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Preparing for 3rd Intifada
Ronen Bergman
Published: 08.07.10, 17:51
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1. This is the true nature of the ''peace process''
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.08.10)
While Western politicians as well as our own leaders babble incessantly about ''peace'' - this article accurately describes the Palestinian idea of the future, basically Jihad. Fatah or Hamas, it really makes little difference since they have the same goal. They must really think we're a bunch of fools - and many of us are.
2. How was it smuggled out? Who did he see?
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.08.10)
So much for maximum security. Why isn't this dirtbag held in solitary? Why does he have ANY contact with anyone? He can talk over a phone and video link. No personal contact ever again. That also means not allowing prisoners to earn degrees! Israeli jailors must be the dumbest people on the planet! THEY have lots to answer for!
3. and there will be a 4th one a fifth one and a sixth one
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (07.08.10)
and even the leftist's know this,as long as there will be one arab living in Israel,there will be intifada's. rivers of jewish and arab blood will flow,untill Israel realizes that the one and only solution was articulated by a certain rabbi 20 yrs ago,and for that he was kicked out of the knesset. yes,yes,they must go,that is the only solution
4. Well I`m screwed...
Future IDF soldier ,   Japan   (07.08.10)
Ahh well, it`s been fun guys!
5. Try To Fool Someone Else , Would You ?
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (07.08.10)
This seems an Israeli-directed & produced war movie to be starred by Palestinians . Are you trying to publicize the work of that prisoner instead of keeping it hidden ? And are you trying to portray him as a Palestinian Erwin Rommel or Georgy Zhukov or Ernesto Guevara or Mao Tze Tong or Ho Chi Minh ? Unfortunately for you & for him what the book reveals is nothing but already-known basic, elementary military tactics that even amateurs could formulate very easily. From the 1967 war up to the 1988"intifada" I have read scores of books about all Israeli-Arab wars written by IDF generals, Egyptian army generals, and western dailies like the Sunday Times & its " insight team " ! Even Egypt's late minister of war outlined the main points of weakness of Israel a short time before the outbreak of the 1973 Yom Kippur War : 1) Israel relies heavily on quick & effective military help from the US. 2) Israeli lines of communication are stretched, long, & extended. 3) Israel can not fight on two or more fronts at the same time. 4) Israel suffers from another weakness which is no less important than the first three : Israelis suffer from wanton conceit. One could tell quite easily that all the nightmare Arabs & Israelis are experiencing is planned by Israel & simply implemented by Palestinians. You have made our lives disgusting & repulsive simply because you are responsible for all the bloody chaos we are going through... !
6. 3rd intifada
kapriza ,   usa   (07.08.10)
Wow, what amazing security we're implementing these days! Top Hamas prisoner smuggles out not one but two pieces of literature! Kind of goes along with Bibi's security guys "losing" their weapons en route to Washington. What's happening here?
7. It's our own fault
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (07.08.10)
Convicted terrorists should be kept in solitary confinement, without physical access to any visitor (think: A phone receiver and shatter-proof glass), without writing implements, and guarded by incorruptible officials. We treat prisoners, even the scum of the earth, as divas and only stop short of giving them weekend outings to amusement parks. This is A result; who knows what else they get up to we don't even know about...
8. Nothing new!
Ben ,   London, UK   (07.08.10)
His business is terrorism. It is just a normal thing that after years of practice he gets some kind of knowledge. But nothing written above is incredible or innovative. Palestinians biggest mistake is to believe that Israelis are not willing to die for their country. They think that their suicidal culture is stronger than the love of life from the jewish culture. Hey genious, here is an insight for you: wanting to live at all cost puts you in a position for no mistakes and forces you to be successful and wanting to die as a martyrs will make you ... a dead man and in no way will you liberate anything. Palestinians have been a massive failure the last 60 years because their approach to anything is wrong! With the billions received from the arab world, the UN, the US, the EU and even Israel, Palestinians did not make anything of it. Give it to anybody else and they would have made their tiny piece of land a success story like Hong Kong or Dubai did. Palestinians worse enemy is themselves. With or without Israel, Palestine will never be anything else but a recipe for failure.
