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Sri Lankan ambassador: We back Israel's war on terror
David Regev
Published: 21.07.10, 19:10
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1. He could replace Ehud Barak.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.21.10)
This guy gets my vote.
2. sri lanka and turkey
alexi   (07.21.10)
sri lanka has good things to say about israel fighting terror.Yet Israel even with radical erdogan is still selling drones which will wind up in syrian hands. How stupid can you get!Barak has made his contirbution but its time to go. He was a failure as PM, and frankly a failure at defence with his appeasement overtures, and his bluff that the arabs do not take seriously one bit. Worst of all, IDF soldiers do not have any enthusiasm unlike sharon who they really admired. barak go already!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (07.21.10)
When the Sri Lankan armed forces finally had the Tamil Tigers bottled up and on the point of collapse all the terrorist apologists and usual suspects piled in to frustrate them.They campaigned for international pressure on the Sri Lankan forces to allow a cease-fire,and tried to blame them for the atrocities that the Tamil tigers were committing against the many civilians whom they were holding in the jungle as human shields THE SRI LANKAN GOVERNMENT HAD THE SENSE TO IGNORE THEM AND PRESS THE OFFENSIVE TO THE FINAL BRILLIANT VICTORY AND PEACE AFTER MANY YEARS. That's the lesson that Israel should learn:DON'T STOP WHEN FINAL VICTORY AND PEACE ARE WITHIN GRASP,NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTSIDE WORLD SAYS. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
4. Sounds to me like
Non ,   Israel   (07.21.10)
the apose iran indiologicaly but use iran for economic reasons. Here "use" as in they only take and dont give back.
5. Sri Lanka
Yoel ,   Ossining,NY   (07.21.10)
#1 Terry. You are very funny.
6. SL learns from Israel, Israel should learn from SL
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.21.10)
The folks in Sri Lanka had one advantage in their struggle against the Tigers: They didn't have the world breathing down their necks, as Israel does. WIth more foreign journalists per capita than any country on earth, and UN, EU and US officials having Israel on speed-dial, Israel can do nothing without some sanctimonious outsider putting in his two cents. Unlike Sri Lanka, though, Israel has forgotten what it means to pursue victory over its enemies. All it now feels it can accomplish is manage its conflict. Once Israel wasn't *allowed* to win, as the other side and their friends would call for a cease-fire whenever Israel got the upper hand. These days, as in Lebanon 2006 or Gaza 2008 when Barak was within days of the outbreak talking about a ceasefire, it seems victory is no longer within its vocabulary. After the Lebanon debacle I joked the next time some foreign mucky-muck calls to complain about an Israeli operation the PM's secretary should "take a message". After all, if they're not calling to support or to help, of what use are they?
7. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.21.10)
ROFL, good one Terry.
8. Picture
Couldn't the photographer have waited until the woman finished adjusting the flag? Who is the editor of this rag?
9. Mr. Ambasador:
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (07.21.10)
Please except my heart full thanks for your love of Israel. I want you to know that when you did your war against your terrorists I was amazed at you solders and at your courage! When we went into Gaza against Hamas I thought of your actions, and I prayed that our leaders have learned from you. BUT THEY DID NOT! I will vote for you in an instant to be Israel's minister of defense!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR POST!
10. Israel must do the same as the Sri Lankan army ...
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (07.21.10)
world opinion is biased agaisnt you already according to the filthy anti-Semitic media so you might aswell go for it the next time and finish hamas off just for starters, then when that first barrage of missiles rain down from Lebanon you must do the same with hizbullah, the world will be a better place in the aftermath and Israel will be much more secure on it's doorstep. My prayers are with you.
11. To Mr. Perera
Standing Tall ,   USA   (07.21.10)
Having known both Sinhalese and Tamils from Sri Lanka, I can only say that I have found both groups to be exceptionally warm and friendly people. The war was a catastrophe and many of the Tamils did not support the Tamil Tigers. Many of the Tamils had no choice but to support the Tigers or their families would be killed. Thank you, Mr. Perera, for your support of Israel and your bold vision for peace.
12. thanks Mr. Embassodor!
uli ,   israeli   (07.21.10)
there should be more of you! of course israelis will go see your beautiful country. I wish you a happy, meaningful and friendly stay in our country. Shalom.
13. We love Sri Lanka!
Amchu ,   Stockholm   (07.21.10)
Mr Ambassador, We love Sri Lanka. Long live Sri Lankan-Israeli friendship. We are partners and brothers in the fight against terror!
14. To Raymond number 6
Shimon ,   Poleg   (07.22.10)
You have a short memory. The Sri Lankans had the whole world pressurizing them to make deals with the Tamils. Europe, UK USA and also India and different times supported the Tamils. However the Sri Lankans were stubborn to the end and refused to compromise and ignored India USA UK etc. Eventually the world lost interest and the Sri Lankans sat it out and won their war against terrer. If only we had the balls these Sri Lankans have!
15. Sri Lankan ambassador: We back Israel's war on terror
garawi ,   sri lanka   (07.22.10)
In reply to Non-Isreal, I like to say that under the circumstances of that time, namely Norway leading a co-oridnated attempt with the US, and EU behind them to help the terror and reducing Sri Lanka effectively to a hopeless situation the president had to look around for any party that would help. And fortunately Iran, China, Russia, Libya etc; who were regarded as rebels in the west came forward. Sri Lanka was only interested in saving the country from a three decades of war. Nothing else mattered. Therefore the political ideology was second and economic and help became the priority.
