Hanegbi acquitted of electoral bribery
Aviad Glickman
Published: 13.07.10, 13:58
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1. a foregone acquittal
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.13.10)
ever since Hanegbi betrayed his voters and joined Kadima. The same happened with Sharon
2. "only perjury" means he is dishonest, can't be trusted.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.13.10)
3. He's a liar and he's finished!
Jenny Bernstein ,   Usa   (07.13.10)
Why a mere mention (in passing) oh his perjury, punishable by 7 years in jail? He's done for!!!
4. Interesting that H.C. judges who are guilty of appointing
their own leftist kinds who are deemed “suitable” would be condemning someone of nepotism? What hypocrisy!
5. Nice to know that corruption is still kosher
Brian Cohen ,   Peoples FrontofJudea   (07.13.10)
Of course he's ok! He was just doing what every other opportunist politician before him (and during and sadder still - those to come) has done. Political corruption in this country is still legal. And at our expense of course. Well, at least those of us who do pay taxes. In case any politicians and people with influence are reading, the Peoples' Front of Judean joins with the Judean People's Front in calling for electoral reform and the direct election of all centurions... er, members of Knesset. You can still see many of the political appointees in various government ministries. Some of them might actually do some work, while others sit there and shuffle papers from one side of their desk to the other, and eventually collect my paycheck and pension... oops, I meant to say a paycheck and pension. Darn, but we're paying for it, aren't we?
6. “only perjury”
David ,   UK   (07.13.10)
in most western countries this would be regarded as a conviction leading inevitably to a term of imprisonment, an offence of perjury striking at the very heart of any system of justice. That the JP seems to regard perjury as a minor offence shows how far Israel has slid towarrds third world status
7. Perjury conviction
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.13.10)
This should end his career in any government and lets hope that Israel is no exception.
8. Finally, someone was convicted of perjury somewhere.
Rivkah   (07.13.10)
I was beginning to think that was a cirime on paper only. Perjurors who have attacked me have never been prosecuted on earth, but they will be by the Lord when they find themselves eternally separated from the Lord after death. Is perjury that bad? It is when it is against a person God accepts who is innocent since perjury against such a person is blasphemy of the Ruach HaKodesh in the person. In the Book of Job in the Bible, the Lord Yahweh told Job that unless Job prayed for the people who slandered Job, God would not accept them. That means eternal exclusion from the Lord. It is an eternal death penalty offense to slander, libel or perjure a person who is in Yahweh's camp unless the injured person prays for the offender. Repentance is also required from the perjuror and payment of a settlement. Lucky for this MK that his perjury was not against me. I don't pray for people who slander, libel, or perjure me since that is an option the Lord gives to His people as He gave to Job (to pray or not to pray for slanderers). I prefer for such people to be eternally separated from the Lord. Hell is their destination. This MK thinks he got off with a minor offense in the trial. He is wrong. What he did can be an eternal death penalty offense under certain circumstances. God hates liars that much.
9. So terribly, terribly sad...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.10)
History repeats itself. Olmert beat the rap years ago. He took it as the green light to contintue his corruption. And see where it led. This will be the same. Hanegbi will only continue his sleaze. Such a disheartening, depressing judicial decision. The corruption goes on and on and on...
10. MK Hanegbi the slimiest of all rats
Avi ,   Israel   (07.14.10)
MK Hanegbi the slimiest of all the Likud rats, he could always join Shas as he seems to have all the right qualifications
11. #8 Rivkah take your pills dear
Avi ,   Israel   (07.14.10)
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