9. #5 Abdel Karim. Jerusalem, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.08.10)
You missed entirely the point. The details matter little, tactics are well-known, there's nothing particularly profound in this terrorist's work. The point is INTENTION. And stop blaming us for your crappy situation, your situation is what your leaders, your religious figures, your intellectuals, created.
10. Israel should follow the American
Barney ,   USA   (07.08.10)
philosophy of it's one, two, three strikes and you are OUT!!!!! only then will there be peace.
11. preparing
debbie ,   israel   (07.08.10)
"Our enemy fears death more than anything else..." You disgusting pompous idiot. That's because Judasim reveres life and the living, not like you primitive degenerates - you glorify murder, death, blood and suffering. What on earth could Judaism ever find in common with Islam? This man's statement says it all - we have absolutely no common ground.
12. New rules for the New World
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (07.08.10)
Fine. So that's how Hamas want to play it. I suggest Israel defines it's rules of engagement, and justifies these with countless repetitions of this mans thoughts. Israel, you can't play by the rules any longer because your enemy recognises no rules. Time instead to rewrite the rule book. I suggest for every IDF member kidnapped you destroy 1 house in Gaza pet day. When the BBC and Obama start to complain, you merely use it as a reminder that your soldier is being held. Time to go on the offensive. Your God is with you. Be bold
13. The only way such a "book" could have
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.08.10)
been smuggled out is either through compliance with corrupt prison guards or though sloppiness, not sufficiently checking the contents of those visitors leaving the compound. In the latter case, I imagine that Arman gave pages to fellow inmates who were less high profile who then gave the pages to visitors, probably women with whom they had physical contact, who subsequently smuggled the pages out. The prisoners have a good deal of time on their hands and can devise ways, noting the weaknesses of select guards. At any rate, these pronouncements are devastating in terms of a prison service which cannot safeguard our nation from the activities of its most dangerous felons.
14. relax. they talk big but we beat them at the game. they'll w
ralph   (07.08.10)
will the picture word game we'll beat them on the street, where it really counts. they live in la-la land which is why they are loosing. losers lead by loser leaders. a people to be pitied but not feared.
15. Prisoner releases
Sol ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.08.10)
I know it is easy for me to say sitting here safe in Toronto, and I know it is not my son being held by Hamas, but I really believe there should be no prisoner releases until there is a peace deal or complete surrender by Hamas. They should be denied their top priority at all cost - this is a war of survival and they are an implacable fascist enemy. Give them no quarter. No prisoner release has led to a reduction in terror or progress towards peace. Let Hamas prisoners rot in jail for their full sentences enjoying the same privileges as Shalit - in other words none.
16. geulah is coming but
bat chanel ,   land of israel   (07.08.10)
meanwhile, rubashkin sits in the foreign jails in shackles and confinement while the land of Israel lets murderers get away with murder. All I can say is that the way this soon-to-be-replaced-by-Moshiach-government is currently running things, that it makes me all the more thankful that man plans and G-d has the last and best laugh.
17. A well-formulated concept, Neil #12,
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.08.10)
one which should be considered. Your post is enthusiastically received given your UK address.
18. Wow, he knows Israelis about as well as we know the Arabs
Israeli   (07.08.10)
the same rediculous claims that we are sure we "know" the other side.
19. Terror book
Ari ,   NYC, USA   (07.08.10)
And the Israeli government is prepared to release 1,000 of these maniacs in return for Schalit. It's amazing that this country still exits given the fact that its leaders (with the exception of Lieberman) need to grow a pair.
20. he devotes his life to the death of others
Ilana   (07.09.10)
21. Sorry Arabs
ProphetS ,   USA   (07.09.10)
Sorry Arabs, this game has more outcomes than a chess game given more complexities than the standard chessboard. And guess what, the Jews and Israel will always win. Sit down and study history. And the promises of God to Israel.
