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Ynet special: Jabotinsky had Hitler in crosshairs
Shlomo Nakdimon
Published: 15.07.10, 14:42
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1. Just imagine for one second: The leadership of a country
Jens ,   Germany   (07.15.10)
Getting killed by some out lander's who had nothing to do with the internal affairs of those host countries and were also given a chance to leave the whole European continent.
2. @nr1
thommy ,   germany   (07.15.10)
internal affairs? in 1938 germany already took parts of czech they made laws against jews and the opposition was in kzs the army ws rearmed and hitler already wrote in mein kampf that germany needs lebensraum im osten oh and where should the jews have gone ? and why should they have left their home countries the brits didnt let many jews come to israel and the other countries didnt want jewish refugees because refugees are poor and the german government let them only go without their things
3. Yes, imagine Jens
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.15.10)
The Nazis had already broken their agreements....invaded the Czech Sudetenland and Poland. What internal affairs?....the ambition to dominate the world more like it. Implementing Jabotinsky's idea would have been a great favour to the world.....and spare you the stigma of losing a world war
4. #1 Will you ever learn?
Logic ,   Israel   (07.15.10)
Your argument is both ludicrous and antisemitic. If this plan were pulled off, it could have prevented the Holocaust and WWII might have ended very early. Jabotinsky was not an "out lander", as you put it, but originally from Eastern Europe. It's safe to say that as one of the biggest Jewish leaders of his era, he had a stake in what happened in the "internal affairs" of Germany and Eastern Europe. "Given a chance to leave"? A chance to leave the hell of Europe and escape all the Nazi devils? How kind of you. We saw how these "host" countries behaved - ready to collaborate and commit treason against their own citizens.
5. @1 you despicable disgusting antisemite
are you aware that there was A GERMAN PLOT TO KILL HITLER, not only a jewish plot, you antisemite. someone had to get rid of the menace that caused the gassing and burning of jews in europe and millions of other innocent none jews, you antisemite. are you aware that NO ONE LET ANY JEWS RUN FROM GERMANY OR ANY COUNTRY IN EUROPE DUTING YOUR IDOL'S MURDER SPREE, YOU ANTISEMITE. where would you have liked the jews to run to? to go to? name one country that was decent and humane enough to accept those poor souls into their territory? you antisemite. your country, antisemite, perpetrated the CRIME OF THE CENTURY WITH NO REMORSE, NO GUILT AND WITH A ZEALOUSNESS UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER MURDERING NATION. YOUR COUNTRY COMMITTED AN ATROCITY ON THE HUMAN RACE UNHEARD OF IN THE HISTORY OF MAN KIND. YOU ANTISEMITE. you claim that "getting killed b y some outlander (jabotinsky) that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THOSE HOST COUNTRIES..." you mean that jabotinsky, A JEW, did not have any business in killing a murderer and his nazi regime that was killing 6 million of his jewish people in a couple of years? is this what you mean? you antisemite. he had 100% a right to kill this reprobate, sick, mentally ill and sexually deviant person called hitler. NO JEW WAS EVER GIVEN A CHANCE TO LEAVE EUROPE, NEVER MIND THAT EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO LEAVE AND RUN AWAY, EVERY COUNTRY MAYBE WITH ONE OR TWO EXCEPTIONS, AND WITH SMALL PERMISSABLE REFUGEE QUATAS HAS CLOSED ITS IMMIGRATION DOORS FIRMLY AGAINST ANY JEWISH MIGRATION....INCLUDING THE PERVERSE USA AND B RITAIN. auschwitz survivor holon, israel
6. jns, you mel gibson impersonator in drag
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.15.10)
imagine they'd succeeded - no holocaust, no jewish state, no need to pay reparations, you might have even had enuf money to get an education without having to sell your body for it
7. Jabotinsky
Yoel ,   Ossining,ny   (07.15.10)
#5 Very well said.
8. Jabotinsky's idea
James Russell ,   Cambridge, MA, USA   (07.15.10)
I believe Murder, Inc., in the USA also suggested killing Hitler in the late 1940's: the mainstream American Jewish organizations rejected the idea. I think the Revisionist Zionists were right about almost everything, just as the so-called left liberals were so often wrong. Jabotinsky was a great hero.
