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Coming soon: Shimon Peres - the musical
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.07.10, 13:57
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1. peres
sas ,   israel   (07.10.10)
what a waste in time, effort and money. the man is a liar, dishonest and behaves very not nice to thise that work for him. he belongs in an old age home. people that do not know him think he is the GREATEST. People close to him know the TRUTH. his peace center does nothing except pay high salaries and ask for donations. Pls. give a list of 10 things they did since they exist, I can give examples of his donations and his salaries.
2. Israeli Brezhnev ,Eternaly Alive ,Hooray!!!!
ab   (07.10.10)
How many people have died or been maimed because he wanted to kiss Arafat ?
3. Will it be a farce or satire or both???
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (07.10.10)
4. Obviously a hilarious comedy.
moshe ,   israel   (07.11.10)
With the actor in the title role dressed in a clown suit and with the appropriate facial make-up..
5. Peres is such a joke that even on Ynet ...
sk ,   USA   (07.11.10)
... he don't get no respect. I expect this musical will not be made. If it is, I expect it will continue only because it is funded by the EU (the source of Peres's money).
6. This type of megalomania died with Nikolai Ceaucescu
The Perescope ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (07.11.10)
7. No way...
Israelit ,   Israel   (07.11.10)
This is another "masterpiece" (ahem), that's on my list NOT to watch I've been hoping for years that the man will retire. And now he's even intruding on the entertainment world. Geez...
8. personally, i can't wait for the board game to come out...
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.11.10)
never have so many owed so much to so few... the south african nuclear industry the settlers movement young horses and dew-drops ...
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