Man killed in mosque brawl
Eli Senyor
Published: 17.07.10, 19:42
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1. just some muslims practicing their religion (of peace)
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.17.10)
2. The more the merrier
Benny ,   Gush Etzion   (07.17.10)
3. knives, guns, blood. a mosque
jules   (07.17.10)
doesn't come close to an Alfred Hitchcock ' love affair ". nothing like allah to let his faithful express themselves according to his teachings. In Africa, in Grenoble, in Lod, love is spreading his Muhammedan tentacles, embracing the islamic world and telling the " infidels ' that there is nothing like it on earth; and they are right ----- ! ! !
4. Makes the Charedim (and their protests)
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.17.10)
seem like sissies. On a serious note, there are many Arabic and Jewish families in Israel involved in organized crime. Could be rival gang members who met in a mosque. Farfetched, you say? Never doubt the expertise of Constable Haymond.
5. outside mosque
ramallah   (07.17.10)
he said outside mosque idiots. at lease they are not molesting childeren as in churches and synagouge.
6. #5 Difference is....
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (07.18.10)
The church doesn't teach it, and the perpetrators get prosecuted and imprisoned for a long time.
7. Thankfully, thankfully . . .
maniaco ,   SoCal, USA   (07.18.10)
. . . you never see this kind of behaviour outside synagogues in the West Bank or Gaz . . . . . . oops, yutzi me! Mosques in Israel, see, so I just figured, ya know . . . . . . oh never mind.
8. what about the daily suicide bombing inside mosqes ?
David ,   Israel   (07.18.10)
In afghanistan iraq iran and all that usless countries ?
9. This event is a scathing criticism of the Muslim world.
Michael ,   Toronto   (07.18.10)
It was outside a mosque, and, Jews sometimes kill each other in Israel too. However, it is unheard of in all of Jewish history for Jews to kill other Jews for not being admitted to pray. Furthermore, were it to happen it would evoke outrage among every single Jew around the world without exception and would be on people's minds for months if not years. It certainly would not be forgotten. However, this will not even make the news in the Muslim world and certainly will not cause the slightest commotion. It's a sad statement on the weltanschauung (world outlook) of the Muslim world today.
10. when arabs kill other arabs
ghostq   (07.18.10)
we all know y they r going to mosques and that is not to pray. unless part of Islamic praying is to use guns.
11. to #5 your logic is twisted, and these r facts
ghostq   (07.18.10)
face it there r plenty of room for weapons in mosque.
12. What a bunch of crooks!
Wildmandxb ,   M.E.   (07.18.10)
It is specifically because of such stories that i will never endorse a palestinian state! IF, heaven forbid, we have a plaestinian state someday, we will have multiples of such stories, on a daily basis! That's why the best thing to do is to have peace with Israel, peace with Jews, live side by side, one state for all, controlled by anyone BUT palestinians!
13. 5 - molesting children??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.18.10)
isn't that what the founder of islam did by 'marrying' an 8 year old? and isn't his example what every good muslim strives to emulate? you do yourself no favors by bringing that subject up.
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