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Ayelet Zurer on life in Hollywood
Raz Shechnik and Nevo Ziv
Published: 19.07.10, 10:36
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2. would not want herr to be my children's role model.
3. she is preaty, but not single
ghostq   (07.19.10)
damn you ynet for geting out hopes up. anyway the movie with Tom Hanks don't do justic to Italy or to the books Angles and Demons. needless tosay criptas in churches around Italy r not holes anymore, it's museums, you need to pay to enter there. very cool place indeed, in france it's free and under the city (like in paris).
4. Show me the money > Israelis to be right there
Jack. A   (07.19.10)
5. Way to go, girl!
David ,   Haifa   (07.19.10)
And you are absolutely right about Israel's PR.
6. Another wannabee Hollywierd freicha.....
Al   (07.19.10)
Move on ......
7. #2 Instead your children are stuck with you
Ron ,   US   (07.19.10)
Love Ayelet. Talented actress and very beautiful.
8. "I'm left-wing, that's the truth."-she said
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (07.20.10)
Hollywood is the right place for the Leftists; - now she can join the Commies like Sean Penn, Oliver Stone and the Obamao shilling Red Brigade. Don't be surprised if she started the obligatory, career enhancing Israel-bashing, Palestine praising activism. It's the cool thing nowadays: it brings lots of $$$. Oh the smell of Money!
9. No. 4 Jack A
NYC Girl   (07.20.10)
I suppose you mean as opposed to everybody else in the world who doesn't give a shit about money?
10. Ayelet,Stay in Hollywood. Israel doesn't need more leftists
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