22. Killers in Israel's Prisons
Danny Shears ,   Miami, USA   (07.09.10)
After reading this story, i am amazed that we do not have the death penalty in israel. These killers are to terrorize and kill civilliians at their leisure. Then they are put in jail with tax payers' shekels. After enjoying their prison time, they are able to band together, gather data and plan more terrorism or even released. Hmmmm can we please have the death penalty for those that kill?!!!
23. Prepare to deploy THE ROBOTS at once:^P
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.09.10)
Let's not risk or waist any more Israeli soldiers lives on these monsters.
24. The Paranoid Israelis
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (07.09.10)
As usual, the IDF interprets Arman's book as a blueprint for destroying Israel. Look again. It is a blueprint for securing Palestinian freedom, a very different goal. Hamas has long ago come to the conclusion that Israel is here to stay.
25. Does The World Need Any More Proof?!
emanon ,   USA   (07.09.10)
26. 3rd? I Did Not Know The Second Ended
emanon ,   USA   (07.09.10)
ABRAHAM ben JACOB ,   CANADA   (07.09.10)
ABDEL STATES MANY FALSE CONCLUSIONS AND INFERENCES.......... PROVEN FALSE BY PAST RECENT HISTORY. HE STATES THAT ...... STATEMENT ....." Egypt's late minister of war outlined the main points of weakness of Israel a short time before the outbreak of the 1973 Yom Kippur War : 1) Israel relies heavily on quick & effective military help from the US. ".................... BUT....... ISRAEL WON ! 2) Israeli lines of communication are stretched, long, & extended. ........ BUT........ISRAEL STILL WON ! 3) Israel can not fight on two or more fronts at the same time. ............... ISRAEL STILL WON AGAIN ! 4) Israel suffers from another weakness which is no less important than the first three : Israelis suffer from wanton conceit. .............. ISRAEL STILL WON ! THE TRUE REAL " WANTON CONCEIT " IS PURELY THE " ARAB MENTALITY " ! IT WAS CONCEIT, ARROGANCE THAT SPURRED THE ARAB COUNTRIES TO ATTACK ISRAEL IN 1948 .......... AND LOST. IN 1967, THE ARABS HATRED AND CONCEIT AGAIN CONSUMED THEM, AND THEY ATTACKED ISRAEL ARROGANTLY AND WITH BLIND CONCEIT TO DESTROY ISRAEL. FIVE ARAB ARMIES LOST TO ISRAEL BECAUSE OF THEIR INEPT WEAKNESS, DEEP HATRED, OUTSTANDING CONCEIT AND ARROGANCE.
28. #5. Why fool anybody?
daniel ,   israel   (07.09.10)
Actually, it would be quite disrespectful to claim that Hamas as an organization who vows its right to resistance quite, not to have internal literature that caters to the public who support it. It could be considered a manifesto, and it is not like there are no militant and violent Palestinians. This article should be taken with a grain of salt, but It think you are fooling yourself if you believe that such literature has only been released as fear mongering against the Israeli public. Maybe we're all duped now, but if you think of it, it really does not defy common sense. This is not some conspiracy plot but a sensible and rational action by individuals who certainly have a knack and desire to see Israel eliminated.
29. It is all common sense knowledge alone
JO   (07.09.10)
with some stupidity - he certainly does not know Israelis that well and has so many sterotypes fixed in his head, he lost any logic or reason. I would not worry about such nonsense. The things coming out of Hamas tv show a disturbing world view that is way of base and a planet all on it's own. Most of the stuff is common sense knowledge and not intimate.
30. Its excellent that he is allowed to expose his plans.
naroo ,   nyc   (07.09.10)
Let the madmen expose all their inner thoughts and plans. Some people just dont know when to hut up. The more they write the better.
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