9. # Jens
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.15.10)
Jens ! You really represent the spirit of the German people during the rule of the Austrian vagabond,you are not only an evil Antisemite,you are also very stupid,your beloved vagabond caused the death of millions of Germans,the enslavement of Eastern Europe to the Soviets,the break up of your country,i vonder how many Germans thing like you ?
10. To #1 Jens
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (07.15.10)
First of all, if you mean "Auslaender," the correct English word is "foreigner(s)" What do you mean by "those host countries"??? Most European countries had no problems with their Jewish citizens until Hitler marched in. You obviously are not familiar with a little thing called "Die Endloesung der Judenfrage" aka the Final Solution. As for being given the chance to leave, 6 million Jews and an additional 4 million Non-Jews weren't given the chance to leave for anywhere, except Auschwitz, Sobibor, Mauthausen, Ravensbrueck, Dachau, no telling how many Babi Yars, and/or the slave labor camps all over the Vaterland. Now, if you have trouble understanding me, I'll be glad to translate this tb into Hochdeutsch. You see, I was one of those Mischlinge, who barely missed Dachau, thanks to the arrival of "outlanders" called "Amis," of which, God bless America, I am one. What the hell, Jens, give it a few years and you'll probably get a taste of your own medicine from your fine Muslim citizens. Wouldn't that just be poetic justice? Americans and Jews don't have a word for Schadenfreude, but I grew up with the concept. and with regard to people like you, I could really relish the feeling.
11. Logic @ 4, ironically if this plan were pulled off there
leo ,   usa   (07.15.10)
would be no Israel.
12. To know him is to love him
Eli ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.10)
The more one learns about Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the more one loves this man and comes to see how correct he was in his thinking. Is it any wonder that Menachem Begin was a chip off the old block....and so was Yitchak Shamir. Wherre have all of our great leaders gone today? They could learn real lessons from these men.
13. Alternate history
SomeGuy ,   Israel   (07.16.10)
Is hard to say, killing hitler doesnt neccecery mean the 3rd riech would have ended there. The germany people already had eater propaganda in masses and there where many options for a new hitler, this will probebly break the german strength but... who knows nothings 100% and in this case not even 99%. Israel had many ways it could have come to take place so if there was no Holocaust it could have been by polish help (polish military trained jews so they can leave poland becouse polish people hated jews). Without ww2 britis would lose the reason for supporting the arabs for the reason they would not join the axis side. If not that then the USSR would have been maybe willing to help for if no ww2 then the cold war would probebly gain more heat and Stalin would be glad to get brits democracy out of the middle east or its supporting arabs. What i mean is you cant say hitler was the reason of israel and you cant even say his assassination would have prevented a war.
14. Pathetic
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.16.10)
Jewish history is a retroactive excersize: I cannot count now the retroactive stories by Jews and by Sycophants to the Jews about plans to kill Hitler. I cannot count also the number of con-artists who told people for years that they are on the trail of mengele. The only one truly heroic Jew that I know of that indeed did wonders for the Jews (and not just planned to do them) is Monica Lewinski whose little shenenigans saved Israel from an imposed peace solution by Bill Clinton.
15. now that's thinking out of the box!
david ,   new york   (07.16.10)
or more accurately, IN the box (with 100kg of TNT)
16. Zabotonsky great hero of the Jewish people
Israeli ,   Israel   (07.16.10)
Jabotinsky a great hero , I am Hungarian Jewish my uncle was the first family member before the second world 1938 try to make at to British Palestine , but the Brits turn the ship around and he and up in Dachau and all of his family and my 27 people young age 5 till oldest 51 my grandpa murdered in Auschwitz,,,No country want them . My heart still acing for them.... We are the Jewish people never forget our children of children and they children remember the 6 million life , never again God Bless Israel keep Jerusalem one the capital of Israel Shalom....
17. moral of the story...
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (07.16.10)
don't ask permission to kill Hitler, just do it.
18. Oh man, that was dark, Avi
Cameron ,   USA   (07.16.10)
LOL though. It would seem Monica truly was the more pro-active patriot, so to speak.
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