Knesset revokes MK Zoabi's privileges
Yael Branovsky
Published: 13.07.10, 22:20
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1. Israel will NOT be a suicidal democracy!
Zoabi=Fifth column!   (07.13.10)
2. too bad zoabi advertises her embarrassing ignorance
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.13.10)
as with most racist palestinian supporters, they know nothing about what democracy is. she should get back to the kitchen where her gender-apartheid culture will have her if the palestinian/israeli-arab factions she is a part of ever gets any power or authority. the phrase "useful idiot" was created with people like her in mind.
3. rights
Ray stuart ,   zurich   (07.13.10)
In any arab country if she had gone on a crusade against them or spoken out against them similar tzo what she does in Israel she would be longer a member of government and more likely be put in prison or Stoned to death for being a traitor. I have always been a moderate maybe even left of moderate but today when I see how the Israeli government keeps giving in and apologizing for their actions i despair in how long Israel will exist if it does not stand up and be strong .
4. Protect Zoabi!
Erich ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.10)
Send her on a one-way ticket to Gaza for her own protection!
5. So MK Shai Hermesh is against
David ,   USA /ISRAEL /EGYPT   (07.13.10)
taking her privileges away because he is afraid of what she will do. typical Kadima, go hide under your mother skirt. how did he make it to be an MK, amazing to me
6. lol democracy
blash ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.10)
Does this enemy of the state even know what democracy is? Democracy is rule by the majority... if the majority of MKs vote to revoke her rights then you betcha that's democracy in action! The Knesset and Bibi need to recognize that they need internal strength, not external strength. External strength cannot and will not come. Israel needs its house in order first.
7. Rights to no 3
JUDAH THE LION   (07.13.10)
8. oath of office
israeli ,   israel   (07.13.10)
I don't know aboaut democracy, but Israeli MK's take an oath of office which says: -I pledge myself to bear allegiance to the State of Israel. The State of Israel, like it or not, is what it is, not what we would like it to be, left, right or center. All MK's should abide by their oath and be loyal to the State as is. Or face the consequences.
9. Zoabi wants protection from the very body she attacks
William ,   Israel   (07.13.10)
How's that for Arab arrogance??? Zoabi, apparently Arabs are very new to the concept of democracy and really have no idea how to work honestly in its confines. However, while speech is protected, incitement and sedition are not....and I'm very happy to shake the obligations of "democracy" if it means putting people like you who work for my death, out.
10. She should be stripped of citizenship and expelled.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.13.10)
11. A British Parliamentarian supporting terrorism against UK...
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (07.13.10)
would loose more than their parliamentary seat. They would loose their liberty too. She is lucky she lives in Israel and not here!
12. democracies....
tiki ,   belgium   (07.13.10)
Hitler was voted in 'democrately. It's a bit rich from this woman (who want's ONLY to take and NOTHING to give), except telling what's 'wrong with the country she lives in and 'inciting against it . SHE has an option (not like her female sisters, held hostage by Hamas)......she can GAZA as a 'new immigrant.
13. revoking Zoabis benefits
GJ   (07.13.10)
You don’t have to remove her as a Knesset member – temporarily take away her immunity and let her stand trial for aiding a terrorist entity
14. It is your right to talk, not to collaborate with those
Geulah ,   Bar-Giora, Israel   (07.13.10)
acting to wipe Israel off the face of earth. In no other state in the region would you be entitled to even be a member of their parliament, let alone collaborate with their enemies and still be protected by law. Indeed, what country on earth would give you privileges to which you are not automatically entitled after what you have done?
15. Us: Constitutional Convention Inch Away
iObserver and News ,   US   (07.13.10)
In the US, 35 of the 38 Governors needed to form a Constitutional Convention have already charged the federal government for unfair burdens from the central gov't. The issue: Congress and senate members are NOT beholden to the laws as it's citizens are. If the representatives can get away with murder, so should the people...or NOT. Soon, representatives and the president in the US WILL NOT have immunity from any laws it's citizen must adhere to. The same should be true here: if an Israeli civilian were on that ship, would he/she be arrested or stripped of certain rights? This should apply to this psycho, anti-Israeli MK. And shame on that other MK for his cowardice concerning his worries about 'how much damage' this weasel can do from the 'outside'!!! Utter nonsense: she already represents the new form of global terrorism: activism...which the 'global concensus' she talked about IS against Israel. She's NOT an MK...she's a citizen of the global terrorism of fanatical liberalism (i.e. Democrazy- which US founders DEPLORED as a disease). Make Israel a REPUBLIC..NOW!!!!
