Jihad cell suspected of targeting Jews, pope
Hagai Einav
Published: 15.07.10, 16:20
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1. unless Jews say so,
observer   (07.15.10)
jihad is not synonymous to holy war undertaken against non-Muslims.
2. Maybe the banned rabbi was right after all...
Pinchas   (07.15.10)
3. They are not Arab Israelis. They are Israstinians.
4. If Israel has understood Rabbi Meir Kahane, they would be
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.15.10)
Jordanian arabs not so called Israeli arabs.
5. Three thoughts
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.15.10)
1- Not sure how accurate the info is, however, if what mentioned is true, then they deserve to be in jail. 2- If they are terrorists just for thinking about committing theses acts then most of the jewish settlers population are terrorists as well 3- Amazes me how the shabak was able to catch them befor they even did anything, while even after jewish settlers plan and kill innocent palestinian civilians isaeli authorities still does nothing!
6. #5
Someguy ,   Israel   (07.16.10)
In both cases its murder and the punishment of murder is all the same. The fact the police takrs care of this stuff more then settlers thoughts is nothing more then an inafective way to fight crime. This probebly becouse the posibility of jihad terrorists to bring the thoughts to action is a bigger one then the settlers making the crime.
7. Jihadists
Marilyn ,   USA   (07.16.10)
It's like with the song that says beer is good, G-d is great, and people are crazy.
8. Irony
A ,   Belgium   (07.16.10)
How ironic that modern ishmaelites inhabiting the city of Christ plan to burn churches and kill the pope. Maybe the Christians will ask the Jews to take Nazareth AND Bethlehem back and make them safe again.
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