Nasrallah: UN Hariri tribunal to implicate Hezbollah
Roee Nahmias, AFP
Published: 22.07.10, 21:34
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1. When Europeans got fed up with israelis
Ali   (07.22.10)
they sent them to our area, just for problems. Some of their converts want the time of Moses to be back and they will have their time in a matter of time
2. The UN actually indicting terrorists? Now this is news!
The Dude   (07.22.10)
3. ali-nasrallah lebanon's problem
4. Hezbollah has nothinbg to do with it...
Marco ,   Spain   (07.22.10)
I remeber ths time last year, you Zionists were 100% sure it was Syria. I remember before the invasion of Iraq, you people had irrefutable evidence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Whats different this time? Israel through the U.S is behind these false accusations inorder to accomplish through the U.N what they failed to do militarily in 2006.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (07.22.10)
I've said it time and time again,in these comment lines,'TIMES HAVE CHANGED'. I've always blamed Britain's previous New Labour Government for the poisonous anti-Israel atmosphere at home and abroad.Seeing how rapidly things have changed with Obama having to moderate his tone,the UK government proposing to amend law on private prosecutions that's been used frivolously against Israeli's and now the UN taking Hizbollah on directly,I'm beginning to think that New Labour's evil influence was even more pernicious than even I imagined. Now Nasrallah knows what the Goldstone Report felt like. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
6. #4
Omri ,   Israel   (07.22.10)
You know israel bombed the nucklear plant right? Israel obviestly didnt like iraq and wanted usa to bomb it. So what? USSR/russia also hated Sadam, Iran wanted Sadam gone and many other countries. In fact almost all iraq's nighbores wanted usa to attack yet you blame only israel? The fact you dont care about people in the middle east suffering (not only jews) when usa as the worlds largest power has responsibilities shows about you. If you think israel as such a small country can take over usa's leaders then you are nothing diffrent then all the previous anti-semetist with wild baseless conspiracy theorys.
7. I gree with
sam ,   colorado   (07.22.10)
I gree with Nasrallah has right because not alone the UN wants to implicate Hezbollah in Hariri tribunal also USA,all the Western world and certainly of Israel
this is A UN TRIBUNAL. there are no ZIONISTS IN THE UN, didn't you already know that????? what does this tribunal have to do with israel and iraq, which by the way, israel never ever advised the usa to enter iraq. on the contrary. israel and sharon warned the usa and bush that if he enters iraq it will awaken iran because of its fear of being the next on the attack by the usa. israel had no interest for usa to enter iraq at all because they knew that sadam controlls the iraqis, while the iranian mullahs will create havoc in iraq which will be also dangerous for israel. your analytical skills are abysmal. just abysmal. no need to lie to prove an inane point, my friend; one that has repeatedly been disproved by the entire globe. hameed aboughaze, iranian
9. Marco, you sound like Nasrallah's parrot
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (07.22.10)
10. Ali #1
Charles   (07.22.10)
Ali.. stop using your computer immeadiately.. most of the technology and hardware was developed by Israelis in the land of Israel.. uneducated fools like you need israelis around to get educated... Get a life!
11. For MARCO in Spain
Brant ,   Hilton Head   (07.22.10)
Go crawl back under your rock. People who write things like "you people" and "you Zionists" are clueless about both Jews and Zionists. To you they are code words for something to dislike; even hate. To me they are codewords for true friends of my country, faithful allies; defenders of democracy and a people with an encompassing humanity that haters like you and bleaters like Nasrallah and the enitre Arab League and Iran keep trying to destroy. What the heck is the difference if it's Syria or HizbAllah who assassinated Hariri? It's all the same ugly Iranian-controlled web of destabilization, delegitimation and destruction,
12. marco's right
john ,   canada   (07.23.10)
he is 100 % right, but as usual when someone dares to criticize Isreal, he is automatically called antisemite, even a jew can become a self-hating jew when he desagrees with Isreal's actions
13. Marco, do you remember
Jim S. ,   Tucson, AZ USA   (07.23.10)
what happened when Islamic terrorists bombed the trains just before elections? Spain folded faster than Superman on laundry day. Your soccer team won't help you against terrorists.
14. Ah...hence all the recent crap about telecoms
Danny   (07.23.10)
15. There is a death sentence,
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (07.23.10)
for anyone who may want peace in Lebanon. This means that a lot of people get to meet in paradise.
16. As a self taught of the history of the middle
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.23.10)
east and Islam, my analysis is that Syria after 20 years of lebanese "occupation" couldn't support anymore the anti syrian campaign that was conducted by the anti syrian lebanese, so the syrian have withdrew from Lebanon. Now Hizboullah must gain power and acceptance in lebanon, the only way to do that is to put Syria as a role player,because without Syria Hizboullah is isolated (The ruling family in Syria is Alawet, Alawet is an islamic sect,very close to shiia,Hizboullah is shiia). The way to do that was to assassinate one of the great figures in Lebanon , Rafik il hariri. After the assassination the first to condemn were Hizboullah and Syria. Now we have Hizboullah and Syra who are saying that non of them did kill al hariri and accusing Israel of doing so, at this point Syria did gain it's role as an ally of Hizboullah with the acceptance of the lebanese people, supporting the lebanese agenda to unmask the killers of Al-Hariri.
