Silwan children live in fear
Ronen Medzini
Published: 19.07.10, 15:34
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1. Integration American Style
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.19.10)
Building a racist society is not accidental, it requires segregated schools for every ethnic and religious group. Integration of publicly funded schools is the ONLY way out of this mess.
2. The right wing
Israeli   (07.19.10)
I love how the right is now focussed on co-existence between Jews and Palestinians and the left is to blame. I mean this sincerely. Interesting refocusing of perspectives.
3. Change the names and location, it could be Gush Katif
Nethanel ,   Jerusalem   (07.19.10)
The only difference was that then Ynet was less sympathetic with the native Jewish children who lost their homes which were legally bought and where they legally resided...
4. Doesn't Matter !!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.19.10)
As long as the children of Ma'ale Adumim and settler children, playing and having fun, no problem , Who cares for Silwan children?!! Nir Barkat, shame on you, wonder if you can look in Silwan children's eyes ?!
stude ham   (07.19.10)
6. to #2 leties r to blame, except from violent
ghostq   (07.19.10)
riots lefties do nothing in the human rights department and in the real burning issues. come to think about it the only left winger who made peace with arabs was Rabin, there rest didn't even bothered. so lets put things in perspective, Rabin era was the most notorious era of sucide bombings in Israel. sound like left wingers in Israel prefer others over their own people security.
7. to #1 lol yet your coutry got the most harsh
ghostq   (07.19.10)
immigration law on this blue planet, sound like you forgot to mention yourself.
8. Charming though the anarchy they create
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (07.19.10)
in Silwan may be, Israel is a lawful country. If your house is illegal, it will be demolished (same as it is all over the country). If you throw stones you're going to get arrested, period. Being bored or hateful is no excuse for vandalism. If you educate your children (I myself have two) they will not grow as criminals, you can't blame municipality for your lack of education.
9. ghostq on immigration
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.19.10)
How do you figure? America is flooded with illegals and our government does nothing about it. Try being illegal in Mexico, Saudi Arabia etc. It would be hard (if even possible) to find a country more lax on immigration than we are. What good are laws when government and politicians can pick and chose which ones they want to enforce and which ones they want to ignore?
10. Shiloah
jan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.19.10)
one thing to say-birth control. Have oh- maybe 2-4 kids rather than 5-20. Then there will be room for everyone and a better qaulity of life.
11. Normally, Steve #1, your posts are
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.19.10)
unequivocably critical of Israel. In this instance, however, you are correct. There is too much isolationism in Israeli society with its roots in the educational system. When children are educated together and play together it is much more difficult to teach them to hate and fear what is no longer an alien population. That is not to say that the situation in the USA and Canada are perfect in that regard but we must all agree on the importance of an educational system which serves to integrate as opposed to separate. Please keep future posts in a positive vein, Steve, as this one was.
12. It isn't enough to say have integrated schools
sh   (07.20.10)
Well, you can say it, but it won't happen until something else happens first. The Jews in Israel are under different laws to the Arabs. Jerusalem Arabs even more so. Jerusalem Arabs are being systematically squeezed out of their neighborhoods, it's municipal policy despite empty claims to the contrary. You only need to set foot there to see it and feel it. They are under a different statute. Any building that goes on in places like Silwan is for Jews who already have homes elsewhere and want to live there for ideological reasons. The other inhabitants are compressed into what they have and when they build without permits because they never get permits, their houses are demolished and the space declared a green area until it is made over to a municipal project which by definition will be Jewish (there is no Arab east Jerusalem representative at the municipality). So first things first: equal rights in Jerusalem for all its inhabitants. The first step towards integrated schools will then have been taken.
13. @#12: you simply can't just build in Jerusalem wherever you
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (07.22.10)
want. It has to be according to the LAW!
14. legality
yosi ,   jerusalem   (08.10.10)
The Jews in Gush Katif, or I would say stolen Gaza, did not get their land legally. It was taken by force from the Arab inhabitants in clear violation of international laws that forbid the conquering country to transfer population to the occupied territory. Gazlanut pure and simple.
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