a Jew regardless of where they or their parents were born claim Israel or Jew is their race. You do not recognise that you are Polish, or German, or any other race. You segregate yourselves from the rest of humanity and complain of anti-semetism, and everytime you do, you prove to be anti-the-whole-world.
16. #12 Dina
Marco ,   Spain   (07.08.10)
"every country has its spies and use other countries passports but they don't get caught..." Dina are you suggesting that he got caught because he was an incompetent fool?
17. #9, #13 Chris Rettenmoser
samuel ,   amsterdam,netherland   (07.08.10)
Get over yourself mate, you argue like a fool. Shalom
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