17. #12
Omri ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
He brings wrong facts in order to acuse israel so... That makes him either a fool or an anti-semetist. By the looks i think he is anti-semetist and you are the fool. And no not all who are against israel fit in that catagory only the extrem about it and especialy the ones who bring lies.
18. Something Is Rotten in the State of Lebanon
steve ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
19. Lebanon will never be the same
Philippe Delaporte ,   France   (07.23.10)
Where are the Lebanese to defend their territory , they have been invaded by palestinians , hezbollah... What has become of Lebanon : a divided country where Syria , Iran have free hand on it. Poor Lebanese , in the long run they will become refugees in their own country.
20. #3 - Nasrallah contradicted himself already
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
First he said the indictment was a "fabrication", then he said the accused were "undisciplined members". So which is it? Is the UN Tribunal a farce and led by the Israelis as Arabs like you claim....or did Hizbullah commit the crime? Guess which the UN believes??
21. #12 - Marco's logic is twisted and full of bias
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
If that makes him "100% right" in your book and calling him out on his purposeful omission of facts is considered "labeling him an antisemite", then so be it. In Canada, apparently distorted logic and omission of facts is considered proof enough in court, no? Or are you just rushing to your "brother in arms" for you share the same platform?
22. #4 - Actually, Israel told the US to hit Iran, not Iraq
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
Israel didn't provide evidence of Saddam's nukes, that was the CIA dummy. Though it was Israel that provided evidence to Iran's illicit nuke activities and their support for global terrorism, of which the world is just now beginning to accept as truth. (another CIA bungle had the US believing the Mullahs ended the program in 2003). And what proof do you have that Syria was NOT involved? Or that Hizbullah was not acting on Syria's behalf since the Lebanese KNOW that Pro-Syrian elements exist all throughout S. Lebanon and Hizbullah?? Infact, it was the Lebanese, not the Israelis, that made the accusation that Syria was involved, and by default, Iran. I know your bias is great, Marco, but the Arabs are experts in screwing each other. They don't need Israel's help!
23. #7 - so do Sunni Arabs
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
Remember the silence of Sunni Arab countries during the 2006 war against Hizbullah? They are not supportive of the Shiite crescent that Iran is building across the region. MANY people want Hizbullah taken down. Why do you insist on only focusing on Western countries? Are you just ignorant of the rest of the world or biased against the West as the "evil of the world"?
24. #16 - a few more facts on Hizbullah and Syria
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
Syria announced that they would leave Lebanon and also said they would plan to return. Their leaving was to placate the unrest in Lebanon in the short-term. The other issue is how Syria destabilizes Lebanon by arming Hizbullah, which did attack Lebanese citizens who dared questioned it, and was implicated as the country sheltering other terrorist groups working in Lebanon, like the Al-Qaeda linked one that took over an entire refugee camp in the North. Finally, the Syrian's have not retracted their statements from past decades that Lebanon is a part of greater Syria (on the same order Saddam announced that Kuwait was really a part of Iraq). Even today, Assad cannot bring himself to put in writing that Shaaba Farms is Lebanese (though it was stolen from them by Syria in the 1950s).
25. 23#don't worry
sam ,   colorado   (07.23.10)
don't worry there is just a few of Sunni Arabs regime against Hizbullah but most the Sunni people supportive of Hizbullah against Israel don't worry no one in the region want to taken down for Hezbollah just Israel and you OK who is ignorant of us William ?
26. #25 - apparently you are, because you distorted my post
William ,   Israel   (07.23.10)
You twisted my words to insist that I meant Sunni Arabs will support Israel against Hizbullah. I'm not surprised as most of your posts are distorted logic to make a case. But your English is also a bit haphazard leading me to believe you're a transplant in Colorado. However, let's look at the facts. Nasrallah appeared several times on TV screaming at Arab nations, calling them Zionists and pigs for remaining silent during the 2006 raid. Except in a few Arab cities, there were NO demonstrations for Hizbullah, and those that did occur were small in number. Outside of Qatar, most of the Gulf is against Hizbullah, as well as Iraq's current regime who knows Hizbullah is helping terrorists into Iraq through Syria. The head of the Arab League also remarked on the silence. And most who did remark were more alarmed at damage to Lebanon instead of Hizbullah. And finally, if you ever bothered to actual travel the ME, most of the Arab "brothers" in the Gulf and Iraq do NOT support their "Pally" brothers but do support a State for them NEXT TO (not instead of) Israel. So, go educated yourself, and turn off Al-Manar and Al-Jazeera. It's rotting your brain.
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