Haredi unemployment costs billions annually
Jonathan Golan
Published: 22.07.10, 14:32
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1. Cut their benefits now
Avi ,   Israel   (07.22.10)
They do not accept the rules of the game - equal work, equal pay and equal duties. They said, 'No, we have a special status in which we do not work and we do not pay taxes and we do not defend the country; you defend it for us. it is alright for us to lay our lives on the line defending this country so that these parasites can live. Apparently they consider themselves to holy to work and are allegedly praying for our souls, which is rather a contradiction in terms seeing as they are rioting on what is becoming a dailiy routine for what ever pathetic excsuse they can dream up . How strange the chardeem abroad all manage to hold down a job as well as study Torah. Bunch of bone idol parasites.
2. They Can Do National Service
John ,   Be'er Sheva,Israel   (07.22.10)
At some point (either age 22 or 24, I forget) they can opt out of their yeshiva studies and do national service. So let's not use the draft as an excuse for all their unemployment. They like living off the rest of us, plain and simple.
3. Sounds like Israel favors Communism
Joe ,   USA   (07.22.10)
Is ther a law that says one must work? If not dont expect any change.
4. The average American farmer produces more than
Al   (07.22.10)
5 Kipputzim combined. The State has been paying these useless Kipputzim for the past 60 odd years with very little pay back. Did any one you count the loses for that socialist experiment? Face facts, the whole bloody State is one welfare experiment. What do you have that the world wants? Tell me what do you have that the world wants, besides the fact that they want you dead? Get over yourselves and realize your all a bunch of welfare recipients in one form or other. Even those of you who supposedly work, you couldnt hold a candle to the average American worker.. Just thank g-d you have what to eat and that you have someone up above to protect you.
5. And they claim to participate more and more
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.22.10)
in the IDF and workforce ! And this without the "indirect" losses . And they want to impose their lifestyle on the secular working people . Sad that a country allow this . Solutions ? no more money for yeshivot , charidi schools , no child allowance for those who did'nt serve in the IDF , no Health care for those who could , but did'nt serve in the IDF . Why should we continue to feed them ?
6. Oh silly me !!!!!!!!
Sagi   (07.22.10)
I thought all the time that "The Almighty" was footing the bill. What a disappointment.
7. They dont want haredim
haredi in high tech ,   beit shemesh israel   (07.22.10)
With over 20 years working in high tech half of those in Israel I have seen over and over that there is discrimination against hiring haredi and arab employees or promoting them even if they are qualified .. So this is a case of a self fullfiling professy. The only high tech willing to hire haredim are those sweat shops shops in modin elit who explot their employees with low pay . - SO ISRAEL PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER AND STOP DISCRIMINATION
8. to #4
fk   (07.22.10)
yes, I think that's the whole point...thank G-d that we have what to eat and someone above to protect us. Even as a total secular, I am very thankful to that superior force. It's true that there is a somewhat 'laid-back' approach to work among SOME workers in Israel, but to generalize would be something considered libel. What do we have that the world wants? A couple of things like brain power for instance. As long as the country is always divided and we'll always HAVE to have a coalition that includes the orthodox movement, we'll probably have to support them forever...
9. Haredis my Loves
mark ,   canada   (07.22.10)
You are ruining Israel. Baby--you must go to work, pay taxes. This is why you are free---so you can work and pay your taxes. Study the Tal after work--you can study that until the cows come home--till you are 100 years old. No one will deny you that, but you must work. No one has the right to suck the lifeblood from a nation. I would love a yob like you guys have--no kidding, but then the taxpayers would give me such a beating. Please go to work!
10. # 7 Response
Sagi   (07.22.10)
Act normal, behave normal, dress in a normal fashion, have respect for others, fullfil your obligations to your country and above all stop telling others what to do. It is possible that if you do all this then people will want to work alongside you. Right now they do not because they despise you for all the reasons I mentioned. Try changing yourselves instead of trying to change others.
