Iranian fighter turned US spy: Tehran will attack Israel
Dudi Cohen
Published: 10.07.10, 20:59
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61. #43,#56 Desperate Peter HAS TO get.......
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.11.10)
....his inane post in.
62. Sorry, my post at #59, meant for #58.
Janice   (07.11.10)
63. #60 The backbone of Nato is the US
Gerald ,   USA   (07.11.10)
The EU knows damn well that they won't stand a chance with out the US military.
64. #59 What's the difference,so far 10 years and not a shot by
Bannister ,   USA   (07.11.10)
israel. The only thing standing between you and bombing them is courage.
65. Made in USA
Fran   (07.11.10)
Make it look like if a country is about to attack, has WMD.. etc. then preemptively blast it to bits only to discover that the whole thing was a fake and exaggeration... We saw this where? Iraq... yep.. .now some news to give 'excuse' for the USA or Israel to attack Iran and for the rest to support them in this endeavor.. Guys/Gals Iran isn't that stupid nor are Iranians' that crazy, paranoia is good up to the point it becomes an excuse for psychopathic actions committed by the self-righteous countries...
66. no 3
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.11.10)
Whatever you say Palestinian Grazcek but establishment of their illegal state in the Holy Land ,holy land to whom, which religion/people as it,s 5770 in the Jewish/Hebrew calender and 1430 in the Islamic one ,try elaborate a bit more instead of the usual propaganda?
67. no 56
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.11.10)
Typical Palestinian ,our propagandist Peter in Vienna ,who,s trying to steal/sell the bridge over the Danube,but it,s not part of the Islamic Calpihate ,sorry for you?
68. no 57
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.11.10)
What,s it now Palestinian Salma ,is your longdrop also working overtime ?
69. no 64
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.11.10)
Keep that longdrop working overtime Bannister ,practice makes perfect ?
70. no 65
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (07.11.10)
You need to calm down already Fran as the Shiite Imam who disappeared down that deep dark dank well all those centuries ago ain,t coming back no matter how much the Ahmadinejad fanclub would like it ?
71. #65 Fran, with all respect......
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.11.10)
If it looks like a cat, walks like a cat, miaous like a cat and smells like a cat.. it's probably a cat. Iran's nuclear ambitions and activities are documented. Iran is playing with fire by making threats against Israel and the West... Saddam Hussein launched 42 Scuds at Israel in 1991...Israel did not respond. It's not the question of blood-lust that you portray. Just because Saddam Hussein turned out to be bluster doesn't automatically imply that Ahmadinejad and the Iranian regime are benign. Israel will respond when the the need is deemed necessary. One day you'll thank us
72. #71 We are yet to see you SAVE THE WORLD like you say!
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.11.10)
10 years so far. But its funny to read how deluded you are Mark.
73. #64 What's the difference.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (07.11.10)
Don't confuse wisdom with lack of courage. A winning goal in the 93rd minute gets the same result as one scored within the first five minutes, and makes for a much more fun and interesting game.
74. Peter...
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.11.10)
..with your mindset, anything you attribute to me, I take as a compliment. Thank you
75. #73 Oh you wish. 10 years have passed ..
Bannister ,   USA   (07.11.10)
This is no football match,trust me. You lost it the day iran decided to create more nuke sites. By the way,we( the US( won't let it happen.
76. #71
Fran   (07.11.10)
Maybe..maybe but in reality instead of using the nukes in their own vicinity and killing themselves in the fallout and destroying a sacred muslim site, it is more logical for them to have nukes as guarantee that other countries don't mingle with their internal affairs, ie like the regime change in the 80's orchestrated by the west.. besides if Israel thinks its under threat, place yourself in the shoes of the average person in Iran, where nations with large military forces (US, EU...) are threatening you on a daily basis... Israel like Iran also has made quite a bit of threats against Iran, and quite frankly couldn't trust either of them, due to the amounts of Biological, Chemical WMD's on both sides besides the possible nukes.. I suppose you don't see the flaw in strategy of Israel or the US bombing Iran, and that it will probably be much worse than Iran going nuclear... Its good to have a strategy pointing in one direction.. but there always has to be a strategy for defense so far that part is left out... well the US is too far away, but Israel isn't, you see Iran isn't Iraq and they've also seen what will happen if they don't in my view its suicidal and pretty one way for Israel... as a consequence of such an attack unless Israel is going to nuke the whole of Iran...
