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Building peace, literally
Shahar Hai
Published: 20.07.10, 22:15
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1. great idea
ecr   (07.20.10)
now lets implement it in our own poor neighborhoods. What happened to all the $$$ they already received? One problem is they do NOT want this kind of reality in their hamastan .
2. omg...
ophir ,   nyc   (07.20.10)
the Palestinian problem is twofold...they live in poverty b/c the regime that controls the area doesn't allow the aid from other countries to reach the poor children , but second and more important, how does Israel decide which palestinians to put in the new constructed city? some of them aren't interested in a new home, they took an oath to destroy the Jewish state and that's final..the construction of a new city will only give the extremists more real estate to promote anti-semitism from. the hamass regime has to be forcefully overthrown...preferably from within, which is highly unlikely, but if the IDF does it, there will be civilian casualties. Another catch 22, regardless of the gift of a 'New Gaza'
3. it will never work because
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (07.20.10)
the rule in the middle east is that all peace plans are doomed to fail
4. Patently Stupid Idea
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (07.20.10)
Building cities for the Arabs will accomplish nothing. Hand outs do not benefit them but further corrupt them. Nor is poverty the source or inspiration for terror, and the facts support this. Build for the Jews. This is what will bring peace. When the Arabs see us behaving again like a normal people will self interest, we will regain their respect.
5. No knowledge of human nature
Schreiber   (07.20.10)
It's not poverty that automatically breeds extremism. If good housing and good schools and good jobs were the answer, there would be no Jihaddism in the west. Here they already have the good life, but they still hate and support violence, or engage directly in it. There are billions of very poor people in the world, who have insufficient food, drink contaminated water, and are forced to send their little children to work for pennies a day. But they do not turn to murder and mayhem just because of their suffering. Poor Jews and other ethnic groups that came to the US in the late nineteen century and early twenty century with only their clothes on their backs did not turn to crime and murder because of their condition. They worked hard and sent their kids to law school and medical school. It's all about culture - not about money. It's about community values. It's about what their clerics and their political leaders teach them and the kind of values upheld by their parents. That's where the hatred starts.
6. Great Idea
Adam ,   Arizona, USA   (07.20.10)
If this could be pulled off it is the type of idea that could bring these Palestinians in Gaza out of the dark ages. I am encouraged that young Israeli's are thinking outside of the box on how to solve the humanitarian crisis and create peace and stability for Israel. Unfortunately, terrorist factions would likely doom this project from the outset - but simply attempting a mult-national project like this in the face of whatever resistance that would be faced would give the world the opportunity to see what it is like to have your hand slapped when you waive an olive branch.... Thank you to Ezra
7. To the nay sayers
Avishai ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.21.10)
To the nay sayers, if you have a better idea, lets hear it!
8. poverty
michael Pielet ,   boca raton, usa   (07.21.10)
Raising the standard of living will not work for two reasons. The Islamic facists do not want it. Money will only feed the Islamic facists hatred of Israel.
9. MORONS!!!
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (07.21.10)
First the problem was that the Jews are "occupying" Gaza, so we left Gush Katif and got more rockets then we ever had!! Not to mention a war!! Anyone that thinks that this will work should seek professional help.
10. Avishai @ 7, if you do no mind hearing it from non-israeli
leo ,   usa   (07.21.10)
here is my idea. What colonel is offering nothing more than projects and promotion of Palestinian welfare state. Gaza and Israel have peace for little over 18 month now. All you should do is to make sure that peace persists and the rest will come. And it is already coming. I am not against help and I believe colonel is right when he says the better Gazans live, the better it is for Israel. However, Gaza must become self reliant. Remove blockade completely, no inspections. Shut border tight. Guaranty peace for peace. Keep selling gas, electricity and water to Gaza if they want to buy it, but give nothing for free, it is important. If peace is broken, keep taking chunks of Gaza territory for compensation.
11. what about the occupation?
Marwan ,   Gaza   (07.21.10)
do u also plan to brainwash the imaginary inhabitants of ur imaginary new-gaza to accept the israeli occupation of the rest of their palestine? nice try, but no thanks.
12. he thinks as a jew and believes the enemy, too.
uli ,   israel   (07.21.10)
haven't we got over the socioeconomical explanation of islamistic terror? hasn't he read that many main terrorists come from the middle class or higher class and have no money trouble? has he never heard that the hate on israel is a ideological/psychological problem? this plan will bring NOTHING, except for Hamas getting some better means to keep their people close and on an anti-israeli line.
13. I think they'd be better off with a "New Amman"
Pinchas ,   Israel   (07.21.10)
14. 7# i have actually one state solution called Israel
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (07.21.10)
Only Israel can provide the security ,rule of law and tolerent liberal society and freedom of speech for the Palestinians which is necessary for their economic growth and tranquility .The israeli state institutions are overseen by the ISRAELI SUPREME COURT of course i would not give Palestinians the vote because firstly they are Palestinians and therefore they have no right to vote in Israeli general elections just as Israelis cannot vote in the US or UK.secondly they vote for extremist organisations such as Hamas and FATAH which lead to death and destruction both for Israelis and Palestinians The events of the last twenty years prove that a two state solution is doomed to fail The truth is that G-d does not want a two state solution and the peace process encourages terrorists its G-d's way of stopping the establishment of a Palestinian state and that is why it is doomed to fail
15. More Israeli Lies and Propaganda
Alan Smith ,   UK   (07.21.10)
Nice concept. Israel destroys the Gazan infrastructure, and then expects other states to rebuild it. That's what happened with the Gaza International Airport, the construction of which was funded by Europe, and destroyed by Israel.