11. Al ,4 The Kibbutzim have given us more than
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.22.10)
any US farm . They were there to protect us [ remember Yad Mordechai that opposed the Egyptian army ] They gave us many high profile people [ Dayan one of them ] Someone above to protect us ? What's this ? Those who protect us are the great IDF men and women . The Kibbutzim are now more involved in Hi Tec , one of them even quoted on the Nasdaq ! To talk about "socialism" You only try to defende those "state milkers"
12. Study Torah AND work!!!
Baruch ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.10)
Chareidim must go into the army or do national service (shirut leumi) and then both work and study Torah - half a day for each. I am National Religious (knitted kipa) and feel that the way things are now is causing hatred among Jews (sinat chinam). We do need to study Torah or else we will disappear as a People, but except for a few exceptional scholars, everyone else must work, at least part-time.
13. Billions for Unemployment because of Leftists' cruelty
Shalom   (07.22.10)
Leftists know that Haredim will never go to the army, why not let them work and save the government billions for unemployment? What excuse do the "elite" seculars in Tel Aviv have for draft-dodging if they don't even enlist because of the Tal Law and “Torah is His profession”? Why may they work?
14. # 12 Response
Sagi   (07.22.10)
Sinat hinam ? No Sir. Hinam means baseless, without reason. The Haredim seem to be preoccupied with giving us reason to hate them, and this on a daily basis.
15. in comparison to Hilonim>?
critizize&provoke ,   Il   (07.22.10)
how nuch does Hiloni unemployment costs the government- crtizize & continue provoking just for the sake of doing it- whoever moves and causes these riot talks I am haredi an been working and paying taxes accordingly- how much of my money goes to hilonim- who dont do nothing and are expert blmers andcomplainers - instead of looking to themselves disgusting article- Maybe it would be interesting which jhands get the more grease
16. No. 4 Al
NYC Girl   (07.22.10)
Although I'm curious, I'm not even going to ask where all this vitriol comes from. But to denigrate the contributions that Israel has been making in the way of successful companies flies in the face of reality. You might want to check out a book by Dan Senor called "Start-Up Nation" about why Israel is so successful...particularly in the high-tech sector. In fact, the book (along with the Israelis) won praise from Bill Gates...hardly a slouch when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur.
17. 13 , Shalom , they are allowed to work !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.22.10)
But not receive their stipends as students at the same time . They can't enjoy everything [ they can't "tansen of alle chassennes" ] They will never go to the army ? so we have to defend their lousy life ? while they impose their lifestyle on us !
18. @ Sagi
Daniel ,   Boston   (07.22.10)
Why all this hating? I understand your frustration, but you are simply giving the Charedim an excuse to say that they are being discriminated against, don't you think? Your main mistake is that you are generalizing to a lot of people, and you lack respect for the religious. What is your problem with their outfits? That is not something that could stop them from working, so this is pure prejudice against them, based on no fact. You like to claim that they should learn to respect you and adopt your ways, i.e. to become secular. Don't you think this is baseless? You want them to behave 'normal,' but what is normal? You just defined it yourself, out of the blue. You are no better than the Charedim who tell you how to live, no? So please, before you ask for respect, give some first. I'm not saying that there is no issue with the Charedi public, there is, and they should work more. Nevertheless there should be more respect for them from the secular sector. Many seculars, especially the younger people, don't know what they are talking about and yet assume that they are right in their ways. I am secular myself, but there is no basis to make others secular, that is both useless and unethical.
19. Haredim in the Army
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.22.10)
I'm not sure I'd trust them in the Army. I'd be apprehensive that they'd betray us in some way (Anat Kam, for instance). Couldn't the Haredim work within their "ghetto" ? They might like that suggestion, as then they can dress, behave and believe as they see fit - in complete freedom without bothering anyone else.
20. The Rabbis/Sages studied today in Kollel had jobs
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (07.22.10)
Maimonides was a physician, Hillel I believe was either a charcoal-maker or cobbler. It says in the Torha, "6 Days You Shall WORK," which means its a commandment, not a suggestion. Being observant means working. How did we get here? Perhaps 1/1000 students are brilliant enough to warrant learning full time, but now we have the majority learning full time. It's not healthy.
