France: Riots over killing of Muslim man
News agencies
Published: 17.07.10, 17:47
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BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (07.17.10)
2. This is the future of Europe.If none of
Eric.... ,   Israel...   (07.17.10)
the European countries start takeing control of whats going within there countries they are going to have the same problem as France.The Muslims are not interested in western culture or way of life.Take the English they sit at home eat fish and chips have a beer,go to the pub.In the meantime the Muslims are takeing over there country.Wake up Europe before its too late.The same problem is comeing to the USA.
3. Moderate Arabs at work
Frank ,   Canada   (07.17.10)
4. Some highlights
Adri ,   Paris - France   (07.17.10)
Please, stop writing what you hear about the left french media (only one voice in our newspaper). It is true that there is a high rate of unemployment in these quarters but the public services are exactly the same that anywhere in France. I grew up in the same conditions with 6brothers an sisters but I got an education. This is the rub ! These guys don't have education, they hate France and white people, and they are manipulated by Imam who learn them to hate everyone who is not muslim. You can be poor and well educated, and rich and stupid. And moreover, they prefer to steal, to sell drug than going to work. They destroy everything in their own buiding and quarter (school, bus station, ...) And after that, the police must apologize for doing its job. Our country is almost over ! Last detail : About 30 000 cars are burnt each year in France by these louts.
5. "muslims riot over death of a criminal"
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.17.10)
that's a better, more accurate headline.
6. Protected species
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.17.10)
They became daring, as they feel unpunishable thanks to the powerful arab and immigrationist lobby in France.
7. Adri - no. 4 talkbacker
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.17.10)
Adri - the world needs more people like you - who rise up from nothing but with your will to do something with your life. World also needs more voices like yours - as role models for those less fortunate in brain cells and listen to the hateful Iman.
8. Typical Arab racism
Frank ,   Canada   (07.17.10)
Arabs are rioting when one of them is killed by a non-Muslim. They never riot when Arabs are killed by other Arabs.
9. to 4 & 5 : both are right !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.17.10)
And this high rate of unemployment is because they don't want to be educated , they want to receive everything without doing anything for it .
10. Who the Hell are you to warn us, #2?
Cameron ,   USA   (07.17.10)
You more than have your work cut out for you trying to deal with the Muslims on your own streets. We are not Europeans (thank God), and while they try the symbolic stunt occasionally, like the mosque bit in New York, our domestic Muslims are smart enough not to try and run wild in streets, and burn every car they see. Be damned unhealthy for that lot if they tried playing that rage game here, and they damn well know it.
11. The end of Europe
Ricardo Moura Azeved ,   Rio de Janeiro   (07.17.10)
Little by little they are destroying Europe from within. This is one step more.
12. Shame on Sarkozy!!
Hasan ,   Россия   (07.17.10)
13. The end of France
mike caton ,   USA   (07.17.10)
France's days as a Western, European country are numbered. These large muslim riots in all of the suburbs surrounding France's major cities are a clear indication that before long,'whole areas of France will be claimed by muslim majorities in tyhose areas. In this case, the muslims are actually claiming that it is their right to steal from banks, casinos; that it is their right to shoot at police who pursur these criminals , with pistols, rifles and Uzis. For a long time, france has been sowing the wind. It is now reaping the whillwind. This is just the beginning. Israel, take heed. Pay close attention.
14. Adieu la belle France
Jean   (07.17.10)
Bonjour le maudit allah. France, Europe, you got what you deserve; islam at his best, at your service 5 times a day, while you 'degust' your Pernod
15. Using the same methods than anti-Israeli, Ynet?
Sam ,   Israel   (07.17.10)
Im shock by the ethnicization of this article. It shows that journalism is going very bad...incapable to check informations!!!!! First of all have you checked the foto? Are those people "french rioters"? Is it in France? Absolutally not (it seems in Iran)! Stop seeing France as an Islamic Republic (we banned the burqa last week!), its a fantasy like for some Arabs, Israeli are murderers and zionism = nazism! It's a shame for a newspaper I use to read everyday! The men who was killed by the police is a criminal for sure...but the reason why many others are rioting its to avoid that Police come to control their criminal activities! How can you published such information, and denounce the hate of Israel caused by biased coverage of the israeli-palestinian conflict??? It make me feel that, sometimes, for Ynet and some other of your writers, the support for Israel should use any means, including instiling racism thanks to what is feeding antisemitism around the world : a false coverage of informations!!! Disgusting!
