Peres: These are happiest years of my life
Ronen Medzini
Published: 15.07.10, 07:55
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1. Peres quit politics and go home and polish your trophies
zionist forever   (07.15.10)
2. Peres, you're a descendant of Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner zt"l
Moshe   (07.15.10)
Peres, you're a direct descendant ben-achar-ben (son-after-son) of Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner zt"l, a great leader and an influence much greater than today's leaders of the Israeli government. Shimon Persky (a.k.a. Shimon Peres), instead of flattering Muslims, return to your own roots and you'll find it much more rewarding and closer to heart. You should see to it that your holy ancestors are not embarrassed of you. Perest, time to do tshuva! Better late than never!
3. S. Perski, happy go lucky agent of the Vatican. He will . .
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (07.15.10)
S. Perski, happy go lucky agent of the Vatican. He will have to answer to the G_d of Israel one day and I can wait for that, but can he?
4. Born in Poland & living in a Palesinian' home = Happy
Palestinian   (07.15.10)
5. The Oslo Agreements were born in sin and brought only ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.15.10)
The Oslo Agreements were born in sin and brought only death, pain and sorrow… After the horrible mistakes he commited as a result of his total lack of vision, Peres should keep away of politics and Media. Only a peace process with the acceptance by the Arabs to be resettled in other Arab countries had a chance to bring peace to the region. Financial compensations would be the main reason for the Arabs to accept their resettlement. The best solution for the Arabs would be to leave the borders of “greater Israel,” so that Israel could then annex the West Bank and perhaps Gaza. Advancing this solution, daily, at any occasion, might creat a new perception and bring peace. Any different solution presents a risk of an endless war. For more details:
6. Peres and his ego trip!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (07.15.10)
The man is a fraud! He has has done more damage to ISrael than any other politician.... all because of his giant self indulgent ego. He oversteps his position as President to chase his own agenda, not thinking about the consequences to ISraels security. He continually chases his Oslo dream and will never admit that there is no peace partner, all at the cost of many ISraeli lives. Its interesting to note that he was the one that first coined the bogus phrase "occupation", and its stuck in ISraels side like a thorn ever since! One day he will have to answer to Hashem for all his sins!
7. Peres, and how happy are your holy ancestors
Moshe   (07.15.10)
with your sinful and shameful acts? Because of your Oslo Accord hundreds of Israelis were killed and injured from the over 9,000 rockets that were fired into Israel.
8. The fly in the soup
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.15.10)
Mr. Peres enjoys the best of the best. Maybe in 50 years from now, the true Peres will be revealed. What a pity that most uf us will be gone till then.
9. I feel a sudden nausea coming on.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.15.10)
Whenever I read about Peres, I feel like throwing up. I doubt if this egomaniac even realizes how many people really feel about him. He's isolated inside his bubble of intellectual dishonesty, self-congratulations, & self-deception.
10. President Peres
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (07.15.10)
Obviously all who have written have never been out of this country. The respect, esteem and love people of every race all over the world have for President Peres has never been before and never will. May he live for many many years as our President. We need him.
11. Still talking about that peace BS
I want peace as much as much as the next Jew and if I was an Israeli I would want peace even more, but come on. Show me an Arab who thinks Jewish presence in the land of Israel is legitimate. Peace has to come from the heart, an Arab has no peace in his heart at least not for an Israeli. Even your own Israstinians act against the state and are patiently waiting to democratically take the country from you just ask the Arab MK.
12. He has burdened Israel enough with his "I ,the Peres"
ab   (07.15.10)
Many hungry children could have been fed for his salary and envelopes he had received from EU and arabs.
13. Peres how about a kipa for a change instead of that grad cap
14. how about leaving a legacy of peace
feady ,   usa   (07.15.10)
its not about peres its about peace, lets see some innovative move toward peace as part of youre final legacy-- alll else is for naught until you take a stand and jostle the leadership into the creation of something new that will give future gens something to look forward to instead of constant war, only those who change the stale israeli status quo vis a vie peace will be remembered in jewish history, like rabin
15. happiest years for peres worst years for israel, strange
eli   (07.15.10)
16. 6
zionist forever   (07.15.10)
The man is in his 80s & should have quit politics decades ago but with any luck soon we will have a new president and Peres will be reunited with his partners in crime Arafat & Rabin where they can chase the oslo dream together again. Maybe he will even be given some sheep and he can write poems all about how oslo worked and he can read it to them.
17. He knows what will be "after", that's why he likes it now.
avi   (07.15.10)
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