77. #75 Yanks can help clean up afterwards.
Janice Cohen ,   ירושלים   (07.11.10)
But I suspect they'll be taking part.
78. #76 Good point. I remember in the 90's,before any of this
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.11.10)
israel had made threats to take out irans Bushehr reactor. Where as,the iranians had not made a single threat by that time.
79. #77 Yanks would make sure you won't do anything stupid.
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.11.10)
And trust me,they have the means to control you.
80. I heard...
Scott Smith ,   Mona, USA   (07.11.10)
...that Iran plans on launching this attack from an abandoned Nazi base on the Moon.
81. Fran at 76
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.12.10)
"I suppose you don't see the flaw in strategy of Israel or the US bombing Iran, and that it will probably be much worse than Iran going nuclear... " Fran..this is the crux of the matter. A nuclear Iran is a huge threat, not just to the region. I wouldn't mind a nuclear Holland, Portugal, Denmark etc..because they are civilised. Iran as we know it...forget it,Fran're suggesting to me naivety. With today's military technology, the US and Israel and can damage what's supposed to be damaged, preventing Iran going nuclear without the massive collateral casualties of the past. The preferred option if Iran doesn't relent
82. CIA-MOSSAD, they`re getting quite bad at this...
tango ,   buenos aires, arg   (07.12.10)
what a load, this cat is just a sad prefabrication....the IRGC, in its existence has never attacked any state whatsoever....the US on the other hand......and if he he works for the CIA then he's just a bigger rapist, murder and torturer than he allegedly was.....
83. The Neo-Cons are Back!
Alan L ,   New York, USA   (07.12.10)
The total insanity of even imagining that we bomb Iran is beyond any sense, logic and morality. Jews are suppose to be peace-makers not war-makers. Why would Iran attack the world and, at the same time have their country destroyed? Eventually Iran will calm down and accept their fate to work out a way to live in peace with the world. To go to war with Iran now would be a catastrophe on the level of Iraq, our last great blunder. People who push for war are tools of very nasty propaganda. If this nonsense continues you will see millions of people out on the street all over the world and Israel will become even more isolated than it is now.
84. history repeating itself
Moleman ,   Breda, Netherlands   (07.13.10)
I remember a story about Iraqy soldiers throwing babies out of couveuses in Kuweit... Perhaps this guy is in some way a relative to Michael Oren, the Israel embassador.
85. Israel can't even
j r ,   san jose, us   (07.13.10)
lie and deceive well anymore. This is such obvious BS it's laughable. Next time try 'the dog ate my homework', everyone always fall for that one.
86. a very desperate
Chucpe   (07.14.10)
try by the CIA. That guy is telling what he was told to tell. Lies as usual.
87. ?
Dave USA ,   Woodbridge, VA USA   (07.15.10)
Illegal state? Learn your history. Israel went back to there homeland. It always belonged to them. Never in the history of the planet was there a country named palestine. The real problem is the book being followed that contains evil advice and instructions to follow. Muslims cannot let israel exist. "you shall not be friends with the Jews, the Christians or the infidel". Just one of many hate filled messages from the religion of peace.
88. Who's on the Board?
Wally Waltergreen ,   Isotope New Guinea   (07.15.10)
Kissinger, Richard Perle.... get ready for a fake attack (false flag) by someone to claim Iran did it and then WW3. Wake up, this is patently false!
89. Iranian fighter turned US spy: Tehran will attack Israel
Rob ,   Charlotte NC   (07.31.10)
Iran president, Nutjob, has indicated Israel should be wiped off the map. So why do you think this guy is blowing smoke? He also said he wants to usher in the Imam......which means war must break out. Nutjob will start a war in the middle east...with Russia's help.
90. Iran
glenna wright ,   IUKA, MS.   (08.05.10)
This is something that is told in the Bible. So it will happen SOON ! And Everyone should stand with Isreal ! GOD will not let any nation touch Isreal. Wait and see. Then you can say I told you so. GOD Bless America !
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