Time to counter Assad
Farid Ghadry
Published: 22.07.10, 18:29
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1. the world is kinda sick of israel
borzog ,   usa   (07.22.10)
im sure u guys are realizing this so dont expect anyone to fall for this israel-victim game again. if you have problem with iran or syria solve it on your own dont drag america to fight your own cowardly wars.
2. @ Borzog
Rob ,   NYC   (07.22.10)
I don't think that Farid is suggesting that it be the US to impose regime change. If you take time to actually hear what he's saying, he suggest that next time Hezbullah acts up again, go for the middle of the snake...Assad. Without Syria, the Iranian influence into the Arab world becomes very questionable...Damascus hosts the interface of Hamas and Hizbullah to Iran. They lose their base. Normalcy returns to Lebanon and to Israel's frontier. He's also absolutely right on the Syrians distracting Israel on a day-to-day basis. It's a shame that Al-Thani was on the same plane that carried Ahmedinejad and Assad to Beirut. That would have been a great score.
3. # 1
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.22.10)
Yes, Israel has problems you are mentioning. But you forgot one problem, maybe the biggest one, Obama. If you ask me, he is stopping Israel from solving problem on her own.
4. West must shun appeasement vis-à-vis Israel, regime change
only option   (07.22.10)
5. Column is a Home Run
BH ,   Iowa   (07.22.10)
Except that George Bush made a severe blunder by invading Iraq. He had his own reasons but the end result was the end to the balance of power between Iran and Iraq that provided stability to the region. However the point of the column can be applied to Iran as well as Syria. The government is in no way representitive of its educated, moderate population.
6. Countering Assad
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.22.10)
May I ask what justification "Israel", the USA, or any other country might have for interfering in the internal affairs of Syria?
7. #1, have you considered going to therapy?
Genuine Moshe   (07.22.10)
You are not the world. You are not even living in the US. But your comments make me think we are doing the right things somehow. As long as our enemies are as dumb as you are, we are safe.
8. Farid Ghadry is not Israeli and does not speak for Israel
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.22.10)
He is a Syrian national and the self-styled leader of the Reform Party of Syria, which openly calls for the removal of Bashar Assad a la Saddam Hussein, and the enstatement of none other than himself as the leader of the country. He represents the interests of nobody but himself and does not speak for Israel or the US.
DAV   (07.22.10)
10. #1 borzog
Brazen   (07.22.10)
Israel is sick of being in the news beacause of arab reterick and anti-semitism. BTW is that a family name?
11. Regime change in Syria....for the worse
Nora Tel Aviv   (07.22.10)
Des Israel dream that one day democracy will prevail in Syria? Come on, you mst be kidding.
12. #7 you are mistaken!
Slavo ,   Manchester,England   (07.23.10)
You are the one who truly needs therapy,I bet you believe Iraq had nukes,Iran is after them,and the U.S will win,oh I forgot the U.S is still in Iraq,in a war that was to be only six months!
13. Nora #11
Salvo ,   Manchester,England   (07.23.10)
There will be democracy in Syria,but not anytime soon.And why do you care,No peace between Syria and ISRAEL UNTIL THE GOLAN IS RETURNED.What you thought Syria would just sit back and do as it is told,silly Israeli!
14. #6 Countering Assad
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (07.22.10)
I am incredulous, that you question how anyone dares interfere in the "internal affairs" of "Syria" when "Syria" has continually interfered in the internal affairs of "Lebanon" to the point of controlling the country. Not to mention assisting proxies ("Hezbollah", "Hamas", "Iran") to attempt Israel's destruction. To be blind is bad, to be intentionally so is ridiculous. And stupid.
15. @ Ghadry: remember Irak
Genuine Moshe   (07.23.10)
In Saddam 's day, Irak was overtly anti-Israel, anti-semitic. Since Saddam was toppled, Irak has still been overtly anti-Israel, anti-semitic. How do you think us helping you to topple Bashar would get our two people closer? We will decimate the Syrian leadership during the next war but we will do it for the good reasons: our security, and not for the sake of you or the Syrian people.
