Chinese travel guide dubs Tel Aviv 'gay paradise'
Boaz Arad
Published: 26.07.10, 15:40
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1. Excellent! More tourism dollars and
Roy   (07.26.10)
positive PR after all the negative news we hear.
2. paradise?
go4freedom ,   germany   (07.26.10)
maybe for poor young gays from a country where they are totally discriminated against.. for people from real liberal countries tel aviv seems like a kindergarten compared to berlin, london, new york..
3. This is something to be proud of.....even the
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (07.26.10)
Chinese know how screwed up Israel is.
4. #2 Dieagreement with ones lifestyle does dont mean discrim
ination against some ,   one.   (07.27.10)
5. to #2 fine than live Israel to straight people
ghostq   (07.27.10)
I will love the idea :) all the ladies, in Israel will be happy.
6. No. 2
NYC Girl   (07.27.10)
First of all, when it comes to gay rights, America isn't such a liberal country after all. And New York doesn't even recognize gay marriages. In fact, in some ways, Israel is actually more liberal than the U.S. For example, our military is still saddled with that asinine "Don't ask, don't tell" system. The IDF is not. Not only that, but Tel Aviv has actually become a popular tourist destination for gay Europeans. But, apparently, that doesn't fit with your preconceived notions and condescending narrative.
7. People, did you even read #2?
Raising an eyebrow   (07.28.10)
He didn't condemn the lifestyle. He didn't say anything about the USA in general. All he said was that Berlin, London and New-York are more gay-friendly than Tel-Aviv. It's debatable, but it seems your reactions are to some totally different talkback.
8.  Tel Aviv becomes a paradise..for Gays !!
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.28.10)
After Sodom and Gomorrah...we have Tel Aviv competing with other enlightened (Sic) capitals to become the proudest gay paradise of the world. Would you believe it ?
Eric ,   Toronto   (01.11.12)
Before countries like israel, US, Germany etc claim to be paradise for gays, they should first recognize gay marriage and adoption. For true gay equality and paradise you should come and see what is happening in Canada (Toronto and Montreal in particular).Not only gay marriage is recognized all over the country, but gays are not seen by heterosexuals as some sort of oddity, but simply as equal human beings The countries listed above still have a long way to go....
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