16. I disagree with zoabi and her party, however..
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.13.10)
all she did is be on the ship, with the intention of delivering humanitarian aid to gaza. She did not attach any of the commandos nor tried to hut anyone nor had any connection to Iran!!!
17. Iranian passport???
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.13.10)
Iran played no part in this incident!! The ships were turkish, sponsered by a turkish group with close ties to the turkish ruling party. Didn't anastassia Michaeli read the news?? If anything, it should have been a Turkish passport. Same turky that have close military ties with Israel
18. yes, ms. zuabi. israel should protect you
FRON YOURSELF! hameed aboughaze, iranian
19. She seeks to side with those that would like to destroy
jae ,   lynn usa   (07.13.10)
20. Zoabi's real problem = she is not a democrat
Brian Cohen ,   Judean PeoplesFront   (07.13.10)
She'll moan and scream about her democratic rights, but Zoabi needs to be told and explained that in order to keep those rights, you have to practice democracy. It is no small reason that the opposition in the UK and Commonwealth countries is called "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition". Emphasis here is on the word "loyal". In democracies, the opposition can, and of course it's job is indeed to oppose the government. However, the opposition is not entitled to opposed the country and laws it too is sworn to uphold. It's not that Israel isn't a democracy. It most certainly is. The problem is that Zoabi is not a democrat.
21. She should not be running around in the Knesset without
Zoambi   (07.13.10)
accompany by male relative. I bet she did not have any male relative accompany her on the flotilla flouting even Saudi law on Muslim women behavior. She would be detained in Saudi by heir Moral Police
22. Why do *any* of them have parliamentary immunity?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.13.10)
I've long argued that parliamentary immunity should be dropped, and not just for the likes of Zoabi. We in the US have done just fine without such protections for our Congressman and Senators. Immunity allows them to think they are above the law, that they can do as they wish with impunity then claim it's within their parliamentary mandate. Rubbish. Then they have these spectacles where one side demands immunity be dropped while the other claims democracy is being undermined. Absent the protection of immunity, MKs like Zoabi or Tibi will think twice before giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The rules should apply equally to all.
23. Stopping the bleeding from the policies of the LEFT- is it
Justice ,   US   (07.13.10)
enough? Hardly. Jordan is Palestine, case closed. Nationalism there, not here.
24. I get the impression ...
berlonski ,   berlin   (07.13.10)
... by articles like that and even more from these talkbacks that Israel is very succesful in reaching the level of political culture of her Arab neighbours: autocratic, semi-democratic, anti-minorities, anti-pluralistic, uniform and unable to tolerate dissident opinion. Stamping dissidents/minorities as terrorists and enemies of the state I have known so far only from countries like Iran, Egypt orlet's say: Libya.
25. Plaudits to MK Anastassia Michaeli
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.13.10)
of Yisrael Beiteinu for her spirited and fierce stand against MK Zoabi. I worked for Yisrael Beiteinu during the last election and felt then, as I do now, that this is one political party which can be counted on in defence of Eretz Yisrael.
26. An Israeli version of Jane Fonda..
Paul ,   USA   (07.13.10)
I guess every country has a few of them.
27. Viva MK Hanin Zoabi - Say NO to Collective Punishment
Yafa ,   Palestine   (07.13.10)
28. SO! The Knesset DOES know how to
Israeli 2   (07.13.10)
act right when it has to. MAZAL TOV!
29. What Zoabi did
Israeli   (07.13.10)
According to Wikipedia: She rejects the idea of Israel as a Jewish state seeing the idea as racist, will not stand for Hatikva, voiced support for Iran's nuclear program as a balance to Israel, rejects the idea of Arabs doing national service, and was on board the Mavi Marmara but did not take part in violence. Because of her views she has been threatened repeatedly. My question is: did she actually break any laws? Isn't her behavior part of free speech in a democracy?
30. #27 She actually received individual punishment
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (07.13.10)
Do you have an objection to it too?
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