1st Gaza mall attracts thousands
Ali Waked
Published: 20.07.10, 16:24
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1. Dear god
SomeGuy ,   Israel   (07.20.10)
A humanitarian catastrophe right here! Take a look! Mall + Olympic seeming poll = not enough building material!
2. lol a mall, this is not even big enough to be a shop
ghostq   (07.20.10)
it looks like a high school, hope the bell won't ring to enter a class.
3. Poverty: When you have to buy Lacoste on Sale....
The Dude   (07.20.10)
Starving: When your food court ONLY has 20 restaurants... Hardship: When the elevator is broken on a two story building... Homeless: Who needs to rebuild houses when they can live at the mall! Traumatized: By those low low low prices! And so on...
4. Special promotion on designer suicide vests.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.20.10)
How about some sporty Lacoste burkas in fashionable black with matching designer sunglasses? Do they let women in without a male guardian? The article didn't mention it. If I sound cynical, it's because this kind of information is almost never reported, you can be sure it won't be in The New York Times or on the Biased Broadcasting Co. (BBC). I read a comment somewhere, quite clever, a reporter said this was the first time he saw ''starving refugees'' driving Mercedes.
5. Forced to use the stairs?
mike caton ,   Vestal, NY USA   (07.20.10)
The shoppers will have to use the stairs until the escalator is repaired? Just as I suspected--this proves beyond doubt that Gaza IS a "concentration camp".
6. Oh my
Yonatan ,   USA   (07.20.10)
Poor souls. Looks like that evil vicious Jewish blockade is really cramping their style. Poor things. Clearly no people were ever so oppressed. Right? (Sarcasm)
7. :: A Shopping Mall
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.20.10)
Wow Gaza has a swimming pool and a Shopping Mall!?! Does that mean that the Gazans can go shopping and swimming while they are besieged by Israel? But hang on didn’t the Ynuts say that the Gazans never build anything of worth? Isn’t Hamas taking all the money and forcing the Gazans to live in refugee camps? And isn’t Israel banning the import of concrete so how can these people build a shopping mall? Now I am really confused? Maybe some of the Ynuts here can explain to me why the Gazans are building Shopping Malls, Swimming Pools, Restaurants etc. Is it because they want to live normal lives? Can it be that the Gazans are actually managing to better their lives even though they are besieged by Israel and Israel has banned the most basic of items and goods for over four years?
8. But..but..aren't they starving ? More aid ships needed !
Paul ,   USA   (07.20.10)
To keep the mall stocked with all of life's necessity's ! What a joke !
9. good target.....
robert ,   italy   (07.20.10)
i think that gaza people have not right to a normal life till shalit is not freed... put the mall on target list
10. Not Enough !!
Ali ,   Gaza   (07.20.10)
What a hell Mall of one floor and Mezzanine !! no parking no escalator no skiing no balling no A/C !! ..Gaza the ancient history and ancient city need better and deserve better. Our kids are not less than the others around !!!!
11. STyle Style!!
David ,   USA, exile   (07.20.10)
Visit the trendy new ladies department where you will find the latest in ladies apparel. Burkas in any color you like as long as it is black.
12. This was just reported on Fox News.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.20.10)
And, guess what? Even Fox tried to spin the story, saying in effect, the mall doesn't mean a thing, the Israeli seige is still oppressing the poor innocent suffering Gazans. They even had some dummy saying no one will be shopping here because everyone is so poor. So, the people who built the mall just built it for the hell of it, right? The gist of the story, the blockade should be lifted entirely. Not one word of why there's a blockade, not one word about Hamas, not one word about weapons & missiles. And just who is the Fox correspondant? A Palestinian.
13. #7, maybe it is because the "siege"
is nothing of the sort?
14. Did Ashton get taken on a tour?
Danny   (07.20.10)
or taken for a dip in the Olympic pool?
15. World's largest concentration camp
Danny   (07.20.10)
I missed the bit were the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto went shopping in an air-conditioned mall......
16. A Genocide with Food Courts
VIT ,   USA   (07.20.10)
17. Matty, it could be you're a sucker for Pal propaganda
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (07.20.10)
Well gosh, Matthew, that certainly does toss a wrench into things. You're right, of course - how the heck could they build a mall with no building supplies? But then, Israel said it allows in building supplies that can be accounted for on the other side.
gadi ,   idf   (07.20.10)
lololol, nutheads
19. Life is tough in the liyer's strip!
Ben ,   London, UK   (07.20.10)
20.  Dont be confused !!
ALI ,   Gaza   (07.20.10)
The place was built 12 years ago , recently it was re- modelled to be Mall , actually (mico mall) !!!..still some building materials can find its way through Egypt Tunnels !! in Crowded Gaza of 1.5 million, still some say 10 % more or less can go to do some shopping or go to swimming pool !!! this do not change the fact that Gaza still live under tight seige, Yes Cement, gravel and other building materials are not allowed to go through. Building and Contrcting Sector is frozen during the last 3 years !!
