EU: Open Gaza crossings
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Published: 17.07.10, 21:58
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1. do rockets qualify as goods that can go both ways
izzie irgun ,   zion   (07.17.10)
this is another european liberal who tolerates israel and supports the palestinians so to her a good idea is to allow hamas to have all the weapons it can haul in. However, since she is a senior EU official you would think she would have the decency to recognize israel's genuine security interests and think that by addressing them, as comapred to calling for a one sided surrender, she might get somewhere .. but no, she is just another anti smite dressed as a european politician.
2. Seal the Border Completely
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (07.17.10)
Ashton is a self proclaimed Jew hater and fully against Israel's existence. Let the Aston give Hamas a state within the EU and see how they like having their people blown up,
3. It's like demanding that Britain allow normal trade with
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.17.10)
Nazi Germany during WWII and while V-2 rockets rained down on London. Unbelievable.
4. Quote unquote
Mark ,   Israel   (07.17.10)
"There needs to be an opening of the crossings to allow the flow of people and goods in both directions," Has this woman actually been quoted correctly?
5. They destroyed everyting Israel left for their use
rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.17.10)
and now they want more handouts from the EU.
6. Ashton is the ENEMY of all Jews in the world!
Gazans=Egyptians!   (07.17.10)
7. Only after they fulfil the demands of the Quartet:
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (07.17.10)
1. recognise Israel. 2. renounce violence. 3. recognise past agreements (Oslo agreement)
8. Israel must demand the EU create a state for al qaida!
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (07.17.10)
it is just as absurd as the EU urging Israel to open it's doors to multiple terrorist attacks throughout Israel everyday. Ms Ashton - go home and take care of your own doorstep, build a mosque here for hamas terrorists to be processed, you already gave them a base in London. Isit any wonder why women get a hard time in this mans world with idiots like Mrs Ashton representing the entire female world.But i wonder whether shes not a cunning anti-Semite whenever she talks about Gaza, and you don't need to be a Jew to see it either. This contradicts the just war on islamic terrorism, Mrs Ashton and her cohorts are EMPOWERING TERRORISM. SHAME ON HER AND THE EU. The pigeons WILL come HOME TO ROOST.
9. Please pray tell me - how would you keep the weapons out ?
Galut ,   selah   (07.17.10)
untill you have a good plan that works ...Israel has the right to protect its people....
10. crossings
John ,   Sunbury USA   (07.17.10)
Why not have Egypt open their crossings? Why blame Israel for not allowing the goods to flow? Egypt is more to blame than Israel for any Pal suffering.
11. Normal Life???
Natan   (07.17.10)
How about normal life for the people of Sderot ans Askelon...Cut me a break!!!!
12. What is normal life? Islamification?
Golan ,   modiin   (07.17.10)
Murdering gays, legalizing murder of women (honor killings) and rocket shooting is normal life? Nice rhetoric, for Switzerland.
13. Time to force Palestine upon Israelis
Ann   (07.17.10)
Israel was forced upon the Palestinians (Balfour – Haganah - Irgun) time to force Palestine as well, nothing else would work. Israelis won't like it, but neither did the Palestinians when Israel was founded on the ruins of the Palestinians. Peace for Palestine alongside Israel
14. Gaza is not in Europe.
Frank ,   Canada   (07.17.10)
Israel must not tolerate their inteferences. Europeans must take care of their own business instead and end their support to Arab jihad.
15. Seal The border
YO ,   LA LA   (07.18.10)
Strictly seal all borders till they denounce Islamic sharia law and rewrite hamas charter.
16. Ignore stupid Irish woman. Permission given.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (07.18.10)
17. FREE GILAD FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18. What's the difference between UNRWA and Hamas?
Conrad ,   Toulouse, France   (07.18.10)
19. why?
tom ,   canada   (07.18.10)
why is she not meeting with Hamas? that's weird. She might learn something.
20. First let Mexican enter the US and give'em back their land
Gabriela ,   Cordoba-Argentina   (07.18.10)
21. Ann # 13, I couldn't agree more
Chris ,   USA   (07.18.10)
22. #8
abdullah ,   USA   (07.18.10)
tell EU to create state for your sister and for me
23. #17 Free 12,000 Palestine First
abdullah ,   usa   (07.18.10)
your are just talking about 1 israel but what about your holding 12 million Palestine and 80 billions A YEAR usa Tax Payer money in FREE
24. Damn, I don't believe the YNET gang is too hip with.........
Cameron ,   USA   (07.18.10)
this posting. No, the reality of Hamas, and past Gaza behavior over the years ruins any chance of the closed borders opening. The folk of Gaza have truly screwed themselves.
25. Only Open if EU will Agree to Accept Thousands of Rockets
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.18.10)
fired by Islamo Fascists on ALL European cities.
26. Europeans want the Arabs to finish the job for them
Marcella   (07.18.10)
Europe has no moral right to tell Israel what to do Not after Europeans persecuted, locked up in ghettos, tortured and murdered Jews for two thousand years. The Nazis were not the only ones to do this. Europeans everywhere did it for centuries. Those are unforgivable crimes. That's why it is so insulting when they tell the SURVIVORS OF THEIR CRIMES to be more generous to the ones who took up the task of hating and killing Jews where the Europeans left off. To each European attempt to meddle in Israeli affairs - Jews should give them a remedial course in history. Remind them of what they did through the centuries, from Roman times up to today, when Jews still can't safely walk the streets of Europe.
27. Israel to E.U.: Get Stuffed.
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (07.18.10)
28. And how is EU improving lives of ordinary Israelis???
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (07.18.10)
EU's loses all credibility with preposterous one-sided demands that Gazans have a "right to a normal life" while they are threatening Israel with rocket terrorism. If Ashton and her EU want to have any moral credibility at all, they also need to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to "ordinary Israeli" rocket terror victims by paying for reinforced schools and homes, by paying for interceptor rockets, by covering the huge Israeli cost of inspecting all shipments into Gaza and securing crossings, and by providing millions more to revitalize the economies of 2 dozen Israeli communities near Gaza. US, unlike EU, helps both sides, and can claim a right to influence both. EU DOES NOT. EU leaders like Ashton leave one to assume that they simply trying to complete the eradication of Jews all of Europe started in the 1930's - they deserve to be ignored, and will be. More to the point, EU is legally, diplomatically and militarily powerless to force Israel to open their sovereign borders to anybody - so Ashton shooting off her mouth is pointless.
29. I'll tell you what
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.18.10)
Mrs. Ashton can open her borders to all the Palestinian terrorists she wants. She does not have the right to dictate to a sovereign nation how to implement its foreign policy. The Empire is long gone, Mrs. Ashton. Get it? Good. Mind your own business going forward, please. Israel does what is best for Israel. And the European Union has no say in the matter. In fact, the EU can go hang.
30. Why not ask Egypt to allow free flow?
AKUS ,   Washington, DC.   (07.18.10)
Why is she asking Israel to allow these terrorists free entry and exit? She should try directing her ideas to Egypt and see what response she gets!
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