'Mossad agents' expelled from Mauritius
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.07.10, 17:38
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Salma ,   Palestine   (07.19.10)
My most heartfelt congratulations
2. so now every israeli citizen is a spy?
gadi   (07.19.10)
that's just pathetic and paranoid.
3. Collective punishment
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.19.10)
While a racist minority may approve of collective punishment doled out for no reason -- hello, "Salma" -- such an approach can have very little justification. Pity.
4. Israelis Deported from Mauritius
Rose ,   NY, USA   (07.19.10)
Sounds like what many people experience at Ben Gurion
5. :: Well this is to be expected
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.19.10)
When Israel has a reputation for sending Mossad agent all over the world to steal passports or to murder people the average innocent Israeli tourist is bound to get some flak. Just take it on the chin and only travel to countries that Israel hasn’t attacked, threatened, p*ssed off or made wary like... like... ...give me a moment I’ll think of one...
6. Who was on Dubai Plane?
Theo vangogh ,   Texas, US   (07.19.10)
those pesky saudis do carry alot of baggage so to speak. can u say osama bin laden and 9/11 hijackers? so many shady deals. but they do have a lot of money, better for local yoyos to err on the side of caution and keep the good guys away.
7. #5: Your talkback is the best ha ha ha
Moise   (07.19.10)
Thank you I really needed to laugh!!
8. #1: You start to be annoying!
Israeli 2   (07.19.10)
9. #5 It's called racial profiling
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.19.10)
Two computer engineers and a sushi bar, scary guys Matty. For a country that depends on tourism, Mauritius gets thumbs down.
10. #8 It seems that Slma has hit a raw nerve...
Marco ,   Spain   (07.19.10)
11. #9 Cynthy Baby....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.19.10)
Hey Cynthia, I thought you were smart, but you are beginning to prove me wrong. Do you expect Mossad agents to come in wearing their badges to identify them as such?
12. 2 weired things
Noa   (07.19.10)
1. Why would Israeli use fake Israeli passports? Wouldn't they use an Irish one? 2. On the other hand: Israelis who want to come back to Israel with a suntan are certainly suspicious. We have 35C here, everyone is trying to get some cool breeze!
13. Why is this news?
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (07.19.10)
How many people a day or month, year does Israel deny entry? How many people a day, month, year does the USA deny entry? It is call sovereignty and I believe it's there sovereign right to deny entry to anyone if there suspicion but then again who am I JUST A SHEIK.
14. Re: Rose & Israelis
Ronald ,   NY   (07.19.10)
Rose your a Genious it seems you know a great deal about Ben Gurion Security haha... As far as being deported from Mauritius Why would they use Fake Israeli passports??? I do not get it at all what were they expecting Israeli Mossad agents flying with Israeli Passports and then claiming they are fake?
15. i hope that this treatment will spread
jerusalem   (07.19.10)
some palestinians in similar stories have been put on the first flight back to which ever country they came in without much interrogation. lots have been refused to come in the country either through the airport or through surrounding countries. i am glad to see that this treatment is being reciprocated, even if it is just 1 country. one has to take the treatment they get when they enter a country. expect anything and anything can happen
16. I'm filled with joy that Mossad strikes fear in the Nazis
Yaniv ,   Israel   (07.19.10)
17. #11 Marco Baby
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.19.10)
I know you're not smart and you just confirmed that. Do you expect Mossad agents to travel on an Israeli passport? Are all Mossad agents Israeli? I'm asking you because you appear to be an expert on the subject.
18. #11 we expect the mossad agents
sb ,   spain   (07.19.10)
to be like Marco from spain.....
19. #17 Cynthy Baby
Marco ,   Spain-world champs   (07.20.10)
Hey Cynthia, it seems that you are the one thats not too smart. People these days are looking for Mossad agents with fake British, Australian or German paasports. Nobody is really looking for ones with Israeli passports, because you dont expect them to use Israeli passports.. Dont you feel dum now Cynthy baby? NO OFFENSE INTENDED.
20. #19
so who is dumb???? you claim that people expect mossad agents to travel with fake british, irish and german passports. BUT THESE THREE ISRAELIS TRAVELED WITH THEIR ISRAELI PASSPORTS...NOT GERMAN, NOT IRISH AND NOT BRITISH. 7 MILLION ISRAELIS TRAVEL WITH THEIR ISRAELI PASSPORTS. ARE ALL OF THEM MOSSAD? YOU MORON! hameed aboughaze, iranian
21. Baby Marco: International espionage expert
You are sooo smart and everything everyone else says about the subject is just dum, dum. It's truly amazing how you are able to completely dissect spy strategy and base conclusions on such little evidence and pure speculation!
22. Good to be Interrogated
JMan ,   ISR   (07.20.10)
I fly in/out of Ben Gurion regularly and I always go through the 2 hour 'check'/ it's nice for the general israeli public to know what interrogation can feel like...the only thing the Mauritius police should have said to the 3 israelis 'we are doing this for your own safety'.
23. pot calling kettle black
Mark ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.20.10)
why is this news? this happens routinely in israel under the guise of "keeping out the terrorists". Even my 26 year old cousin (also from Canada) was not allowed into Israel, for no apparent reason! They humiliated her, shouted at her, only let her use the washroom once she mentioned "civil rights", forced her to open her email account, and then accused her of wanting to volunteer! On that basis, they sent her right back to Canada. So call this racial profiling if you want, but this is common practice in Israel
24. how dare those goyim..
PaulB ,   Cairns Australia   (07.21.10)
Not know their place when confronted with the majesty of G-d's Chosen?
26. #7 reality is hard to handle?
Bob the cleaner ,   Kouchibouguac, Canad   (07.21.10)
No, no, no, thank you. I really needed a laugh. Your ignorance is overwhelming. You obviously don't travel internaionally much. Anti-Israeli feelings are escalating worldwide. I heard in the US that militias are documenting the locations of Jewish defense league members homes.
27. Israeli Tourists Are The Worst
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.21.10)
Add on top of that that many of them are Mossad and one can understand why we cringe everytime we hear that horrible accent. Stay away Israelis (especially ex-military). We don't want your money. It's not worth it.
28. The tide is turning
gigi ,   JHB, SA   (07.21.10)
The tide is turning for Israelis. Until they make peace with Palestinians and shake off the pariah image, the world is gonna become smaller for them...
29. About time
Truthseeker ,   USA   (07.22.10)
Its about time that Israelis find out what happens when Palestinians try to enter Israel. Also, given the Mossad passion for using phony passports to do their nefarious deeds is it any wonder that the passports of these Israelis were questioned. What goes around comes around.
30. Mauritius
kail ,   Mauritius   (07.26.10)
shalom, sorry for the trouble, but not all mauritians are like this, u met the wrong people at the wrong time, next time u come, let me know, i'll be more than happy to help,u can get your tan,sorry again,
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