21. Matty the Spin Doctor
The Dude   (07.20.10)
Wow, it's incredible how you have managed to twist these things. "Does that mean that the Gazans can go shopping and swimming while they are besieged by Israel? " I thought they were starving on the streets searching for every crumb. I thought they lacked any money to buy even the most basic rags? I thought there was an extreme shortage of clean water? Yet amazingly for a 'concentration camp' as described throughout the media, this shows none of the features of one. And now you try to spin this to somehow blame Israel... "Isn’t Hamas taking all the money and forcing the Gazans to live in refugee camps?" I thought a huge proportion of Gazans were still homeless from Cast Lead and couldn't rebuild due to shortages in concrete? Which is was being blamed on Israel. This mall seems to have to used plenty... So could please explain why concrete and cement needed for homeless people was diverted to building a luxury mall? "Maybe some of the Ynuts here can explain to me why the Gazans are building Shopping Malls, Swimming Pools, Restaurants etc. " I thought they were some of the most impoverished people on this planet and barely making ends meet. Literally akin to people starving and dieing of disease like those in Darfur. Why is the story suddenly shifting to one of fortitude and defiance this week? "Is it because they want to live normal lives?" I thought 'the siege' didn't allow this and this was the argument as to why it had to be lifted? So why is the argument changing now? "Can it be that the Gazans are actually managing to better their lives even though they are besieged by Israel and Israel has banned the most basic of items and goods for over four years? " Really Israel has banned the most basic goods, but available at this mall, expensive air conditioning units, and brands such as Adidas, Lacoste and Paris' top selling perfumes. You do realize the cognitive dissonance in your argument. By saying that Israel does not allow in these basic goods. But most likely many of these goods came through Israel. And I must say that these aren't even 'basic goods', in that I can't afford to buy to Lacoste or Adidas clothing. Yet the poor starving Gazans somehow have the cash to shell out for designer brands. It seems that the Ynut here is projecting his psychological faults.. .
22. You must HATE articles like this,Matty/thats your best shot?
23. Has shopping mall = No humanitarian crisis?
Mark ,   Bergen, Norway   (07.20.10)
Oh comon, even the poorest countries in the world builds shopping malls.
24. Thanks Ynet
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.20.10)
Ynet was honest here, notice the beginning of the news : "DESPITE SIEGE" We're trying to live a normal life, we love life whenever we can.
25. No Building Supplies?
Shmuel ,   Merkaz   (07.20.10)
So...they cry that they don't have building supplies to repair the 'devastation' from the 'disproportional' battle that Israel was forced what did they use to build this luxury mall....or the new Olympic sized pool.....hummous???
26. Adidas & French perfume?
Cameron ,   USA   (07.20.10)
Don't want to hear any more of this 'siege' talk.
27. Where are the comments about how poor these Arabs are?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.20.10)
Obviously all the lies about 'occupation', 'sieges' and 'starvation' have been proven false. We need to close our borders to these terrorists. They have proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are totally independent of anything we need to provide.
28. :: Brian - #17
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.20.10)
I guess you don’t read sarcasm very well. It was actually a leading question Brian, the issue is that Israel bars building material (plaster, tar, wood for construction, cement, iron, plastic/glass/metal containers, tarpaulin sheets for huts, etc) for the building of residential homes but allows limited supplies for International Projects and such.
29. If they shoot rockets into Israel,then we
Eric.... ,   Israel..   (07.20.10)
will have to blow it up.What a pity,what a waste.All they have to do is make peace with Israel.But Hamas has a way of shooting them selves in the foot.
30. #24 Salma, love life???
gadi ,   idf   (07.20.10)
by sending suicide bombers to explode in buses, cafés and parties? by launching rockets from the roofs of mosques and kindergardens? by lnyching 2 israelis like a butcher on the streets? just explain to me, beside your alleged "resistance", how does that justify the love to life? salma is just another arab in gaza, who uses the nickname "palestinian" and "palestine" to feel recognized, even though these names were once given to the jews who lived here by the romans. you have the blood thirst in your genes salma. you don't want a state, and there is no place to "return" to other than the countries around israel, where also you will go and settle down - or simply die in our defense. palestinian? why don't you call yourself american instead? or french! why not german or italian?!?! you can't just steal name (which belongs to the jews) from the books and tag yourself with it... poor salma, keep twisting the truth and you will see dark clouds coming your way. enjoy! :-) cheers
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