16. Does it seem Assad is tiring of peace talks RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (07.23.10)
I realize there seem to be a noticeable tendency by Assad to seem to be leaning in the direction of a future military solution to the Golen Heights thing perhaps I am over re acting but could a war happen with Hizbulah and so Syria with Israel in August 2010 and so sorry for both sides any casualties they may suffer but it is for the future betterment of both I hope no not our own seld destruction as America would hope RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
17. Isn't this considered meddling in the affairs of another
Mark ,   Netherlands   (07.23.10)
Country?? Who on earth do you think you are to say who has the right to this and that? I guess being gods chosen gives you the power to do so,right?
18. #13 Salvo - Facts: "Returning" the Golan
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (07.23.10)
Read (and remember) why Syria "lost" the Golan; They bombarded Israel's communities (not Army positions, but civilian communities, "kibutzim") for years. This in itself is an attack on another country. They helped goad the Arabs into the buildup and threats before the Six Day War. They sent units to attack Israel during the war. They promised to show their real intentions by turning Kuneitra into a peaceful city if returned by Israel. It was returned by Israel, but has been left vacant to this day. They therefore showed their true intentions. Maybe Syria should get the Golan BUT since there has been 62 years of war they should get it after 62 years of peace. It is not theirs any more; they lost it by their own actions. No such thing as beginning a war and losing it, without consequences. Read your history books.
19. Regime change could turn to worse regime
Joe ,   Canada   (07.23.10)
To try build a democratic country out of Syria after a violent overthrow of the Assad mafia family would require a large popular support. But in a divided population like the Syrian one, only the extremists show enough activism to impose their will not the secular fraction on which Farid Ghadry counts. The best one could hope is an autoritarian regime favoring the West & the worst outcome one can expect is either chaos like Irak or an other extreme Islamist state. Instead of cutting off one of the tentacles of the giant squid called Iran, the priority should be to take care of the head of the monster which controls the remaining tentacles with petrodollars & weapons which Syria & other terrorist entities would be unable to procure on their own. Without Iran's support, Assad-the- weather- vane, like his father, would soon find it profitable to turn to the westerly prevaling winds.
20. #17
Rasta ,   Zion   (07.23.10)
The writer is a Syrian of the opposition political party... What even Arabs aren't allowed discourse in their own countries? For a dutchman(? )you sure are stupid if you can't even read who penned the article. Some of that legal ganja shortening your memory?
21. Farid Ghadry is a member of AIPAC
Chris.B ,   Australia   (07.23.10)
So this member of AIPAC who worked for an American defence company and is part of the regime change in Syria movement thinks Assad should be toppled hey? These are the kind of deluded traitors that the CIA install into puppet regimes. There must be a special hotel suite full of them. Then the American media and obviously I see the Israeli media will tout this fool as the voice of Syria a moderate. Yes the region has changed but not in the fantasy he is alluding to. Anybody interested should Read a A CLEAN BREAK (a strategy for securing the realm) This document outlines the endless wars and destruction envisioned by the American government AIPAC and Israel for the future of the M/E. The region has changed Israeli and American hegemony is over. The years of war and aggression have come back to haunt the perpertrators.
22. Soken like the true Syrian version of Chalabi
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (07.23.10)
So, what else is new? But Israelis will buy into this BS much like the Americans did with Iraq. Funny how the story is always the same and trhe weak-minded will always accept whatever these snake-oil salesmen sell.
23. #8 attack the messenger instead of the message?
ygalg ,   israel   (07.24.10)
24. #1 since when USA fight our wars?
ygalg ,   israel   (07.24.10)
1.we fight our wars. we don't drag no one. that is hizbollah's and hamas's method. 2.Iran is your screwup. hence your responsibility. just as Iraq is. fix it or face the consequences of your apathy.
25. borzog #1
Malone ,   Hfx   (07.24.10)
No borzog,the world is "kinda" sick of radical islam....BTW,what wars did the USA fight for Israel...hmmmm?
26. #13, Salvo from Manchester
Barak ,   Israel   (07.24.10)
When you are going to give Northern Irland back to the Irish, then Isrtael will give the Golan back to the sirians... you seem to forgot that the sirians lost a war which they have started...
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