16. IDF and Sri Lankan army have commited some of worst war.....
Ehud ,   Malta   (07.22.10)
crimes in history. no wonder these 2 strange bed fellows love each other.
17. Good Work
Edward ,   Baghdad,Iraq /   (07.22.10)
I appriciated all words he had spoken i been Sri lankan , working in Iraq , this good leasson who is trying be demolishing our freedom
18. No parallels!
Junta ,   SriLanka   (07.22.10)
The ultimate sollution as accepted by the peoples in the equation is a two state one. Also, the situation in Israel is not an internal matter and ID forces are technically an occupation force. The idea of wiping out Hamas is not practical although the task of destroying Hamas terror within Israel proper a must. Besides, Israel is a lookout post for the USA or at least treated that way, in securing US interests in the region. The conflict is international in nature and IDF cannot imposed a sollution on it's own. Sri Lankans obviously want Israel to be a successful and a model nation. Hope others would wish the same.
19. Your excellency: please answer this question
Genuine Moshe   (07.22.10)
why is it your country always taking side with the Arabs in the UN and voting against us (eg the Goldstone report)? I am afraid your speech is just blah blah blah.
20. The Lebanese....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.22.10)
should send back home the tens of thousands of Sirilankans working in Lebanon. May be Jews in Israel can take advantage of them....ooops, I mean employ them.
21. Defeating terrorists.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.22.10)
There's only one way to defeat terrorists. To fight them without any more restraint than they impose on themselves. Under such conditions, superior force and technology makes the victory of the civilized side inevitable, and creates an incentive for the uncivilized side to become civilized, or pay the price. The Moral High Ground, the whole idea that restraint toward those who would kill you is the essence of morality, is one of the most perniciously self-destructive ideas ever coined. It is suicide with a slogan. The Moral High Ground is not moral and it is not the high ground, it is the way by which civilians go to their death over the cliff of their own warped ideals. More at :
22. Ha ha ha! funny :)
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.22.10)
what can you need more?! P.S : Sri Lanka’s envoy to the Palestinian Authority was awarded honorary citizenship by the West Bank municipality of Beitunia in WB.
23. If Barak had just one of his cajones wed be better off.
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (07.22.10)
This guy is merely a dose of COMMON SENSE, something the inept and narcissistic LEFT loses more of every day in government.
24. Sri Lankan will do any thing for money
Avi ,   Israel   (07.22.10)
- His boss, the president of Sri Lanka is a faithful supporter of PLO - The army commander is being court-martialled for supporting democracy - This Perara discriminately aerial-bombarded schools, hospitals, and churches. Is this what we want?
25. #20 Lebanon hiring Sri Lankans not Palestinians?
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.22.10)
Marco, what about the Palestinians you care so much about? You have 400,000 Palestinians rotting in refugee camps in Lebanon. They have no work while Lebanon imports foreign workers. What's up with that Marco? Why doesn't Nasrallah do something to help the local Palestinians?
26. There is a military solution to terror
all the nonsense about there being no military solution to terrorism fell flat on its face with Sri Lanka's example. Peace can only be achieved when there is a winner and a loser. the Arabs LOST and therefore should suffer the consequences. The west bank should be divided between Jordan and Israel. Gaza should go back to egypt, and Syria should be given all of lebanon in compensation for ceding the Golan to Israel. Then we will have lasting peace in the Mideast.
27. Marco
Have you and your countryman forgot about the Madrid bombing. Good for you and hope you will enjoy your freedom under ISLAMIC LAW.
28. Sri Lankan
WD   (07.22.10)
I lived in Sri Lanka for most of my life and what I can say is that most people do not know much about Israel, apart from kfir planes (big fans of these) and what they see in the media reports..which are not a source of big discussions. Please note that the Sri Lankan foreign policy is not pro - any country and as a small developing island nation naturally attempts to have "good" relations with everyone .Nevertheless I guess that Sri Lankans who at least know some facts about Israel, it's history etc. do admire Israel very much. I feel that Israel could win hearts and minds of Sri Lankans (I am partly Sri Lankan) if more public relations effort is made to make Israel let itself be actually heard .Most Sri Lankans know what being victim to terror is and both countries can share experiences in the counter terrorism field and cooperation can be done in other areas, only one example of which is the tourism industry.
29. I met Mr. Perarra in Tel Aviv 3 weeks ago
Noam ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (07.22.10)
He is a very polite gentlemen and patriotic Sri Lankan. He personally lobbied to be appointed to Israel, as opposed to other options offered to him. He loves our country and admires our steadfastness against relentless enemies. He urges all Israelis looking for good waves, beautiful mountains and rain forests, and very accepting and peaceful citizens to visit Sri Lanka. I certainly will when I save up enough money.
30. Sri Lankans grateful to Israel's help
Kumar ,   Colombo, Sri Lanka   (07.22.10)
The Sri Lankan victory over LTTE terrorists - who shared suicide bomber technology with Hezbolla - had a big Israeli role. Israeli Kfir jets were the mainstay of Sri Lanka air force. Deborah FACs were the navy's main close attack crafts. Blue Horizon-2 UAV was the eyes of the Sri Lanka army. All made in Israel. We love the nation of the Morning Star. Long live the friendship between the two countries. Hopefully peace will dawn in the Middle East and Israel will defeat all evil froces operating against it.
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