16. Shame on Muslims
H ,   USA   (07.17.10)
17.  Oh those pesky Unitarians!
Joe ,   Virginia, USA   (07.17.10)
Why does this resemble any common mob flair-up in a developing country?
18. #10 they're building a huge mosque on the 9/11 site
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.17.10)
And you think you're fine?
19. #15
Adi   (07.17.10)
Who cares? Iran,? France? Holland? GB? They all begin to look almost the the same: mosques and angry Islamics. I correct my self..Iran is much quieter because they know how to deal with riots.
20. Yes, We´ll take Europe
Boutek Allouf ,   Saint Denis France   (07.17.10)
My name is Boutek Allouf from Algeria. I am one of this immigrantes in France that refuse to accept the style and corrupted way of living of Western World. I like my culture, my religion, my way of seeing the world. Islam is right. Europe is wrong. They same way you invaded Africa, South America, Asia, now is your turn to have us inside you. That´s the price you have to pay. I hate your hipocrisy of saying that you live in a free society, but we´ll use this as a tool to reach our means. You can not stop the flux of History. We´ll retake what is ours with the help of God.
21. France needs to declare Muslim autonomous zones
Steve from Raleigh   (07.17.10)
Where French laws don't apply and French citizens can't enter. Just make them free fire zones for Muslims to do whatever it is Muslims do.
22. Oh I'm well aware of their symbolic stunt, #10
Cameron ,   USA   (07.17.10)
Even if they get approval, remember, buidings can burn & crash. Hardly for you mention Muslims & buildings when in truth, Muslims occupy the Temple Mount, your holiest site, and Jews are forbidden to even enter. Note too, they have a rather regular habit of attacking you & yours on the streets of your own towns & cities. I do believe we have a better handle on this kind of situation than thee.
23. Cameron # 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.17.10)
It isn't that our domestic Muslims are smart, it's the fact that there are not enough of them yet. You just wait. When we allow their numbers to reach a high enough percentage then you will see that # 2 was right.
24. People, slow down
Jacques   (07.17.10)
Don't you remember a recent column extolling the large and widespread benefits of multiculturalism? A writer made very convincing arguments why Israel would be a better place with a larger number and greater variety of non-Jews in the country. People, take a minute to consider the great contributions these immigrants bring to France: the intellectual and cultural contributions for example. What is a few burned cars every night, or a few holdups, when French civilization is benefiting from their presence in France? Just think of the economic benefits. Imagine how many new cars people need to buy and how this helps the car industry. Or the security business. It must be thriving. Police too owe their jobs to how busy they are these days. Teachers too should be grateful for those larege families. Considering how white women have maybe one child at most, if it were not for these large immigrant populations, teachers would be out of work. Liberte', equalite', fraternite' was getting a little boring. There are very intriguing social and political ideas coming from other parts of the world that could give France a "je ne sais quoi". So, folks, look at both sides of the equation.
25. Boutek Allouf #20: Whether or not you
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.18.10)
are an immigrant Muslim from Algeria or an impostor, you pretty well tell the truth from the radical Muslim side. As to whether or not you will "regain" what you think you have lost is another matter entirely. Europe once pulled itself together and fought off the Nazis. You forget that. Europe is beginning to see what is going on with the Islamic threat within its own borders as evinced by the rise in rightwing political parties, i.e., Geert Wilders in the Netherlands as well as the taming of the influx of Islamic cultural imports such as the banning of burkas and new minarets plus the eyeopening spectacles of Islamic fatahs against westerners practicing democratic freedoms long taken for granted in the West, i.e., threat against the Prophet's cartoonist in Denmark. I think these latest riots will compel the French to step still harder against the rising influence of Islam within their own borders. It's coming to a head. As this progresses, more and more sympathy will be extended to Israel and the current tide of anti-Israeliism emanating from western Europe will subside. I met seniors in Israel who emigrated from La France. I asked why. They all said: "La France n'est plus." Loosely translated, this means, "The France that I used to know has disappeared." The reason: The influx and influence of violent Islam.
26. Free Palifrance
Uri   (07.18.10)
give them autonomy tertiary
27. I demand a Palestine State in France.
Arafat   (07.18.10)
28. 10
Gloria   (07.18.10)
"and while they try the symbolic stunt occasionally, like the mosque bit in New York, our domestic Muslims are smart enough not to try and run wild in streets, and burn every car they see." JUust you wait.
There will be civil war between white Christians and Islam within few years.
EU CITIZEN ,   EU   (07.18.10)
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