21. As long as you promote a welfare state with
Al   (07.22.10)
endless political appointed entitlements you are doomed to eternal internal strife. Face facts: Most of your institutions of commerce are being protected by the powers to be, to the detriment of the average consumer. At the same time, wherein the average consumer is being fleeced for basic commodity items, the media, the lap dog of those oligarchs throw you the bone of "BLAME THE RELIGIOUS", crap. Your society is based on not what you know rather whom you know. As a result notwithstanding the supposed success you may have in high tech, the constant internal strife only encourages those who can, to up and leave and ply their trade elsewhere.. No one wants to live in a bottle like some crazed cochroach. Stop the endless internal strife, grow a brain, thank g-d you have what to eat in a country that is is far from self sufficient in food production , and praise g-d you are still alive after having had endless wars and terror thrown at you. In short Grow up.
22. # 18 Daniel
Sagi   (07.22.10)
I could write a response to you that would be the length of a dissertation for a Phd. The subject matter would be the history of ancient Israel, the connection between this and The ultra orthodox and how to run and operate a modern democratic State based on freedom and all the other components which are an inherent and intrinsic part of democracy. It would be so long that they would not print it. I shall be terse and succinct. Religious zealotry has caused our downfall on more than one occassion in the past. Religion and democracy are incompatible. A country cannot be democratic if religious parties are part of the Government. In no small way the ultra orthodox contribute to the hatred of Jews in the world. It is human nature to dislike that which is farfetched and out of the ordinary run of the mill behaviour. With conviction I say that unless we change course in a very radical way this country will cease to exist in a few years time and the ultra orthodox shall be major contributers to this tragedy.
23. there is a problem but stop the haredi bashiing
zionist forever   (07.22.10)
The haredi are being treated as worse than terrorists by many seculars and if the two sides continue to treat each other like enemies then we are heading for civil war. You can't force them to go out and work and as long as we have the coalition system and the religious block gains a substantial number of seats then just like everybody else they will have their price for joining the coalition.... thats politics. You can't ban benefits as long as you are in a situation where you can't form a government without the people who represent the haredi political interests. All parties have their prices for joining coalitions haredi included. The priority conflict with the haredi we must deal with is with education. Whilst not officially aimed at the haredi we we must pass legislation saying that there will be a national curriculum & all schools must teach core subjects. Educate the next generation more of them will be willing to get jobs when they grow up. As things stand with the economics one possible solution that might help would be cancel the Tal Law but find some kind of civilian national service for the haredi. Prehaps if we put them into a situation where they will be doing work in the civilian sector they will be more open to the idea of getting full time jobs. Many of the settlements are run by orthodox jews so get the haedi working there, they will be around people they can relate to, doing paid work and the jews don'e have to employ arabs or foreigners. There they will learn skills and now they are out of their gheto enviroment but still with orthodox jews they may come to realize you can still be religious & study Torah and have a job.
24. # 23 Response
Sagi   (07.22.10)
I relate to your first paragraph. We are indeed headed for a civil war. This is the only way to solve the problem. One side is motivated by "God" and the other by freedom. Both are powerful motivators and neither side will give in. As for them being treated like terrorists, you are correct. The reason for them being treated thus is that they act thus. They are terrorizing the whole country by their behaviour. When one ideology tries to impose itself on another by coercion and violence this is called terrorism.
25. get a job or go to jail
kim ,   DPRK   (07.22.10)
How about this: everybody has to go out and get a job. If they are still unemployed after a year, go to jail (set up work camps) and everybody gets a job, for no pay!
26. It's OK guys, sent the bill to us: US tax Payers!!
Misha Catov   (07.23.10)
Our stupid gov will be more than happy to fund your Rabbis, your IDF, your settlements, your kibouts............. you are god's chosen ones!!! Lucky you
27. Hareki Unemplooyment
Yaffa ,   Miami, FL   (07.23.10)
The Five Important Economic Lessons. . You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. 2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. 3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. 4. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation. 5. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing.
28. haredi "welfare"
Dr Harold Goldmeier ,   Chicago   (07.23.10)
This should not be seen as "welfare." Just like the nation needs an IDF, so it needs a tzviot Hashem. Its "soldiers" must be held to the same high standards required by a military army--no slackers! But we are not just another nation among nations. Israel is special and the nation's soul must be nourished as a nation, because we are one with G-d.
29. #23 If they set price to join this is CORRUPTION
Justin Case ,   Brasil   (07.23.10)
30. what has the goverment sone to help them find a job
joseph ,   uk   (07.22.10)
All my frum family are either working or looking for jobs, has the goverment helped frummers get jobs?
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