'Famous athletes on next flotilla'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 22.07.10, 08:53
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1. he isn't from spain he is Muslim Immigrant from
ghostq   (07.22.10)
Maroko, sound like Spain is about to drag herself yet again to international incident with Israel after the Trile against Israeli officials, seems like Muslims in Spain run amok and do as they please draging the chritians there to a very uncomfortable situations in which they have to apologize for, I have the feeling spanish won't be quit for long, they r not reserve like the rest of Europe they will tell you the bitter truth straight to your face I just love them.
2. lovely news but Israelis have pathaological fear of others
qu ,   Pal   (07.22.10)
and we need to hire 5 million mental doctors to make them aware that every Israelis that support Gaza Siege is actually a war criminal.
3. Nadal should remeber who killed his countrymen in Madrid!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.22.10)
He should also ask his King and his Government why Spain doesn't give independence to the Basque people!
4. to #2 lol it's not only Israelis other countries
ghostq   (07.22.10)
in the world claim Israelis r too lenient with the palis and according to International laws the siege is very legal.
5. #1 Do you have any idea who your talking about?
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (07.22.10)
These are some of the worlds most prominent athletes who are well known to every living person. How can one not know the name of Casillas,Nadal??(of course unless you live in Texas,Arizona or along the Mississippi river). Even Zeidan was a muslim,so what??whats your point??? This is called RACISM AT ITS BEST!!!!! Your country has turned into the laughing stock of the world. I wonder if you would be saying the same if he was from a jewish family??
6. Funny hjow #1 here talks about the worlds best Goal Keeper..
Jens ,   Germany   (07.22.10)
A person now in the hearts of millions of Spaniards.
7. You people are out of your mind..Look at #1
Joshua ,   UK   (07.22.10)
He's actually insulting the worlds most well known goal keeper. Someone who WAS THE VERY REASON A LOT OF SPANISH PEOPLE ARE HAPPY TODAY!!!! I wonder if he would have the galls to say this in front of a group of Spaniards!? Is every israeli like #1????? You lost the respect I had for your people.
8. GhostQ,or who ever you are
Benita ,   Spain   (07.22.10)
You are giving your country and her people a bad name by this kinda talk. Now I realize why your not so welcome in the civilized world. Was my first time on this website and I had nothing against israelis. But now I kinda understand why everyone talks ##@# behind you.
9.  Woow.. great idea guys !
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.22.10)
I love Roger Federer and all Barca players, please talk to them too;) P.S : the Palestinian West Bank is also under siege :(
10. ghostq
Hardy   (07.22.10)
every time post silly post as of you like to fart a lot and all the time
11. Does that mean Murray will have a chance?
Danny   (07.22.10)
In the next Wimbledon?
12. But he did take part in the celebrations
Danny   (07.22.10)
So obviously the "websites" were a lie. I know that everything on the internet is true but still..... By the way, when is that Iranian and Libyan ship arriving?
13. The league needs to threaten long term suspension and fines
Josh   (07.22.10)
If athletes who have been given the privledge of making millions from te league are now going to use that fame to break interantional laws and attack Israels legal right to control its borders, then they should be punished like any other law breaking offense on the high seas. SUSPEND ANY ANY EVERY PLAYER WHO BREAKS LAWS AND ABUSES THEIR POSITION. Its not like the lawful imported goods wont get there through the Haifa port inspections.
14. #2 Actually millions of mental doctors are needed...
Menachem ,   Israel   (07.22.10)
to cure the pathological racist Jew-hatred among millions of Arabs ín Gaza, Damascus, Cairo, Bagdad and elsewhere.
Narita.   (07.22.10)
Here we go again, poor people of Israel, how dare anyone have any opinion about you and your country ?
16. Just Gaza, Casillas?
Wmr   (07.22.10)
So from all the tragedies that happen in the world, Casillas has eyes only for the Gaza strip? To the point that he even relates his country celebrations to Gaza, and only Gaza? Isn't that suspicious? His credibility has little value.
17. Who cares?He's just a goal keeper. not a nobel prize winner.
jhony ,   us   (07.22.10)
18. Salma writes
JUDAH THE LION   (07.22.10)
the Palestinians West Bank is also under siege. Salama,Muslims and Arabs have nothing to do in the land of Israel and the West Bank.This is our land even your Koran confirms.Muslims can stay in our land under Israeli Law or go to Arabia.
19. Sports Stars are not known to
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (07.22.10)
I always heard that to be a Sports Star you didn't have to be too bright - and this confirms it. Same can be said about film stars and pop stars. Sunni's and Shia's are slaughtering each other in the hundreds of thousands as well as performing the subjigation of the poor Kurds. And the only thing these great achievers and not so bright thinker can come up with is - you guessed - Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East. What idiots we they are!
20. I can't believe so many people believe this.
ASA   (07.22.10)
We saw how "sad" they were during the celebrations. They probably don't give a toss about Israel and Gaza.
21. 'Famous athletes on next flotilla'
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.10)
just go's to show that anyone will do anything for money
22. answer to euro cowards talkbackers...
stephane ,   france   (07.22.10)
if you care so much about human rights, ask your dumbs friends gazillas and nadalomuk to set a flotilla to iran where women are stoned alive to dead as the sharia request! Set a flotilla to turkey where kurds kids are raped in jails by turkish guards, set a flotilla to darfour where arabs militias slaughter tens of thousands women and kids...etc...etc...gaza welcome every day 150 trucks with all their needs. And please, search on the web about the new mall in gaza and you will understand that you r brainwashed by your medias.
23. Alex
have you bought Burka and veil for your wife,girlfriend.. Soon you will be under Islam rule
24. Andy Murray Please follow Rafahs example
RJBH ,   Methil   (07.22.10)
All Scotsmen need to to follow this great man.
25. Let's see how fast they can run
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.22.10)
Ask them to donate their winnings to the Palestinians and it will be adios a todos. Just another spectacle. Someone is paying big bucks to end the blockade so terrorists can smuggle more weapons into Gaza. These athletes are willing to be used for this purpose.
26. Very, very proud of Spain....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.22.10)
27. Ha Ha Hamas...
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.22.10)
Yet another Hamas PR stunt to show Gazans that Hamas are improving their lot! Hamas are just too dim witted and power drunk to get a grasp of the real problem - reaching an accomadation with Israel not simply promote permanent state of war And for the ever decreasing number of Talkbackers on both sides who squeal with delight with any and every occurence that might derail a peace process - you are tiresome narrow minded gullible and sorry individuals who only look to the past
28. Marco
is very proud when Spain will become an Islamic country and under Sharia law.No more alcohol,no pork chops,no sex before marriage,sexy spanish women to cover their faces. Good luck with your new Islamic
29. to #6 not funny, you know y?
ghostq   (07.22.10)
because fame is temporary, there will be alway someone beter, only a matter of time some other young palyer will kick this achievment to the curb. heart for temporary fame is very traitorous mi amigo, comprende.
30. HA HA!
Fabio ,   Italy   (07.22.10)
that's clearly pure fantasy of flottila's propagandists. lol
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