16. Total Waste
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (07.21.10)
As the Gazans did to Israeli settlements evacuated in Gaza in 2005, they will destroy anything built for them by Israel. Nihilism and barbarism are in the DNA of Islamic fundamentalism. All they know how to do is destroy.
17. Hamas will never allow Israel to be the "Good Guys"
Jim S. ,   Tucson, USA   (07.21.10)
18. He has no clue at all, does he?
Zvi   (07.21.10)
"which he says are caused by socio-economic distress" The man has absolutely no clue at all. Hamas is not driven by poverty. Fatah was not driven by poverty. Arafat was not driven by poverty. Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniyeh are not driven by poverty. They are driven by HATRED. They are driven by a desire to take revenge on Israel and Jews simply for EXISTING, because across the middle east, Israel's EXISTENCE is perceived as an insult that must be avenged. Gaza had every opportunity to choose a different path after Israel withdrew to the 1967 Gaza border - in compliance, if I may add this, with UN resolutions and Arab demands. Gazans could have declared the war won in the west and could have settled down to lay the cornerstones of a country. Investors around the Arab world and in the west were ready to pitch in. Some did pitch in. But what did the Arabs in Gaza do? Ezra is clueless.
19. Kuwait City
Dov ,   USA   (07.21.10)
Are they more civilized? Their religious fanaticism does not allow them to evolve into a peaceful people. A new gaza city will not make them friendly neighbors. IF they accept israelis as brothers and sisters only then will there be a chance for peace.
20. i think i have a better idea
tom ,   nyc   (07.21.10)
why dont you send those "poor people"out Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia and other places were they have ready made houses.look the whole world feels bad for them let them take em in.israel took em in they are poor and what not (dont forget that israel gives them free elec. water food aid )but they are not happy becuse they have to fire let them leave the jewish state and hang out in the other 21 arab states that would forsure take em in. peace and love to all
21. not new
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.21.10)
Itzhak Shamir proposed the same idea when he was Prime Minister, when the population of Gaza was less than half what it is now, when the Standard of Living was three times as high, and before Fatah educated more than half the Arab population that their only goal is to exterminate the Jews.
22. Integration not Separation
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.21.10)
Fixing up the ghetto is not enough, they want their land back.
23. Its about Judenrein, Not Homes
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (07.21.10)
It wont work for one basic reason, the Pales, while wanting a (temporary) two state solution, and employmnet in Israel, want the area Judenrein ( no Jews). It that simple. Arafat received billions...and made terrorism into an industry. The Arabs could have resolved the Pales problem decades ago, but they turned down every suggestion and still are. Germany blamed we Jews on their problems..which unified their hatred and motivated WW2. The conflict is perpetuating continual hated, thus keeping Hamas-Hez, Iran alive and kickiing Okay, so build 50,000 homes, then what? With 80% unemployed, and 50% under 15, a nice apt or home will not answer the basic problems..BTW, if the money used to buy the Muslim world, were used to aid the Pales..this thing would have been over with long ago. They want Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sderot, Ashdod, Haifa., the malls, homes, factories, chemical plants..and weapons. That is really the problem...guys.
24. Israel tried to build new housing
Danny   (07.21.10)
and move the "refugees" out of their camps and got condemned by the UN for doing so....
25. Author is deluded, peace will come when we return home
Nour ,   Palestine   (07.21.10)
The author totally ignores the 5,000,000 Palestinians refugees scatterred around the world and engages in wishful thinking about a recipe whereby building homes for the 3.5 m Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza will buy our silence. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS GARBAGE. This theory is very closely related to Bibi's "economic peace" non-starter. The crux of the matter is the occupation and our right of return! We the 5,000,000 Palestinian refugees haven't and will never forget our beloved Palestine and we are coming back SURE AS HELL !!
26. to 5
nuha ,   gaza   (07.21.10)
it is differant when i loose my house or son in a storm than to be destroyed or killed by the enemy .this is the human nature ...i know that iam here becouse it is my country it is not becouse of good opurtunity to live a better life so i need school but to study what i want not what america or israil like . so we do not like the force in any mean ..this is the human nature and violence has a cause also crimes have causes defending has a cause
27. "I love my people, but they, too, are people"
Sam ,   ME   (07.21.10)
this statement is the key to peace in the middle east.
28. to #25 arafat was Egyptian much like many so call
ghostq   (07.21.10)
palis they came also from Syria Lebanon Saudi Arabia and other places in the arab area, we all know for a fact that Gaza contain 4 big bedoins tribes that were nomads up until 1948(meaning they didn't own the land.
29. He stole my unrealistic ideas to sell them to incapable lear
Peres ,   Jeruslem   (11.20.12)
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