Israel to UN: Stop Libyan aid ship
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.07.10, 23:51
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Singer ,   Singapore   (07.10.10)
2. Sink the ship with a torpedo
David   (07.10.10)
End of the story. No paint ball guns.
3. Gaza "peace" missions
alan ,   texas   (07.10.10)
Tell them its a voyage to the bottom of the sea!
4. Come on ISRAEL! Just do what you have to.
Israeli 2   (07.10.10)
5. Love for Gaza
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (07.10.10)
If you are so caring for the Gazans that you are finally willing to release them from the concentration camp you build for them with your soldiers all around their borders, then let the ships through and put your leaders where they belong, in a lunatic asylum.
6. UN to Israel - Stop your Illegal Blockade!
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (07.10.10)
7. UN is useless, no brains, no balls and hates Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.10.10)
9. Amount of aide from oil rich Libya
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.10.10)
to Palestine from CRS Report for Congress, 27 June 2006 by Jeremy Sharp & Christopher Blanchard: In the year 2004, 14 million dollars; in the year 2005, zero.
10. #1
Robyn ,   JHB RSA   (07.10.10)
#1 do they pay you to be an anti semite or does it come naturally???
11. Yet, another provocation. Will the international community
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.10.10)
put a stop to it or rather its members prefer that form of "entertainment" of seeing Israeli police forces confronting and killing when attacked a bunch of thugs from the hub of respect for human rights, Libya...??
12. Lybia ?????
aline ,   israel   (07.10.10)
...sending aid????? such a model country!!!!! The mind boggles....
13. once upon a time
grand mother   (07.10.10)
thousand of palastinians ..families parents and children were thrown in the desert on the border between libia and egypt without food without water they were palastinians were working in libia becouse they had not a state then when there were an illusional state illusional palastinian goverment ..the libian goverment threw them to go to there state . i think there were no letters to un .no care from any arab goverment or any other non arab .... it is the story of a girl after 50 years from that event
14. To 1, 5, 6
Z ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.10)
Your absolute lack of knowledge regarding the UN and the absurdity of your statement is rather striking and cuts to the problem regarding the lack of public knowledge of anything in respect to the history of the UN and Israel. Of the UN member states, 28% of them, 53 Arab nations, do not recognize Israel as a nation and vote exclusively against it. Of those 53 states, nearly all publicly execute homosexuals, women and children, have taken part in an ACTUAL genocide where they murder millions of people at a time (Sudan) and the Arab nations give them all a free pass. When it comes to Israel though, a nation that provides 10,000 tons of aid a week to the aforementioned 53's zero, they incite the council by establishing resolutions that condemn Israel for not doing enough. Basically, if oil was taken out of the equation, none of these resolutions against Israel pass and something is done about real problems like the massacres and murders in Sudan, Libya (who although they oppress women, are a dictatorship, have called for the destruction of member states, and support the Sudanese genocide) head the General Assembly, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, the treatment of your revered Palestinians in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Syria, the Turkish hostilities against the Greek North Cypriots, etc and etc. Educate yourselves before you speak. If you want to speak about the Gazans (note how I did not say Palestinians because it is ridiculous to encompass the whole Palestinian movement into one term), then why don't you speak about the blockade enforced by Egypt as well? You don't find it odd that an Arab nation, with support from its surrounding Arab nations, also enforced a blockade of the same measure as Israel? Does that not tell you something, at the very least, about the leadership inside the Strip? If not, you really need to start researching for yourselves and stop listening to people dictate your thoughts.
15. illegal siege is collective punishment
observer   (07.10.10)
Though Israel seeks to prevent weapons – particularly supplies for the construction of rockets – from entering Gaza, losses from Hamas rockets have never constituted a serious threat to Israel’s security. Consequently the value of the thing being blockaded – rocketry supplies – is fairly small when weighed against the potential cost of blockading it. This undermines the political legitimacy of Israel’s blockade and makes the enforcement of the blockade a potential liability for Israel on the world stage, particularly when the blockade is challenged. after the Gaza's blight with the Isdraeli Cast Lead, the thousands rockets story does not hold convincing for the Americans. The Israeli air and ground attacks destroyed 5,000 homes; put 200 factories out of operation, including the only flour factory in the country; systematically destroyed egg-producing chicken farms; and bombed sewage and water systems. "If that isn't collective punishment, what is?" Goldstone asked.
16. #15
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.10.10)
I live on a kibbutz that is on the border of Gaza and those rockets and I quote you "Have never constituted a serious threat to Israel’s security. Consequently the value of the thing being blockaded – rocketry supplies – is fairly small when weighed against the potential cost of blockading it." Well my security is in danger if these rocket supplies are let through as we have been under attack from these rockets before and are still under threat from rocket attacks. Why is it that people like you who do not live under the threat of "live or death" think that weapons are not dangerous to someone else's security?
17. If the Israeli Government
wants to maintain the maritime blockade of Gaza. Then the Israeli taxpayer must pay for the maintenance of that blockade. Unless of course Israel allows all ships regardless of nationality to enter Isdud so that their cargo can be checked and transported to Gaza.
18. #5
SM ,   UK   (07.10.10)
Making such a mindless comparison between gaza and a concentration camp just shows your ignorance in all it's glory. Let me explain just one of many differences between the two, gaza according to the United Nations own data has one of the worlds highest rates of obesity and no one there is starving. Read your history first before making wildly inaccurate statements and open your eyes a bit wider to what goes on in the world. It's better than publicly exposing yourself as a retarded neanderthal. You're no scholar that's for sure!
19. collective punishment
ilan ,   antwerp   (07.10.10)
SO i see you are also brainwahed by the arabe muslim controlled media So israel is suppoosed to sit still and play dead shile palestinians are alloowed to send 8000 roxkets into israel ??? what concernig the blocade this is a political BS set by the arabs while their goverment is steeling all the money given to them by the stupid European comunity look at youtube ans see that they have pleny of food in gaza aswell as million dollars houses we have enough antisemitism in the wold if it makes you happy put your comments in arab sites and stay out of this one
20. to (14) Z in Jerusalem
tiki ,   belgium   (07.10.10)
Your explanations, although accurate, will have absolutelu '000 effect, for you are dealing here with 'hatefull, anti Jewish/Israeli (notice how I don't use the word anti semitic) BLIND and DEAF people, who do know to TALK, the 'only way they can....with ignorant NONSENSE and HATEFULL mantra's. So don't bother to 'explain, it won't work!
21. Israel warch ourt
goy ,   zambia   (07.10.10)
For weaknesses in handling a world full of enemies. Your survival is threatened by these enemies. Be more cautios about easing gate ways into. Idrael. Your. Enemy prowls like. A lion. Be careful in policies and don't be naïve.
22. Hear me out on this...
drsanto ,   Nebraska, USA   (07.10.10)
Stop asking the U.N. to do anything for you; they hate you. Besides that~ anytime you petition for "government" assistance, you are covenanting into a guardian/ward relationship. If you are asking for their help, THAT MAKES THEM THE GUARDIAN AND YOU THE WARD. They will not guard you; they hate you. Also, please note that by asking the UN for anything, you add to their credibility~ which will come back to bite you because... they hate you. Call to mind the lesson of I Samuel 8~ which would you prefer to be your guardian~ them, or The Holy One of Israel? Not by power, nor by might, but by my spirit, sayeth the LORD of Hosts. Did ISRAEL win the war in '67, or did the LORD OF HOSTS go before you? ~ Well? Answer, if you dare. Remember also, II Chronicles 32:7 and take comfort. One last thing... There are a lot of people that just don't know what to believe and which side is right. You REALLY need to make a detailed (yet succint) account and solid argument about WHY a blockade MUST remain in force and publish it in every major paper and online news site in the world. Then, tell them that you are going to enforce the blockade. "Never again" means, never again. DRS
23. Sabbotage the ship now.
Josh   (07.10.10)
If greenpeace can stop whaling ships, what is our problem? Get a peace now type orginzation to ram their ships in an effort to stop provocation by Libyia. If there can eb activists to promote instigation of wars, can there not be an equal special interest to counter it?
24. Chillul Hashem!, qassam, shamashem?
observer   (07.10.10)
Qassams are very primitive missiles and their main effect on Israelis in the area is psychological torment - a kind of Chinese water torture. illegal collective punishment on the besieged 1.5m population of Gaza!.
25. #14 Z, on the 29th day of Open Rafah crossing
observer   (07.10.10)
Gaza’s geography and Egypt’s willingness to cooperate with the blockade mean that most of Israel’s work is already done for her; with Gaza hemmed in on three sides, Israel must merely patrol a tiny sliver of coastline immediately adjacent to her own. isn't it Egypt's enforcement of the blockade, but opening the crossing for continuous 29 days is not.
26. if you love gaza more than your own people
tomigv ,   lee/s summit usa   (07.11.10)
Go there fool. They will kill you or convert you. Wake up?
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